The Political Dictionary

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Protocol 1 verse 19: Only one trained from childhood for independent rule can have understanding of the words that can be made up of the political alphabet.

Here are some Keywords, what they have become, and how they work. Double “quotes” are from dictionaries or famous personages and such, single ‘quotes’ are usually sarcastic. Any term in Small Caps may or may not be an active link to that word’s own little chapter, sometimes an article.

Bantu Education

The world’s best brains came together in a tank the other year. There they thought and thought and thought about the ills of the world. What they decided in the end, was this:

Educated people have higher ambition, they work in better-paying jobs, they earn more, they spend more, they buy more, thus they consume more.
Education causes consumption. If we stop educating people, they will consume less, then we can save our precious economies from resource depletion! “Education is an unsustainable activity,” they said. The ‘solution’ is what we call Curriculum 2000, Outcomes-based education, Agenda21 and so on. The scum in government call it “equitable education”.

In South Africa, we had decades of so-called Equitable Education. It was very equitable, too. The idea is that you get the level of schooling you will need to perform your role as member of your particular social class. They went one further; they separated entire races from each other, socially, economically, morally. Black people were only good for digging mine shafts, why teach them maths? This worked so well for The Investor, the system has been exported all around the world.

In almost every “Western” country of the world, Bantu education is now the norm. The only difference is that nobody dares use the word ‘bantu’ anymore, it’s an N-word. If a word does not exist, you cannot use it in a conversation. The people of the world will never realise they are being charged for bantu education, because they no longer know the word ‘bantu’. It is not part of the education they could afford. At least the original Bantu education was for free…

They, Them

They have raised taxes on salaries. They have declared education to be an unsustainable activity. They have murdered Gadhafi in cold blood. They have infected the entire food chain with Roundup. They have caused children to be born with tiny heads in Brazil, now They say it is the Zika virus, but They have no records of this happening before They vaccinated pregnant women with seven vaccines at once.

If you still have to ask who They are, you are probably one of Them. They are not necessarily evil, They are just doing their job. “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” Every time you see Them take another step to eradicate humanity, say something, out loud, otherwise you are one of Them, and you refute all those stupid conspiracy theories with “All those horrible things could not possibly be true, THEY just wouldn’t allow it!” Am I Right?  


Truth used to be those ideas which could not be falsified. This sometimes included things the existence of could only be inferred, like gods and demons and capitalist democracy.  Science advances mostly by disproving ‘facts’ and so opening up new avenues in the eternal search for truth. This has given some the excuse to question moral truths as equally open to ‘improvement’. To take advantage of this apparent gap in our understanding of truth, the Hive-Mind offered us a brand new kind of Truth. Capital Truth. The chosen method of teaching us real Truth, starts with pre-schoolers and the Montessori system of neural enslavement. According to missus Montessori, Truth is derived by presenting evidence and then the majority vote determines the true nature of Truth. This system of intellectual rape is widely practiced wherever you are promised Equitable Education, or as we Goyim here like to call it, Universal Bantu Education.

The second Great Truth they teach the children, is their complicity in overpopulating earth. Of course, there are schools where the better-off kiddies learn whom it exactly they have to fear, the useless eaters overpopulating their earth. This system of institutionally inculcated self-hate tempered by classism is the first and mightiest weapon used for Eugenics.


Eugenics is the obsessive desire to assert your own superiority by killing off everyone not conforming to your social standards. Eugenicists dream of the day the world will be free of the disease and violence that being poor and uneducated causes the lesser beings ‘on the street’. With no regard for the relationship between poverty and violence, eugenicists are working on cleaning ‘their’ earth by causing untold suffering through war, poverty and a poisoned food chain.

Some of the eugenicists will allow one billion people, some want less than half that, but the wonderfullest of all eugenicists, Bill Gates, feels three hundred million people on earth would be more than enough. That means Bill thinks that 95% plus of us human scum need to die, and to speed thing up a little, Bill is very busy selling GMO foods and vaccines to poor people all over the world… he says he wants to help us.

The Hive-Mind

“Go thee to the ant, and gather wisdom” says the Bible. Did you know that many, many species of ant actually raid other species, to capture their young, steal them from the crib, so to speak, to be raised as slaves in their own nest? There is no place for individuality in a hive. There is only duty, and a social caste associated with that duty, and a destiny pre-ordained by your position on that ladder of social class, a ladder you ascend in predefined order. In a hive, everyone knows exactly what they have to do now, they do not care what they did before, and they will find out what to do next when that moment arrives. In such a system, any new information can be disruptive, any unplanned changes can be disastrous. There are no new ideas allowed in a hive.

The entire hive structure is built to protect and serve only itself, but at the core of every hive sits the Queen. All activity in that hive is centred upon one thing only: the maintenance of the Royal Presence. Without a queen, the hive will just die off, she has to lay new eggs all the time. That these eggs grow up into little biological machines with no purpose other than to feed, clean and protect the queen, is but a happy circumstance, it seems. Hives are very well-run societies, no argument there, but…

Humans are not hatched from eggs, we do not need giant queens to repopulate the land, we are not hive creatures. Yet, we are all working busily, carrying our tax grasses into the hole into the ground called government spending, to feed some fat maggoty creature we will only ever meet if we  reach those exalted social stratospheres. We are raised on Bantu Education and Hollywood, to keep us ignorant, and that mentality, that thing that is treating us like bugs it can squash underfoot, that unknown entity that has given us Montessori education and stock derivatives, that is what we call the Hive-Mind, and it hates the human mind.

Many things our so-called leaders say become much clearer, if you keep in mind they are all speaking on behalf of their god, the Holy Presence at the centre of the hive. They are speaking at us with all the authority of the Hive-Mind. If you believe their words, you agree to your place in their hive, but here is the final rub: In the Hive, there is only place for 300 million to one billion humans, and we keep finding new ways to pay for new ways, better ways to kill off the other seven billion “useless eaters”. The language of the Hive is the language of Eugenics, and that’s why we need lexicons such as this.


The term ‘sustainable’ does conjure to the mind’s eye visions of lush growth and natural balance, a world saved from degradation? A happy coincidence for those who wish to deceive us by using language in a funny way. To sustain something, you have to supply it with sustenance. When something does not deliver the required return on investment, profit, result, whatever, you stop stuffing money up its backside, right? A ‘sustainable activity’, then, is something you are willing to expend resources (money) upon. ‘Unsustainable’ then, must mean something our overlords have decided to retract resources from, not to waste money upon, to not include in their plans?

The test for ‘Sustainability’ seems to be this: Can you sell it on the Stock Market? If so, it is sustainable. Anything that earns money outside the stock market, is unsustainable. Any unsustainable activity magically becomes sustainable by turning it into a ‘financial vehicle’, i.e. ‘putting it on the market’. This is Protocol. Numbers 4.4 and in particular Protocol 6.6, which deals directly with human enslavement. For those of us who live outside the magical world of ever-growing economies, sustainability has very specific meanings:

Any activity that promotes the progress towards globalism. All attempts at individualism are contrary to globalism, and therefore, unsustainable. Community farm gardens are not sustainable, flying in tomatoes from Zionistan is. Traditional seed-swopping is not sustainable, patented semi-sterile GMO seed is. Education is not sustainable, the educational-loan business model is. Privatised hospitals are sustainable, medicine that actually cures disease is not, it is a threat to investments in the health care sector (a sustainable Market product)... Mostly, we are all lost, because education has been declared unsustainable. By the UN and so forth… go check.


Democracy is what you do when you promote the globalist communist agenda, all other viewpoints are not democratic and thus fascist. Also, there is a bit where we let people vote for which handsome faeces they want to lie to them on television for the next four years. As a matter of fact, though, the definition of democracy DOES NOT INCLUDE ELECTIONS. For a less academic, more sarcastic analysis, we think a progression of the term over time seems to be:

  1. a) ORIGINAL: Government of the people from all classes for benefit of all classes. Even the most tyrannical of rulers may choose his ministers democratically, by unilateral appointment, no votes necessary, as long as they work towards the benefit of all classes.
  2. b) POST FRENCH REVOLUTION: The inept chosen by the ignorant to accomplish the unnecessary, capitalists have created the banking system, which rules everything.
  3. c) BRITISH VERSION: Quadrennial bourgeois ritual of mass attendance to a bourgeois popularity contest. Poor people are unworthy of the duties of democracy.
  4. d) POST WW1: The illusion of public participation in governance, sustained by a four-yearly popularity contest, choosing a new bourgeois actor to speak at the proletariat. Women may one day become worthy of the duties of democracy.
  5. e) POST WW2: A tyranny of ignorance underpinned by a ritualistic quadrennial popularity contest to choose among a select few venal psychophants, presented as being representative of the populace. Women and Blacks ascend to citizenship.
  6. f) POST HIPPIES: A ritualistic popularity contest to put fresh faces on the oppressor. Nothing changes anymore, it progresses. The poor and their women have no understanding of the higher functions of government and will soon ‘lose interest’ in the corruption so obviously inherent in democracy. They are given billion-dollar sports arenas to compensate for their loss of education.
  7. g) POST TRUMP: George Soros declares 2016 to be the last democratic election in America. Not one single argument was raised…
  8. h) Actual grammatical meaning: Representatives from ALL social classes governing to the benefit of ALL social classes. That’s it, no more, no less, just government to the benefit of all classes. Have you ever experienced democracy? Me neither.


A business plan masquerading as a religion. The business side demands near-zero labour costs and total market monopolisation under one Commissar. The extreme centralisation of power requires absolute servitude and obedience to the High and Mighty Will of Headquarters, and no other authority. Questioning the system or its officials is heresy, frequently punished by death. Just like any of the other major religions.


Today the difference between Capitalism and Communism is mostly cosmetic, but in this case the ultimate aim of ultimate control is presented as Ambition.  Capitalism requires the extraction of ever-increasing profit from the same, existing resources, financed by the increased taxation of labour, and price monopolisation on life’s commodities. Labour costs are totally eliminated by taxing the worker to the point where he pays for the subsidy that pays his salary. Acting contrary to the interests of Capitalism is Terrorism, punishable by airborne dispersion of Depleted Humanitarianism and explosive barrel-democracy.


Socialism requires the collective maintenance of collective infrastructure, financed by the taxation of trade and leases on the land, which is not a tax, but rent on common property. Health, welfare and education are universal and free services. Military and/or community service is a prerequisite for citizenship. The purpose of government is to maintain a happy, healthy population that is ambitious and productive, thus broadening the tax base instead of ever-increasing taxes on the labour of the working class.



Archos = anointed priest-king, from whom flows the hierarchos, the hierarchy, the different social classes that predetermines your worth before God and man.

An = none. An-archy denies the myth of divine appointment, and thus the hierarchy flowing from it. Anarchy does not mean chaos or lack of government. Anarchy rewards merit, not heritage. Anarchy demands participation, not representation. One living in anarchy, is called an Anarch.

Anarchism, on the other hand, is an …Ism, as believed in by …Ists. Anarchists cling to the Globalist wet dream of destroying all organs of government, and replace them with “Free Trade”. In all my dictionaries, the definition of anarchism always starts with their relationship to communism, the most hierarchic of all modern religions er…. Political Theories.

Free Trade

Don’t you wish you could trade for free? Just drawing cash to buy an ice cream now has a tax on it. Hell, the weather is now owes carbon taxes! Every ‘developing’ country now has a free trade zone. If you want to do business with no taxes, no labour laws, no consequences of any kind, you open up shop in one of those Free Trade Zones. That’s where Nike uses wage slaves to make plastic shoes at a few cents per hour, for example.

Free Trade offers the citizen no benefits, while it forces him to subsidise international firms who pay little to no taxes, and regularly get paid NEGATIVE taxes. That’s right, we pay them for “Investing” in our country, when they operate on a piece of land that was specifically ceded from our country so it can have its very own special Free Trade Agreements as law. One peep about this, the Rand will fall due to lack of Investor Confidence, we’ll send the cops around so we can hold you Accountable, and just to make sure the Investor regains confidence, we will make sure those cops get bigger guns for next time.

Yeah, don’t you just love the smell of Free Trade served with a side dish of depleted uranium bombs and a sauce of economic sanctions. The Investor likes that…


Investor Confidence

This is the Economics Theory equivalent of the Holy Spirit. All social, political and financial considerations are overshadowed and outweighed by Investor Confidence, or more importantly the lack thereof. The power of this term lies not in the idea of investor Confidence, no, the connotation is always negative: This threatens Investor Confidence, that has been done to assure Investor Confidence, the other must be done to regain investor confidence. This has happened, lowering Investor Confidence, that is what we will sacrifice to restore the Investor’s confidence, the only other option is too horrible to consider.  There is virtually no form of civil participation that does not lower Investor Confidence, and there is in this world, apparently, only one thing that can ever restore Investor Confidence: Austerity Measures.

Austerity Measures

Austerity Measures is the name given to the process of militarising the police and marginalising the population. In short, it requires higher taxes, lower spending on social infrastructure and welfare, and a massive increase in ‘security spending’. All available funds are diverted to arm and dehumanise the police, and supplying ‘Peacekeeping Forces’ for the UN to deploy around ‘sensitive areas’ with exploitable natural resources… In the name of Peace, of course. All other theories on austerity hinge upon convincing you that the noble sacrifices of The Plan is the “only way” for an intelligent person to think. If you feel negatively affected by austerity measures, you are probably one of us stupid, ambitionless, lazy plebs who have to work for a living.


Anarchy is a favourite swearword amongst those who would have us believe in our worthlessness. Unless your king claims divine rights, you also live in anarchy. America is as anarchic as Germany, as is Australia and France and… If your king is not a direct emissary from your god, your country is An-Archos, it has no divinely appointed leadership.

Properly translated, An-archy means ‘Non-Hierarchy. This would mean a state not governed by a Priest-king, who devolves his regal powers and privileges down through a hierarchy of classes and castes. Anarchy would not only deny the divine right of the king, it also destroys the inherited and corrupt power structure emanating from the royal presence. Society would change little, except for being released of the burden of bankrolling High Society and licking politicians’ behinds.

Not to be confused with a popular meme going around, called “Anarchism”. Instead of denying the hierarchy, it demands the corporate control of all social functions on the basis of profitable trade, even if that means tax subsidies. Anarchists want to improve the human condition by destroying all government (except taxes, those subsidies, you know…). This is bolshevism at its finest.


This is the aim of Anarchy: no divinely appointed authority, pure Meritocracy with open public sanction, enforced by public process. If you want to talk about chaos and lawlessness and a lack of government, please, first learn to read well enough to enjoy doing so. Also, as an Acoiitheist, you can only be Anarch, who would appoint a godless high priest? The same for Atheists, Spaghettimonsterists and reasonable scientists, if you have no god, you can not have a god-king, ANARCHOS!



For the purposes of enslaving mankind, it would help to bankrupt us first. The protocol calls for putting all aspects of human industry on a footing of speculation. The rigged game of stock exchanges has contrived to concentrate vast fortunes under the control of so-called Fund Managers. The stock exchange being notoriously risky, common people were glad their government pensions were paid by the state utilities and parastatals, untouchable public property guaranteed to provide for the public need and underwritten by public interest. These parastatals consumed a certain percentage of public funds, but they were the conduits of the vast civil projects needed in a prosperous country. That is what we paid taxes for: The upkeep of public infrastructure, to the benefit of the entire social structure.

The promise of Privatisation was to save us all by saving the economy, which was “being run into the ground” by financially illiterate politicians, “too stupid to make a profit”. Fifty years later, we pay ever more taxes to subsidise the utilities, and our pension funds are being stripped of value every day. At the same time, that privatised infrastructure is left to decay until the public sees need to repair it at taxpayer expense, while the few remaining State enterprises are being allowed to rot, so corporations can “have exposure to the income stream”. This is not fine for roads, it is unacceptable for schools and hospitals.

At most, a Privatiser gets to pay one buck, just to make it “contractually legal”. Not only does the country lose ownership of that entity, we now have to pay “access fees” for the public services we are still paying taxes for, while fewer and fewer people can afford those services every year. Closing down and starting over is not an option, because our “financially illiterate” politicians continue, to this day, to sign contracts in our name that guarantee, absolutely guarantee, the profits as projected in those publically unapproved contracts. Anyone that has ever attended a boardroom meeting will understand how er… enthusiastic profit projections tend to be. Well, your taxes guarantee them now. Forever…

Government Bonds

One of the most disastrous facets of privatisation is the concept of the government bond issues as necessary part of the monetary system. Remember how we all agreed politicians are too stupid to work with money, so we handed our economy over to the banksters? Remember how inflation is the great evil threat to capital? Well, to keep our masters honest, the way to create money was defined as follows:

Every cent your country needs, must be borrowed from some entity that has the ‘right’ to create money. To secure the loan, the government must supply physical guarantee, in the form of a government bond. Now, when you obtain a bond from the bank, and you do not pay in time, what happens? You lose your land, yes? So, every time we default on a foreign loan, how much sovereign territory do we lose per, say, million dollars? Or are we selling them ocean area, airspace, little babies, perhaps? What exactly is backing our government’s borrowing, and how much have we already lost to the Investor? We know these loans are unpayable, designed to bankrupt the nation state, with a never-ending cycle of debt and servitude to the Investor.

Consider that we managed to built the entire public infrastructure of earth, using tax monies for public projects, without borrowing from some rich dude. Then, one day, the rules changed, and it became impossible for any government to execute anything of value. It was changed merely by words and signatures, it can be changed back. Privatising your currency is the same as selling your nation into slavery, and serves only to enrich our oppressors.

Fake News

Actual false information is not fake news, it is just false reporting, lying, libel. There has always been laws against that sort of thing. Fake News is real events presented in a way you do not like. This means that Fane News means different things to different people, and that differs from one moment to the next, depending on the topic at hand.

  1. a) Official: Any report, opinion or comment that calls into question the official (Globalist) version of reality. Also, any report that slipped out before the full, embarrassing implications for the Globalists were realised. To be safe, the law shall soon outlaw all untaxed (and therefor unlicensed) public comment. The working title (2018) for news conforming to this protocol is “officially recognised sources”.
  2. b) Sceptic: Any social message from any source at any time that seems to distract from the real issue at hand. This includes society gossip, sports, financial statistics and fake arguments between two ignorant but morally inspired standpoints. An example would be the continued ‘debates’ in the media between security spooks and porn addicts, arguing state security vs online privacy. This whole charade is being perpetrated to obscure the simple fact that we can inspect and evaluate our public servants, using the same technology they use to “monetise our behaviour”. We can easily follow every public cent, how it was spent by whom on what, second by second by second. That sort of conversation would not be allowed, for reasons of National Security.

National Security

The accounts of the State may not be opened for public scrutiny due to National Security considerations, like the prices we pay for normal supermarket stuff, that suddenly costs two hundred times as much on government contract. Their greatest fear is for us to see the contracts and deals they sign, and whom they sign with, and what price we pay for it.

Military secrets is another beast altogether, and any army that shares those with members of parliament, is probably busy waging civil war, because military secrets are not state secrets, they are tactical secrets and no more, and definitely no less, yet they are stored on computers, preferably ones running Microsoft. As per the spook vs. porn argument, there is no computer file in this world that cannot be retrieved at a price, which proves that the government has no secrets that cannot be bought from a teenage hacker… For those who can afford million-dollar bribes, such information can come for free; you just phone up your old pal in parliament, and ask for it, he owes you enough already… Do you think there was one State Secret the Guptas could not just ask for?

 National security has nothing to do with the safety of the population, or the sovereignty of our territory. Anyone calling on the secrecy privileges of National Security, is surely busy covering up crimes committed by some official. Together with Transparency and Accountability, National Security is  just the institutionally corrupt official’s code-speak for “shut up or I shut you up”.


Whenever an official is caught out, he is sure to remind us that Government is “continually striving for total transparency in governance”. It is worth noting that a thing, if perfectly transparent, will be perfectly invisible. You will not be able to see its inner workings, you won’t see the limits of this thing before you, you will perceive its presence only by the destruction it leaves in its wake, as it invisibly rolls over everything you hold dear. If you do manage to see some glimmer of a suggestion of impropriety, you will benefit from that other staple of Officialese Double-speak: Accountability.


When an official is caught at his job enriching his mafia ‘sponsors’, and he gets to talk about transparency, he will probably be promoted soon. If, however, the Transparency speech comes from a seemingly unrelated official, you can be sure he will mention  the drive for Accountability. A perfunctory mention of the “alleged” accusations and unproven suggestions of misconduct is then summed up by a promise of accountability, and possibly even informing us of the punishment meted out to the undisciplined official who made the serious but unfounded accusations. Accountability is always to be understood as the persecution of those who let slip secrets with National Security implications. Julian Assange must be held accountable, Hillary Clinton’s crimes are becoming ever-more transparent, all for National Security’s sake, of course.


  1. a) Historic: A group of patriotic loyalists in Italy who chose as emblem an ancient symbol of “Strength-in-Unity” namely a Faxes (fasces), (say fashies) a bundle of twigs tied together as a club, sometimes bound around an axe handle. It makes for poor defence against cannon, but what can you do, if you are not allowed to carry a stick thicker than your thumb? A Fasces is sometimes called a Faggot.
  2. b) Current popular: A handy swearword to call any person holding any political view not in accordance with Globalist Neo-liberal/Neo-conservative Truth, also known as News or The Official Narrative.
  3. c) Sceptic: Any viewpoint that seeks benefit for any special interest entity or group at the detriment or exclusion of any other entity or group, is fascism. This makes a fascist of every politician, sports fan, voter, priest… they all like one part of humanity better than some other part, yes? Fascist!

 But as a general swearword on the news, it sounds terribly terroristic, don’t you think? Oh, yeah, you’re not supposed to think for yourself, you must always group-think. Thinking by and for yourself is, by definition, fascist. Binding facts together into a bundle of truth with which to defend yourself against the onslaught of communism and egoless obeisance, is fascist. Join the Borg, join the Collective…


  1. a) Jihad, according to our Muslim friends, is a conscious decision by a young man to embark on a personal, spiritual journey to happiness and salvation by means of a righteous and respectable lifestyle. Jihad does not mean Holy War!
  2. b) ABCNNBCFOX: A blatantly propagandistic insult against a manufactured enemy to justify the continued impoverishment of the entire “Western” working class to pay for the corporate privilege to murder women and children by mowing them down with machine gun bullets made of radioactive scrap metal. There is not one single political reason for any Globalist war, they are all corporate takeovers of indigenous cultures’ lands and resources.


The Economy is the grown-up version of the Bogeyman in the closet. Every government extravagance is to aid the growing Economy, every budget overrun is due to the shrinking Economy. Fer Chrissake, in 2017 the “tax base was broadened to support the growing economy”, meaning we (the salaried classes) have to pay more taxes because the “economy is growing”. The citizenry is becoming poorer every day, because of the “stagnant economy”, while the investing classes celebrate “continued economic growth” in elaborate, catered gatherings in vast rented auditoria on a weekly basis.

The entire purpose of government has been subverted to serve ‘The Economy’. Because Economics is such a terribly complex science, only those with recognised authority may utter on the subject. Because no politician has the needed credentials, able and professional Economists are employed to carry the heavy thinking, leading our Economy to where their favourite theory may lead. All our endeavours, all our work, all our taxes, all our life, is ruled by some economist, who is an appointed official aide, an ‘advisor’. Appointed, we do not necessarily know who exactly is currently determining our economic theory; this person was not voted for or publically vetted in any way. Also, in the nature of Good Governance, this Chief Economist (not minister, who is a political appointee) our chief economist is an employee of a private concern such as KPMG, delivering a paid-for service to my government. An unknown, unelected, corporate employee has the power to determine, second by second, all domestic and foreign policy, merely by issuing reports on what ‘The Economy’ needs next. This person, being a corporate employee, may be replaced without notice, according to the demands of ‘The Economy’, as determined by his employers, a private FOREIGN corporation….

The Economy is a fictitious construct upon which is built increasingly complex theorems which are then inculcated into the ‘upper layers’ of society as a set of moral guidelines to excuse the eradication of the middle class, and the extermination of the ‘lower classes’. Current Economics Theory as a system of beliefs, guiding our actions in the public sphere, is in direct opposition with all other belief systems, except communism. Currently, the only religious systems promoting the concept of an economy based on entitlement are Zionist Jews, Sunni Muslims and ignorant Christians. Communists of all sorts, in other words. Economics, like every other religion, allows for One Church only, and that church better preach ever-increasing profits …and Eugenics.


Those who have the power you and I crave. Be honest, who did you think they were? Aliens? Ancient reptilloids descended from 300 million years of dinosaur evolution? A bunch of child-prostituting Satanists high on designer drugs who inject themselves with babies’ blood so they look younger? Has Christ returned already, and they are keeping him locked up somewhere and He controls the souls of the world according to commands under torture? Who knows….

“If I was President/ If I was queen for a day/ I would give the ugly people/ all the money/ I’d rewrite the book of love/ I’d make it funny.” by Laurie Anderson, a lady that understands Man.

The West

Every wrong, every evil, every inequality or injustice in this world is because of The West. Genocide and slavery in the name of Capitalism/Communism is always perpetrated by “The West”. Every gunpowder war since the French Revolution has been at the behest and for the benefit of a few international bankers, and every one of those wars were fought for the benefit of the banksters, but at the cost of The West. One day all the oppressed minorities will stand up and obliterate the White Man the West and regain their communist roots, roots they were told they have by… Western Academia, a system of global indoctrination, any criticism of which can get you hanged as an anti-Semite...

Every time “The West” bombs an old Syrian lady to pieces where she’s kneeling on the grave of her entire village, it is not Gulf Oil or British Petroleum ‘winning the war on terror’; it is “The West” killing People of Colour. Soon every dead civilian killed over the last twenty centuries will be laid at the feet of White Man and payment will be exacted. Europe is the only part in the world where birth numbers fall behind the number of old and dying. Luckily, there are millions of Arabs and Africans, Indians and indigenous Semites to replace those murderous Westerners. The West is long overdue for vengeful destruction, those Fu..en White People. The Catholic church should have done a better job destroying their heathen culture, and them.


 “If you would know your oppressor, see whom it is you may not criticize”. Some wise old dude said that. Any coherent critique of the Communist Agenda (Globalism, Liberalism, Neo-conservatism, Social Capitalism, Capitalist Democracy) is immediately countered with a charge of anti-Semitism.

A Semite is somebody who speaks one of the many dialects we classify as Arabic. This includes Hebrew and other so-called middle-eastern languages. Being anti-Semitic would, therefor, imply a bigoted opinion of Arabs. This would make modern Israelis Zionistanis, a folk who traditionally speak Yiddish, a language indistinguishable from German to the untrained ear, the most anti-Semitic people on earth; killing, maiming and displacing hundreds and thousands of Semitic Palestinians, Jordanians, Yemenis and anyone else they can reach, every day for the past seventy-odd years, many of whom trace their ancestry back to the Jews of the Christian bible.

The previous paragraph was horribly anti-Semitic. Any criticism of Zionistism is Anti-Semitic. Mentioning the fact that most Israelis Zionistanis are not Semites, is anti-Semitic. Criticism of any act of violence perpetrated by a Zionist is anti-Semitic. Whomsoever dares look at a Zionist askew, is anti-Semitic. Not demanding the death penalty for offending a Zionist, is anti-Semitic. Being alive and not being a Zionist is anti-Semitic. Leaving your own corpse to rot where it may inconvenience a passing Zionist is anti-Semitic. Zionists, as is well documented, are not Semites, go figure. Actually, just go read Protocol 9, the whole racist tirade of it.

Right/ Left/ Centre

It seems that the assembly halls of the kings of Europe had an arrangement where conservatives sat on their lord’s right hand, with progressives on his lordship’s left. This smells of the same balderdash that gave us the story about kind old goldsmiths starting the first banking system. In a feudal system, such as a kingdom of duchies, a distinction between conservative and liberal seems absurd, to say the least. Individual treaties and conspiracies was the glue that kept factions together and at each other’s throats, leaving the king to balance the powers as he wishes. The myth of the Two Chambers seems at least a hundred years old, but be as it may, herewith the modern version of the myth, the full explanation would transfer more subjective information than a simple dictionary like this should convey.

  • Everybody that tries to force us to live the morals they believe their virgin grandmas had, are considered Conservatives on the Right side of the isle. Lately depicted as Capitalist and authoritarian, demanding absolute control.
  • Everyone who wants to force us to live by the rules of some wonderful future only they, the enlightened, can see, foresee and understand, are called Liberals, Left of isle. Commonly perceived as Communist and revolutionary, demanding absolute control.
  • Centrists are all those who buckle down and progress towards a One World Government no matter who and what wins which election wherever whenever. They are the ones who run the schools and television stations, and they publish only leftwing/ rightwing opinions. They present themselves as mere leaves on the current of public opinion, but in reality serve only the desire to maintain absolute control.
  • To be ‘too far’ on either side, supposes you are willing to enforce your view by violent means. In reality, these are the ‘true believers’ who think they are frontline soldiers of their ‘side’ in the manufactured political spectrum, in reality, they are often driven together into underground organisations, making them easy to control.

As mentioned above, the Centrists are the ruling class, and the entire population is divided into these different ‘sides’ of the political spectrum for no reason other than to limit the possibilities of thought available to the voters. No leftist is allowed to affect any unsanctioned changes, and no conservative can hold back any predetermined progress. Attempts to do so are seen as ‘leaning too far…’ and is immediately either suppressed or publically punished.


“One who rules by terror”.  This implies ‘Terrorism’ which is “an organised system of intimidation.” To be a terrorist, one has to enforce one’s will by means of intimidation. This requires an empowered oppressor (government) and a victim (populace) subject to the laws and regulations enforced by that oppressor. Blowing up a bus stop and shouting some clichéd prayer-curse, may intimidate a subsection of the population from visiting bus stops for a while, but serves no political purpose at all. Nameless, faceless, reasonless and useless expenditure of violence can safely be assumed to be an act of terrorism, perpetrated by the ruling faction, designed to intimidate the population into submission to whatever new depravity the ‘economy’ demands. In very localised governments, say a neighbourhood overrun by criminal gangs, those gangs are the de facto government, if they were not, the ‘real’ government would have sent in police, even troops, to restore law and order. While the gang rules the ‘hood, they may choose to enforce their will by terror, oppressing any resistance to their rule. Only government has the power to oppress, thus terrorism is a function of governance, therefor all acts of terrorism are perpetrated by government agents, sometimes ignorantly believing themselves to be rebels.


See ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘Freedom Fighter’. Rebellion is defined by abstention, rather than participation. You do not rebel by taking up arms, you rebel by refusing to participate in the slaughter. Real rebels often end up in far-off places, planting trees or digging wells for deprived communities, where they do not have to smile at their oppressor. In real life, the term is mostly used to refer to the title of an obscure camp movie featuring a rather talentless actor called Dean something. Real rebels have become scarce, as the management of public outcries have turned warlords into police forces and police forces into law enforcement agencies. Rebels cannot arise in a police state, over here, we produce only radicalised extremists and victims of Limited Hangouts.

Limited Hangout

Any government has need to keep track of its enemies. For right or wrong, it is important to know who has the motive, means and support needed to harm the State. The first, but very crude way is to execute anyone who dares murmur. A second way to manage this, is to have spies under every windowsill. A more cost-effective way, is to support such people, encourage them to join clubs and societies where they may meet, and exchange ideas with like-minded people. At the given time, when they gather in all their strength, soldiers of the State can quietly surround them and arrest anyone as they please, with minimum effort.

If your government is run by people who love and understand humanity, these clubs will also be promoted, but instead of luring the members into punishable acts of sedition, you quietly infiltrate the organisation. This way, you can influence the dogma of that collective into directions beneficial to the State, by subtle suggestions and discrete funding. Not only do you have your enemies in close proximity to each other, you can lead and mislead them at will, and should this fail, why, Google sells the most marvellous military-grade drone navigation services these days…

Ultimately, it seems the Globalist Way is a balanced mixture of options One and Two, as described above. Dissenting voices are already being “pre-arrested” by thought-police employing the spies under our Windows, or Linux, Android and OS, we are all bugged, all of us, even our chosen Presidents, we are all buggered. Toddlers are psychologically categorised by their (wholly untrained and unqualified)  nursery school teachers, and this is used to predict the future adult’s socio-political er… risk profile? “Little Johnny exhibits seven of the nine most common indicators for sociopathy”. This is then put “onto his file” for future incriminations. If these techniques fail why, Google is still in the market with military-grade drone navigation services…

Freedom Fighter

Commonly (but erroneously) known as terrorists, Freedom Fighters may come from any part of the political spectrum, though most have unsubscribed from the political body as a whole, distrusting all political parties equally, but often gathered around one charismatic centre. Freedom fighters may target specific and predefined military, police and security installations, with specific attempts on the lives of authoritarian figures of strategic importance. Random acts of destruction hold no advantage for those seeking to remove an oppressor

 Most of a true civil freedom organisation’s effort is spent on convincing the general population that they all share a common enemy. The state has much money and manpower to expend on telling the population about the terrorists threatening their democracy. This sort of campaign costs money, and freedom fighters are notoriously short of money. This is why Freedom Fighters share much, and are often seduced, misled, indebted and co-opted by Revolutionaries.


The first thing to understand about Revolution is that it requires the violent disassembly of all current social structures, to be ‘reborn’ in the image that particular revolutionary has wet dreams about. If history is to believed, those wet dreams tend to be Communist in nature. A revolution is deemed successful when all opposition is dead, preferably with lots of public bloodletting. The day after the revolutionary has funded the freedom fighters to victory, they may be allowed to live, to become the new terrorists, enforcing the law as dictated by the New Boss, who just happens to deserve a lot more respect than the predecessor, whom He liberated your sorry ass from! In general, though, Freedom Fighters surviving the initial ‘revolution’ will be eliminated en masse, after all, they have already proven their inability to follow government orders…

Revolutions are almost always foreign-funded.


Often confused with Liberty, or acting outside the bounds of decency. This obscures the true meaning of freedom, namely to be unbound, unfettered, uncaged, and by conflating these meanings, liberty becomes the promise of relief from your oppressor. The problem we seem to have is an inability to agree on the exact identity of the oppressor. Another problem is that every new freedom demanded very often limits the freedom of some other faction of the population, usually everybody but the ones demanding some specific freedom. Revolutions are always started with the promise of freedom, and Communism is the freedom to be enslaved, and Democracy is the freedom to choose which liar you want to pay to lie to you for the next four years… we are all free to do as we are told. Freedom is of value to a wild animal only in an environment that can sustain his nature. Freedom as a political concept cannot co-exist with politicians, by definition. Freedom is not taken or granted, freedom is only defined because the opposite exists. What is your opposite of freedom, what special right do you want to claim? Who is your oppressor?


“To act outside the bounds of common decency”, go see any proper Dictionary.

Liberté, Egalité, Fratenité. This is also the slogan of the Communists, the Masons and those who know not the difference between Socialism and Communism. Liberty is not freedom, it is excessive self-indulgence. Equality is utter nonsense, every one of us excels at something, and we all suck at something, real bad. Fraternity means ‘brotherhood’, which is just another name for a tradesmen’s club, or any special-interest collection of like-minded persons, or a gang of do-gooders, or a gang of parliamentarian Mafiosi, or the Freemasons, or the Board of Deputies, or the Commissariat. Those are all fraternities, each looking after its own members and their interests. Which part of this is supposed to make me feel included, equal and free?

Good Governance

Like all good Keywords, Good Governance conjures up visions of respectability, accountability and above all, good governance. The most important fact to know about Good Governance contracts is the universal stipulation that the country in question shall hand over the tax collection services to the Lenders. This ensures that “foreign obligations” are met before a blue cent is handed over to government to waste on running the country. A second fact to know about Good Governance is the contractual obligation to ensure investor confidence by prioritising government spending on Security of Investment. More police, more army (see Peacekeeping) and more bodyguards for the politicians. The investor is easily frightened by unruly civilians with delusions of human rights. There are other, very disturbing stipulations in Good Governance contracts, and none of them is for the benefit of the general population, nothing, zilch, it is all about corporate privilege and corporate-driven genocide.

Foreign Aid

A Loan. Always a loan. That has to be paid back. With interest.

Foreign aid is an extremely elaborate scheme to intercept charity money and turn it into tax-free corporate profits that benefit only the very largest multinational corporations. When the socially-minded workers of Europe collect money for the Hungry of Africa, they do so with an open hand and just enough self-righteousness to feel better about themselves. Because of Good Governance ‘laws’, the money is handed to the IMF, World Bank or suchlike for distribution and ‘management’.  The IMF will then LEND this money to deserving partner countries under the rules of Good Governance. Aid, being specific, is applied with specifics attached. The money shall be spent on what the IMF decides, the contracts will be given to whom the IMF decides, and the contractor will be paid what the IMF decides. As a rule of thumb: every buck you donate to a charity organisation, allows all fifteen thousand of the people you dream of helping, the chance to share in three cents. Well-run organisations manage five cents to the street, while very excellently-run organisations, Like the Gates or Clinton Foundations, manage to turn every cent into another dollar of tax subsidy while never getting anything onto the street, other than branded t-shirts and PR selfies. Those three cents for the poor still remains a Dollar’s worth of interest-carrying debt, plus subsidies.

And so a gift from the poor to the poor is turned into a foreign loan in a far-off underdeveloped country, where it is likely not to be paid off on schedule. This is where another of our favourite charity organisations steps in: The World Wildlife Fund shall administrate that stretch of your country you put up as surety for your loan. See DEER FORESTS…

Deer Forests

Karl Marx was really angry  about the Royal Deer Forests. When the Romans left Britain, they left behind three things: An excellent road system, a pit of Mafiosi families in the City of London (not London) that still own The Crown, and a free Scotland. They never could conquer the Scots, who used guerrilla warfare in the dense forests of Scotland, against Roman legions well trained and habituated to formal battlefields, fields being the operative here. The Romans eventually just left the forest-dwelling barbarians to themselves.

Later the English, being run by the abovementioned dregs of Roman criminal society, solved the problem the same way they do today: utter destruction. First, they declared the entire Scots forest to be reserved hunting land for the king. This means that anyone caught walking in the forest, suspected of hunting, is a poacher. As today, so in the past, poaching gets you executed on the spot. Next, they chopped down all the trees, ‘lest the king should come to harm while riding on his hunt’. Thusly a Royal Deer Forest is a nature reserve where no man may hunt, or even walk without special leave. Some say this is how the World Wildlife Fund ensures the clearing and ‘protection’ of land that backwards governments have lost in lieu of ‘foreign aid loans’. Some say that king never went hunting even once…

War on Terror

And Poverty and Illiteracy and Drugs and Fake News and…Paedophilia? Terrorism is a government function. If, however we look at how other War on…s went down, it becomes clear that terror is indeed ‘sustainable’. Poverty is obviously sustainable, charities make money hand-over-fist. Limiting the number of holding interests in the printed media so no “Fake News” escapes, is sustainable. Huge numbers of police and army guns protecting the trade in drugs, diamonds, gold, children… the Investor sure has attained Security of Investment for his Sustainable investments.

The question remains though: What exactly is the business model for terrorism? If War on…xxx is always the institutionalised monopoly capture of a specific trade to be ring-fenced for exclusive exploitation by extra-legal personae, then how exactly will taxpayer subsidies be delivered? Eric Prince is probably the chosen candidate for the role of Public Defender, the way Child Protection Services is the public face of the child-prostitution industry. But how will mister Prince and his board of advisors turn a profit?

After all, it’s not like, say, the CIA can funnel money and weapons to a bunch of  mercenaries that occupy the landscape around the Syrian oilfields, while companies like Gulf and Total are pumping millions of litres of Syrian oil for their own accounts. I mean, that would be serious allegations of state-sponsored terrorism, would it not? This whole process should be subject to Total Transparency, and those spreading these allegations should be held Accountable!



The colour of money. Buying a newer model SUV might save a total of twenty pounds of exhaust pollution over the next twenty years. It cost three hundred tons of waste to manufacture that new car, can you dig that, Citizen Green? Being Green is just a feel-good, self-bullshit autoerotic dream, as long as the word ‘consumer’ is used to perpetuate the dream of ever increasing economic growth. The energy, resources and pollution needed to create a five-cent bobble is supposed to disappear into the fog of mass production, which is only viable in a market of mass consumption. Apparently, this grows the Economy, while conserving the environment and keeping the air clean, is deemed to be the wasteful sitting on resources that could be monetised. “Green” is to Nature, what “Natural” is to medicine, or “medicine” is to health, or what “health” is to Health Insurance; it makes money. Nothing more, nothing less, just advertising and profiteering.

Renewable Resources

Solar power is not a renewable resource, it is just a (currently) expensive way to convert environmental energy to electricity. Wood is renewable, forests are not. Coal and oil is renewable, it just takes a long, long time. Renewable is just a keyword to make things sound Green. Resource, on the other hand, is a word that causes emotional disassociation, allowing the term ‘exploitation’ to assume an air of innocence, no, respectability, such as in ‘human resource’.

Human Rights

Because those who administer those rights are other than human? I mean, if humans are the apex predator on earth, why do we need rights? It is right that we formulated a Bill of Rights, as a guide to the minimum safety one can expect from our rulers, but Human Rights as a concept calls into existence the ‘higher authority’ that has power to bestow those rights. Who is this authority? Somehow, the promise that ‘the world is watching’ has come to mean nothing; the world is watching as Palestine burns, the world is watching the oil companies bombing civilians in Syria, the world watches as Yemen is being turned into a mass grave. The World will probably send a strongly-worded letter of complaint to the President.

Human Rights, it seems to me, exist so that we know there is someone who can take away those rights. Maybe we should fight to have animal rights, at least those sometimes get enforced.

Independent Judiciary

Supposedly, the higher courts must protect us from the excesses of government, making the high courts the de facto government. Any law introduced, if not in accordance with Globalist Protocol, shall be found to be “unconstitutional” or contravening some international statute or another. The judiciary, however, may create new laws out of thin air, using tricks like “legal precedent” and “case studies”. They then proceed to enforce those laws as and when they see fit, and any attempt by civil authority to curtail their arrogance, is immediately and internationally condemned as an attack on the Judiciary, the Independence of said Judiciary, and the destruction of the very fabric of society and gran-ma’s apple pie.

The fact that lawyers have such international backup should be seen as proof of where their loyalties lie, and it means nothing when they assure us of their respect for the Law. Which law, exactly, will that be, mister shyster-become-judge-at thirty. A judge at thirty. The moral conscience of a nation, on the shoulders of a thirty-year-old lawyer. A thirty-year-old judge has the power to reprimand, nay, punish my government, leaving the population with no recourse not commanded by the BAR association of barristers, who appointed a thirty-year-old as standard of the nation’s moral wisdom. This is called the “Independent Judiciary”.


Foreign state sponsored corporate genocide. The grammar in that sentence is very flexible… The UN and NATO and every other ‘peacekeeping ‘ force is nothing but a tool to perpetuate the colonial culture of free resource exploitation. The problem with most resources is that people tend to live on top of it. The audacity of these barbarians to claim ownership of minerals they never even knew had value, nor the means to exploit! The savages, being ignorant and all, are always glad to hear they sit on a fortune; hospitals, schools, motorcars, the dreams a peasant may have!

The Crown Mafia did not become rulers of the world by sharing the loot, so the rabble has to move on, preferably to the nearest city, where their cultural dislocation and financial ineptitude can serve as yet more examples of an overpopulated world that needs to kill off six seven billion of us and soon. The land secured for mining, a few stragglers and malcontents may try sabotage the profitability of the operation through lawsuits, civil disobedience and even armed conflict. Malcontents are dealt with by police, but anything more than a murmur or moan will bring the guns; at first a few ‘warlords’ fighting to be the last standing security force, benefitting from the ‘development’. Should these warlords, however, turn on their financiers and decide they actually now control the territory, the UN will arrive.

When nationalist soldiers keep indigenous peoples off their ancestral land so that multinational corporations can exploit the resources freely, it is called civil war and ethnic cleansing. If you call in soldiers from a far-off country, it is called Keeping the Peace. This is a powerful tool with which to enforce Good Governance contracts and market monopolies. NATO and UN and AU and all other Peacekeepers, in other words, are tax-sponsored, corporate security guards for foreign financial interests. It is not America killing old women in Syria; it is Texaco Gulf Mobil Shell winning the war against Muslim extremism. Or was that NAFTA dropping democracy on children’s hospitals?

United Nations

See Protocol 10

The United Nations is a massive mafia organisation with a multitude of subdivisions that attempts to control human interaction in every imaginable field of endeavour. One of their most important functions is that of maintaining an army to enforce human rights all over the world. Of course, member rights outweigh other privileges, so it is beneficial to be a member. Contrary to expectations, becoming a member organisation of the United Nations, is quite simple:

You need three entities in three countries to exchange cultural, trade or developmental business on a formal basis. That’s it. So this one guy starts three soccer clubs in Africa, calls it the World Sports Federation, and now he mines copper and suchlike under full protection of UN Peacekeeping forces in at least three different “war zones”. This is equally true for mining companies underwritten by their countries’ normal political ties. Being a member of the UN far outweighs being member of a tribe living on exploitable resources. It has to. For World Peace. For the New World Order. For the One Wet Dream: Globalism.


The older term was ‘Internationalists’ which describes those working towards The International, the perfect, utopian Workers’ Wonderland promised by Communists. Globalism is merely a modernisation of the same concept of destroying cultural identity and individuality. Enforced multi-culturism is merely the destruction of all cultures in an attempt to build one ‘superior’ culture. Just like a computer program can only contain the programmer’s best intentions, so a universal culture is always described as a vision taken from someone’s perceived idea of a perfect culture. Multi-culture is “my-imaginary-culture-or-nothing”, standard procedure in every religion. Communism is the pulpit of Globalism, their god, nameless, yearns for genocide.

The long-term plan is to employ Capitalism as a tool to concentrate all private property, hand it over to the One King and then we all live like gods, with a few peasants to keep breeding fresh prostitutes. Robots will do everything else. The difference between Communism and Globalism is the difference between the gun barrel and the stock market: you will  hand over your money everything. Also, in the One Global Village, you and I and about seven billion other people, are not welcome.


The Aether of Money. It used to be that the environment was that which we move through while alive, and return to when dead. Today, the environment is constantly changing, changing, to keep up with the moods of The Investor. If the Investor needs an open-cast mine, it is progress that will uplift the environment. When you want to plant an organic vegetable garden, water regulations and zoning laws will soon stop your unsustainable exploitation of the environment. If you use the destruction of my countryside to terrorise me into poverty, it is called Good Governance. If I try to convince my government to protect my environment, I am called an eco-terrorist. The Environment is that which the Investor moves through on his way to divine ownership of Earth, and mankind is the parasite that keeps crapping on His rug. The Environment belongs to those who can afford it. The only concern plebeian scum like myself have with the Environment is to get the hell out of it and leave everything for my ‘Betters’ to exploit.

Climate Change

Climates change constantly, it is one of the very few sure facts of life. “Anthropogenic Climate Change”, on the other hand, is a sleight of linguistic hand, a Bully Fart. The science presented is not scientific, the facts are cherry-picked and/or out of context, and much, oh, so much of the nonsense has been proven to be mere fabrication. No, and we repeat, not one single real scientist is willing to partake in this farce, even though their names were fraudulently used on the original “UN Climate Report”. These people are distracting us from real issues, such as weather warfare and the alteration of our very atmosphere over forty years of “Atmospheric Particulate Injection”, their term, publicly insinuated mid-2018. This is the release of some very imaginative and undeclared substances into the sky to influence rainfall and such. Weather engineering has been ubiquitous since the seventies. This gave rise to the conspiracy theories around Chemtrails, but that is another issue. This is the issue:

Not one single one of all the wonderful theories on man-made climate change has included but one whisper of this particular thing, this weather engineering in at least 47 countries, that some say has grown into weather warfare, yet we are expected to believe these people when they say they perpetrate Climate Science.

Climate Science

A fictitious construct built by a whole bunch of “prominent scientists”, notably from fields of science such as art and gender studies and suchlike social sciences. They have a mathematics, sort of, but it follows rules no-one dares question. They have much resources, influence and power to change the way we educate, produce, govern, and spend our tax resources. Denying their Truths is like anti-Semitism, and like pretend-Semites, these people are forever on us about how we hate science, or do not respect science, or fear science, while happily raping, corrupting and enslaving science in their own service. You are not allowed to question any of their phantasmagorical dogma, the issue is too important to bother with facts, apparently.

The Elite

This is what our masters like to be called. They also dig names like Illuminati and Sir. The mistake we make is believing too hard a lesson from childhood: “Cream floats to the top”. Every language I am familiar with, has some reference to the cream of the crop or the superiority of those with cream. They always seem to rise to the top, this cream of society. Anyone that has ever worked with cream, however, will tell you the same thing as those working with filth everywhere: Nothing floats higher than scum!

 In our earnest endeavours to build a Meritocracy, an aristocracy of those with the best achievements, we unfortunately forgot to agree on which achievements we will reward with leadership. Not only does this give political office to sportsmen and idiot sons of previous presidents, it gives it to anyone that excels at anything that makes him rich and/or famous. This is not necessarily a disaster, if this person spent his genius on Government, it could work, but a criminal, once rich, never dies poor. This is how we came to live under a universal Cacastocracy, an elite of scum.

 Please stop using the term ‘Elite” when talking about the scum who are conspiring to kill six 7billion of us as soon as they can get us poor enough to start shooting at each other. That’s if their vaccines and GMO food do not kill us off first. Do not empower these scum by calling them elite. Stop it, they are scum. Not elite, scum. Criminal, child-bonking, money-grabbing, genocidal scum. Elite my ass!


Max Keiser claims to have invented this word all by hisself, I will not bother to disagree. The truth of what a man says, has no relation to his intelligence; the town idiot can tell if the sun shines. Also, Max Keiser is no idiot.  He derives the term from Aristocracy and Caca, excrement, poo. Whereas the Paranoid Goy sees the ‘elite’ as scum, Max sees them as bottom-dwelling turds. We do not disagree with either view, things are all the same when you are swimming in poo. Come to think of it, poo often floats, especially the fat-containing ones… the fat scats?


Globalism used to be called the One World Order, which is, of course, a nice name for Communism, where nobody owns nothing, nobody is nothing, and nobody is allowed nothing…unless you are one of the ruling ‘elite’ that gets to spend the resources of the nation as the mood takes. As the world progresses towards the Zionist wet dream of all property under one account, it is becoming obvious to even the most obtuse, that we are being governed by corporations, for the benefit of those corporations. To make this sound like a Good Thing, we now have a new definition for Globalism: “The right of Capital to involve itself at all levels of government.” In other words; let Business run Government. Some are trying to rape the English language until she admits this to be called Socialist Capitalism, where socialist is code-speak for communist, and capitalism is another word for confiscation of all national sovereignty and property.

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are paid groups of paid academics colluding on paid-for thoughts on the better management of society. The brightest minds are brought together, and paid to have complicated but mutually corresponding thoughts on matters of serious import, such as finding a way to monitor (infect with tracking software) all the Bitcoin wallets, or how about a sustainable education model for the world. Thanks to the brightest minds on earth, we now know that improved education leads to more prosperity, which increases consumption, which is bad, bad, bad-human, so therefor, education is not a sustainable activity. It costs a lot of money, those Think Tanks, but at least they bring us stoopitts  the real Truth: The human race is not worthy of an education.

Conspiracy Theory

The Paranoid Goy has on many occasion warned bystanders about conspiracy theories. There are no conspiracies, at best they are trade secrets. Please use the Search Bar (Top Right of Page) to see the very may articles we have published, where we try put events into less propagandistic language than is the norm in the major press. We are the Goyim, we are cattle, we are being farmed for the benefit of our betters, and we know they are our betters, because they tell us so. A farmer does not conspire against his cattle; he breeds them and feeds them, and then one day he eats them. No conspiracy necessary.

To reaffirm that there is indeed no conspiracy, only a long-running business plan to corrupt humankind into slavery, even extinction, please get hold of a copy of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Read it a few times, it’s only a few pages, but the language is poor and the writing style abrasive. If you like this style of prattling better, this site contains an entire subsection devoted to not only simplifying this document, but to hijack it for the benefit of mankind. Imagine, the same Plan that convinced us to murder, rape and loot Europe twice in the twentieth century, the same plan that brought us Big Brother and Extra-ordinary Rendition and Guantanamo Bay, that same Plan could be working for us, instead of against us. You want a conspiracy? Let us conspire then, openly and freely, to save the human race from the annihilation and slavery foreseen by those who threaten to end world hunger and feed the world, through an extensive and tax-financed programme of Eugenics.


A term to describe all those deemed to be hopeless conspiracy theorists in dire need of de-radicalisation. The older term, Conspiracy Theorist was discontinued during the 2016 American election, when a number of candidates from all political alignments openly embraced a number of popular conspiracy theories, created a few of their own, and then fell victim to vast, real-time, live and proven conspiracies themselves. The suspicion is that Conspiracy Theorists will remain Alt-Right until the Cacastocracy find something else to talk about than Russian Collusion. …then the conspiracy theorists will talk in hushed tones about the time Hillary Clinton was on their side. Or Trump, we shall see who gets to write the history.


Propaganda written by the victor. Or as that Great Orator-Who-Lived-in-Mommy’s-Basement, Winston Churchill said: “History shall be kind to me, for I shall write the history.” The man was by many accounts quite a disagreeable little prick with the viciousness of the perpetually bullied. Anyway…
The history you learn at school is likely to form your entire political life view. Education is a recognised tool for Government to raise Good Citizens. History lessons are designed to promulgate a certain political world-view, it is a basic function of governance, and whomsoever rules the land, decides on the history you grow up with, which is why we still think of the British Empire as a “civilising force”. In reality, history changes as the government’s needs change.

The first thing you do after a revolution, is to cancel all history lessons, until all the textbooks have been replaced with “the True History”. The old books will be called propaganda, and all facts that disagree with the new Truth, is Fake News. Any attempt to point at historical facts instead of history, is called Revisionist.


This is the honorary title given by the Sheeple to insult informed people. To be called a Revisionist is a sure sign that your accuser consider itself part of the elite that will survive the next Great War. The Paranoid Goy long wondered why some people think they insult someone by calling them a revisionist. We are not attempting to change anything in history, we merely ask for impartial and unfiltered facts, wherewith to make up our own minds and form our own opinions. Surely that is a sign of intelligence and civic responsibility? So where is the curse behind “(snarl) Revisionist! (spittle) fuh… (pull face into disdainful smirk)”? So we consult some dictionaries:

Revisionist(adj.) pertaining to revision.
Revision: review, re-examination… and so on

As said, we Revisionists are not trying to change history, merely the telling thereof, without the victors’ prejudice. “Facts, Ma’m, just the facts, Ma’m.” So why the vitriol at historical facts that disprove the textbooks? Then we found it:

Revisionist (n) 1. One of a group who want to change the bible.

Now we understand why that little venal grunt on CNN, just after 911, told us that doubting the official version of events was “heresy”. It sounded like a blatant insult to common decency, but now we know what Revisionism means. We are supposedly attacking the holy scriptures we are supposed to live by, The News!  Now it becomes obvious why, when presented with historical facts not easily fitted into official history, people go into fits of Cognitive Disassociation.

Cognitive Dysfunction/Disassociation

The way we see our universe determines how we interact with that universe. Your actions in your universe may be perceived by outsiders as events in their universe. Insanity is defined as living in a reality that does not conform (correspond, agree, work with) reality as understood by general society. This is not a helpful definition, as it assumes a homogenous society with one shared outlook, and grades of insanity outside that specific world view. This is the stuff party politics is made of; ill-defined prototypes of ‘right’. We all, however, have fairly certain ideas about what is ‘Right’, mostly because we agree with those around us about that which is ‘Right’.  Now you come along and tell me what I have always believed to be ‘Right’ is wrong? F%^$^ you mother, you F)(*ing B&^(%&^ get out of my face, you lying F%^$^.

When you disprove a fallacy that makes part of the social norm, you are attacking the very fibre of reality, you are not conforming to that which we all agreed is the norm, Normal, ‘Right’. Either you are insane, or you just proved me insane. Do you still wonder why I am going berserk over your innocent comment that the FBI is a division of a private corporation, or that the UN decided education is unsustainable? You must be lying, why are you lying to me? Are you insane? I certainly know I am not insane, ask anybody!

The first skill a successful change agent for Democratic Anarchy should cultivate, is the empathy and emotional support needed to bring unexpected understanding to someone of steadfast faith and common sense understanding. Show some respect while you destroy my view of the universe, and forgive me for not embracing your world-view as the new, improved reality for me to live by. You have just told me my reality does not exist, how would YOU like that? Be firm, be truthful, avoid hyperbole when making your points, DON’T SLANDER AND LIBEL, but most importantly, be kind, we are talking about someone’s soul here…

White Supremacism

At the time when people were paid to write learned things to justify the wholesale slaughter of anyone opposing London, white people had much to back up their claim to supremacy: vast cities, massive boats, explosive weaponry, navigation, colonies in far exotic places. This pride was carried onto hubris when it became time to clear the foreign lands, and much anti-everyone-but-British propaganda was produced. For this sin all whites must pay. This the Paranoid Goy understands, people want revenge, and The Crown has long experience in pointing blame in profitable directions; white people are the new witches, and London is holding a fire-sale on stakes and faggots.

The saddest part of this racism is that the people trying to claim that so-called superiority for themselves, think they will be allowed to survive long enough to ascend to that coveted throne. Revolutionary heroes are always praised IN MEMORIAM. The City of London has moved to somewhere in America, from where they will encourage us to cleanse the ethnic gene pools… until only the Supreme Ones remain, as yet unknown, unnamed, faceless, but we know they are superior, because they manage to turn us upon one another so easily.

City of London

Also called The Crown. The Queen has no power in the City. The City of London actually requires the queen herself to stop, get out, request personal permission from the Lord Mayor, and then proceed on whatever business she has been called upon to attend at the behest of The Crown. From this one single square mile of real estate, much of human despair has been orchestrated. One should not judge, though.

When the Romans ruled England, they developed London as a trade port, in the sense of bonded warehouses today. All international trade went through London for taxation and suchlike. This also allowed these taxes to be kept safely out of Rome, where corruption was now rife. A few families in Londonium managed to monopolise the trade business, in typical Mafia fashion, including roaming gangs of thugs to ‘educate’ rival families. This feud lasted many years, then the Romans decided to leave.

 As in Paris, as in Washington or Pretoria, so in Rome, the Mafia has become the government, the Empire was failing. In the face of irrelevance and outright gang warfare, a few families ganged together, signed a formal treaty, and obtained charter from Rome to run London as a sovereign enclave, the City of London. They cleansed the neighbourhood (a Great Fire), put a wall around it, and there they nested until just very recently. The crown that we associate with royal fanfare, was obtained confiscated in the usual usurious manner, and has never been redeemed, only hired for official functions.

The Crown is the moving force in the world of International Banking. If it has any importance, the Crown either owns it, or is busy stealing it through financial agreements, worldwide Ponzi schemes or at the point of a gun, usually in the name of National Security. It was from here that the gold price collapse around the turn of the 20/21st century was orchestrated, as well as the Whale scandal, that stripped the Bank of England and put the money safely away from the public. Shortly after, it became clear that Operations are being moved somewhere else, apparently America. Very recently the City was opened up for public tourism, with bus rides and coffee shops, which is proof that they did indeed abandon their lair. One theory involves the quickening sinking of the island.

BREXIT update: The City will be exempt from all negotiations, and will operate as usual in its dealings with customers in the EU.


Every sane, secure and self-sufficient woman I’ve ever met, avoids feminists as best they can. Whereas it is true that women struggle to achieve levels of professional recognition that apparently comes easy to men, the reasons for that are actually quite simple and, frankly, quite childish. Nothing “comes easy” for men, either, those ones at the top got there by the usual means: creeping arse, unquestioning execution of orders, occasional brilliance. The reason women get left behind is simple: those men up there, the top 1%, they play different games than us here below.

One of the tools they use to reward and repress those rising up the ranks, is sex, secretly photographed, and very often, it is degrading sex with woman willing to do very odd things, and so often, sadly and terribly often, youngsters drugged into compliance and, this is the worst: little children. How many women do you know that will not only keep quiet, but take part so as to be compromised with her male colleagues? How about you, miss Rights, are you ready to join that set? Are those the equal rights you want? Let me tell you, most men don’t want it either, but those guys there? They pay our salaries, the salaries we spend trying to attract mates of opposite sex, who now want to join those who force our children into a life of prostitution through drugs and poverty. Isn’t anti-sexism great?

The bit where the feminists are trying their best to castrate all men is just plain psychosis they learn from each other. It is exactly the same mentality as the bunch of skinheads inciting each other to beat up an immigrant, it is the same mentality as an Zionistani sighting his gun on a Palestinian child, it is the same mentality as the drunken mob hanging the witch, it is the mentality of the pederast teacher. People who feel betrayed by their own reality always try drag others in after them, it is a mark of the intellectually corrupt victim of trauma; “you must go in there, I had to, so you have to as well” said Mary as she pushed Susan towards the room full of camera-pointing, drunken naked men.


To bring a thing under control means to achieve mastery over that thing. Control means deciding when a thing starts, and you decide when that thing stops. Control is the management of a thing’s existence. From this, it is now possible to translate the repeated desire to control things into plain English, as in:

Centre for Disease Control, commonly perceived as the American governmental institution responsible for research into, responding to, containing and possibly curing mass outbreaks of transferrable diseases. When translated into plain English, the picture changes somewhat:

Monopolised Disease Management promises no cures or other help, it calls only for the profitable “Management” of the disease. The full horror of this concept becomes clearer when we realise the CDC is not a government organisation at all. The CDC is a private corporation that uses corrupted law to impose the administration of unproven vaccines, for which they hold at least 57 patents. They are not there to prevent, cure or treat, they are there to manage, and the longer they can manage your disease, the longer you spend at the mercy of the very expensive ‘health care industry’. I dare you to translate that one for yourself. Hint: Not only does it equate the importance of a nurse with that of an accounts clerk, it moves the focus from being healthy to being cared for, on industrial scale.


As in Food Security, Data Security, Social Security. To secure a thing, is to encircle that thing with an impenetrable barrier against outside influences and it also prevents escape, of course. Food security, therefor, would require a fencing off of food sources, preventing all unauthorised access, and preventing food from leaving without permission. This would mean total control over who eats, and who does not. Data security will assure you have no access to data you are not specifically authorised to access. Social security requires a society where no-one gets in or out without permission. The concept of Security makes me feel very insecure….

Brown Bagging

This refers to the ages old habit of farmers to save the best of their crop as seed for the next season. This is a basic requirement of agriculture; the improvement of the crop by selective breeding. This gave the world thousands of crops, with millions of variations, each adapted to their immediate environment as well as man and nature could conspire to, or stumble upon.  Then came Genetically Modified Organisms. And the case of the chap growing his gram-pappy’s canola, next to another chap growing GMO canola. The old man decides to complain about the cross-pollination from the GMO farm, and one court case later, he gets fined, millions, for using the GMO seed without paying for it. This case then became precedent to outlaw the re-use of seed, the “unregulated” exchange of seed, the very act of swopping seeds with a neighbour, this is now a crime in more and more countries. Coupled with the openly stated intent to “rid the world of inferior strains”  and the everlasting strive towards Food Security means we will soon have no way of feeding ourselves  without the permission of people who have publicly stated their wish to reduce the population of Earth by at least 95%. See Eugenics

The Company Store

Dalene Matthee won a Nobel for explaining so well the workings –and effects- of the Company Store. It is a most usurious (yoo-juu-riss) form of economic enslavement commonly practiced in remote places where victims have no recourse to law. The new-fangled concept of “socialist Capitalism” is nothing but an attempt to revive this practice in urban centres populated by underemployed wage slaves. This is now America’s latest brain fart, mind you; Amazon is already paying employees in food coupons redeemable only with Amazon itself. It works like this:

You employ a guy, already hard on his luck and in dire need of sustenance for his family. Because you are such an understanding and humane employer, you allow him credit at the local shop, the one you have a hand in. The grateful worker will give his all to return your favour with loyalty and hard work, you both win?

Come payday, the worker suddenly finds he owes a little more than he earned, what with interest (usurious) and administration fees (sub-legal) and service fees (illegal) and invoice costs (I’ve seen it!)… but it is okay, he will do better next month, and after all, he’s got open credit at the Company Store. The family eats, and the worker survives another month, after which he will find his hard work and prudence may have broken him even, maybe a few cents extra, which is lucky, because the prices have gone up… but hell, he’s got open credit at the Company Store, he’ll live another month. Then one day he gets sick, and the Store only gives credit on working days earned, and now his wife is out on the streets looking for food for her children…

This is exactly the relationship Amazon cultivates with food vouchers to the employees, but is it not also my relationship to the bank that carries my overdraft? After all, they belong to the same multinational conglomerate that makes motorcars, hamburgers and educational service outlets. Oh, they are closing down those old-fashioned, unsustainable school things, don’t you know?