There seems to be two main fronts of attack on the utopian and naïve hankering after financial hope in the form of a solid-sounding basis for talking about money. “Gold standard”. Gold Standard. GOLD Standard. GOLD STANDARD. That’s something to BELIEVE IN. That’s something that will make a CHANGE. 

 I distrust this new love for bling-based bucks… 

Anyhoo, it seems we are all right-wing paranoiacs for wanting to return to the gold standard, any Economist worth his capital letter will tell you. At length. Repeating one of two mantras: 

Price variances and judicious inflation. 

The price variance theory refers to a (A, one, singular) research paper showing statistics of the so-called variance factors of various varying prices over various time variations. Apparently prices were less stable during the reign of gold, whereas the same prices vary far less over differing timescales now that we use fiat money. Correspondence, even if truly real and synchronous, DOES NOT CAUSATION IMPLY. There is the famous statistics proving the link between heart disease and red meat consumption; around 1940-1970 Americans bought 40% more red meat, and heart attacks increased by 40% over the same period. So did the sales of Japanese automobiles, nylon underwear and educational toys, none of which gets blamed for heart disease in middle aged men. Anyway, price variations in a time when refrigeration and transport was a luxury, was a driving factor for innovation. I guess ice cream cost a lot more just before summertime lunch than, say just around sundown in midwinter…. Until every shop had refrigeration.

Those darn price variations! 

For those not brave enough to twist statistics, there is always that reliable public relation tool: Blunderbustering. This is almost like Filibustering, only instead of talking bull in big words to prevent anyone else from saying anything intelligent and therefor possibly indictable, you say the same bulltwist only you do it in ‘simple terms’ so that "everyone (even stoopit you and I) can understand". You say things from a vantage point of professional expertise and obviously with serious authority, after all, you are being BROADCAST, not everyone gets to speak on the radiogram you know. So you say things like “conservatives fear the judicious use of inflation” as if we all know how it feels to look down upon those jerks, so injudicious and afraid of inflation. Probably a basket of deplorable anti-globalist populist fascsits, afraid of a bit of inflation. Huh! Where do they think derivative profits and guaranteed investor confidence comes from?

 I do not know why I am called a conservative paranoiac ignoramus because I cannot see the sense in devaluing my currency and therefor the value of my labour, my savings, my property, my future, my ability to supply my children the future they should be able to expect their father to provide… Good god man! The so-called conservatives also have families to feed, as do these little snipes with their expensive suits and expensive sneers, but the day their little plug gets pulled, it is suicide by Ferrari time. Somehow we all owe them and theirs a living, but we must allow the American government to create money for war? Read that again, wait, let me try find that idiot’s link again. Sheize mann! Did you read what the little shit said? A gold standard would not allow the American government to create money for war. I am not even going to get into the war bit here, I am looking purely at the little bastard’s mentality, or what he thinks our mentality is. Without fiat money the government cannot create money for war. Create money? You stoopit stoopit little puppy dog to the rich, you sycophant, psychophant, you little piece of lying strangeness, the frigging government does not create fiat money, THEY BORROW EVERY FIAT CENT. Do you understand that, you little twit? AT INTEREST!!!! For which you are liable, you and your children and their children…Obama borrowed America into another generation of poverty, which the bastard spread all over the world as aid and development loans and warmongering. Every cent to be paid back to the American Federal Reserve at interest. Shove your quantative easing where you thought it up, you anal retentive qauntificator. And you bribed my (admittedly corrupt and possibly intellectually insane) President into accepting over a hundred billion of your ‘created’ war money. Some of which you “aided” my corrupted (by you) government officials, which I must now pay back to the Fed, at interest, forever and ever. 

I find it cute how the Americans are being led into their new system. There was always the United States. Then they created the Federal Government. This is now the Fed, including ATF, CIA, FBI, NSA etcetera and of course IMF, World Bank and World Wildlife Fund. Go look those mothers up, them’s not really about the animals at all. Anyway, then we had the US government, the Federal government which is a private corporation, and now we have the all new American government. Notice that in the news, the Osambas keep referring to themselves as the American government. NAFTA and the Dollero must be imminent.