In broad terms, GREENPETS news and articles try to keep focused on the subject of Natural Living. Some bees in our bonnet buzz louder than others, and these are the TAGS we hang on them.
  • technology

    If technology truly was openly disclosed, we would all own UFOs, instead we get poisonous vaccines and cellphones that radiate the baby.

  • protocols

    There is a consistent plan to eradicate the Goyim. When we see such an action in the public sphere, we feel obliged to complain in detail...

  • politics

    By making politics "complicated", by long-winded and repetitive empty rhetoric, by open betrayal of voters, we have been bored into thinking government's not our problem anymore.

  • holism

    Holism is not a philosophy, it is an ecceptance of the interconnectedness of all things. Being holistic is like being cool: the moment you feel the need to try, you have lost.

  • wellness

    Wellness includes health, but also happiness and freedom. To be well, your environment has to be well, your finances, your politic, your belief system. Not "right", WELL.

  • cosmology

    Do you know how the seasons happen? We can explain natural cycles of climate change without using fancy words like "cosmology".

  • deer forests

    A Royal Deer Forest does not need actual deer, all it needs is for all us poor, unwashed heathens to keep the hell out of it or get shot as paochers.

  • science

    Science is not just for "clever people". Just look at the bunch over at the Global Warming table, shame man...

  • education

    In the New World Order, there is no difference between education and indoctrination. Also, the UN has declared "Eductaion is an Unsustainable Activity".

  • big brother

    Big Brother is not about spy cameras, it is about contracting your vocabulary, narrowing your world view, dulling the intellect, universal bantu education. Big Brother needs you to love him.

  • war...on

    Whenever the Internationalist (Globalist) Mafia sees something shiny, they declare War On... it until they control it to their own benefit. Like...Terror,...Poverty,...Drugs, and...Paedophilia.

  • economics

    A mythical, hungry beast that eats tax money and foreign loans and spits out poverty and war. Somehow, we will all be better off, if only the thing can grow...

  • health

    Health is what you experience when you don't use medicine all the time.

  • eugenics

    Eugenics is a program of wiping all the useless eaters off the planet, so that Bill Gates and his robots can live in peace.

  • medical

    Protocol 1 / 24 of the Protocols of Zion: "...(we retain) the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death...

  • fake news

    The War On...Fake News is a battle by The Investor to capture all sources of information, before they tell us something we are too poor and unambitious to understand.

  • climategate

    Planetary processes are being used to convince ignorant people of the need to cull our species, including you and your children