"Allow me to issue and control the coin of a nation, and I don't give a fig who makes the laws"

That  was said, way back in the 1940's, by one of the overlord Rothschilds. Any politician that does not know of this utterance, that does not understand the implications of this, or chooses to do anything but devote his time to counter this threat, is just another venal misanthropist pig at the trough of public funds.  If you do not quite understand why I am so upset about bankers, fake money and magically created public debt, please, please start reading about politics from people who do not demand respect. You will quickly learn that the respectable people have formed very respectable clubs, with respectable public mandates. You and I are paying for all their programs and initiatives, and our money has long run out, and we are now living on credit, and mortgages, and loans, and borrowing till payday. Go, read, learn, and when you are really tired and angry with what you have found out, then is the time to start educating yourself, and your kids, and friends, and then go out and stand for local councillor, or at least stop giving them more money.

The entire world is sinking into poverty. On 1 March 2017 I am told by the newsman that the zero-comma statistics have changed. You certainly heard of the famous ONE PERCENTERS? The one percent of the population who are 'actually getting it right', the Masters of the Universe, the High Financiers, the Capitalist Captains of Industry. A few years ago, people started publishing statistics showing that the top 1% of the population owns 40% of the world's wealth. Five years ago, it was stated that 0,1 percent now owns as much as the poorest half, and they became known as the zero-comma-ones. Two years ago, we received news that the oh-point-one has been reduced to 68 individuals. This year, we are told, eight private persons own as much as the poorest three billion. How do you imagine this happens? do you really believe these eight guys are soooo clever, and soooo hard-working, and soooo lucky? Really, no questions?

Okay, just to get it out, if your reaction so far is to call me "Hater", I guess you are too young and obviously not educated enough to think critically. We see you later when you've grown up a bit. Or you can stick around and hear some interesting things. As a matter of fact, go fetch your five-year old neighbour, see if a kid understands the basics of modern finance, shall we?

There are many, many books and people and movies to tell you what money is. most of it is pure indoctrination, one way or another, but I can save time by sending you off to go research for yourself. What we want to talk about here, is how that actual piece of paper ended up in your pocket, or that string of figures on your bank account, especially the red ones. Forgetting all factors, such as market conditions, laws, weather, we concentrate merely on that note in your pocket, which I am sure you earned honestly by the sweat of thine furrowed brow. There is a big building somewhere that printed that note, right? We all agree it is a bad idea to have some bloke in some building running a machine that spits out money, right? All sorts of scary stories can come true if you just throw money out the door for the taking, mostly it will lose its worth as a financial instrument. IT WILL STILL BE MONEY. Because it says so on the front. but that is also not our concern now, our concern is to make sure somebody takes responsibility for the running of the printer, to ensure just the right number of notes in circulation. Once again, there are many theories about how much is enough, we are not concerned here. We are concerned with the letter arriving at the printer, notifying him to print this many of those notes.

Before the printer knew how many notes to produce, someone decided, using some arcane formula that does not interest us here, how much money to print. This was discussed in some office somewhere, the best we can hope for, was that is was done competently. After the discussions, however, permission has to be obtained from top management. This is where things start going wrong; The permission to print our money involves the issue of a government bond. Now, when you and I use the term 'bond', we think of the loan on our house, right? The bond is 'secured' by the value of the land you had a bond issued upon. What asset underlies a government bond? For the purposes of this article, we shall not ask, but this we must talk about: Some government official (we hope) has issued a bond, and then this bond is turned into a production order to the money printing works.

This seems simple enough, and it is, but there is one tiny little question that no-one discusses on your television: The bond was issued, and money was obtained. But remember, a bond is a loan, and loans carry interest, and interest has to be paid regularly. So:


The answer? The South African Reserve Bank, like almost every other Reserve Bank in the world, has been 'privatised' by selling it to 'investors'. The biggest investor in every Reserve Bank is the Rothschild Family Trust. They literally own the entire world's Foreign Exchange, because all money these days are printed using this fraudulent, eugenicist, humanity-destroying, poverty-mongering, hunger-spreading system of fake finance.

Hungary and Iceland have taken back their money, but this is why Hitler was pushed into a corner, why Mussolini was demonised, and most importantly, after Hiroshima, they still bombed Nagasaki, because the Japanese were too slow to borrow their own money from "THE FED". That was the entire be-all and end-all of the 'axis of evil', it was why Saddam Hussein was murdered, Gadhafi, Mubarak, every time anyone stands up against this system, he is declared a terrorist, and his country is bombed into submission. What do you think is going on in Syria 2012-2017 so far? Assad was talking to Hussein and Gadhafi about printing their own money, that was all.

The South African Reserve Bank is a Private Company, with Private Shareholders, and Private Profit Motives. All theories regarding inflation and exchange rates are total fiction, because one guy in one office holds all the strings, and when he wakes up in a bad mood, our money's value drops to punish us for some financial digression. If he wakes up happy, he devalues our money even more, so he can save money on a diamond ring to celebrate his affordable new gold mine.