Pentagon Data Stored on Microsoft's Cloud

What they actually are doing, is this: Via that little demon in your pocket, the microphone in your television, via the sweet nothings you whisper within earshot of Alexa, Siri, X-Box, PlayStation, or just your neighbour’s fancy new  automated, voice-activated front door lock, Baal Gates is collecting gigabytes every day from you and I, and carefully, irrevocably, storing it on warehouses full of memory drives. From there, the Pentagon, CIA, NHS, the entire alphabet soup of “security agencies” can now retrieve every word you say in public or private, they can scan every public security camera for your face, they can print out the receipt of every little thing you bought, rented or subscribed to. It will not even help you to ‘turn over a new leaf” and start loving your oppressor, for they know what you said ten years ago, and they have teams of psychologists to testify that a social leper does not change its spots (sic). And, of course, if you run Ball Gates’ Windows on your computer, they know every button you press and every byte of data on your “encrypted” hard drive.

To sum up: The Pentagon is not saving THEIR data on Microsoft’s servers where you can find them, they are storing YOUR information on Microsoft’s servers, where THEY can find it all! As their gun-monkeys like to say: “Anything you do or say, can and will be held against you in a court of law.” A court of law run by an Independent Judiciary, with no regard for, or fealty to the laws of the country. Using evidence collected by private corporations who hate mankind and want to eradicate billions of “useless eaters” as soon as they have enough robots to do all the work.

And your neighbour can already earn money by telling on you when you break the Corona Curfew.

So much for “Pentagon Data on the Cloud”… Besides, the Pentagon has been privatised to the point where nobody is sure who exactly is in charge today. But they use Microsoft Windows™, and Baal Gates(All Hail) has a spy sitting to listen under every single Windows™, so he knows everything the Pentagon knows, anyway.

Big Brother has arrived, and You are IT…