Solving America’s Opioid Crisis, by Doing Nothing

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Opium has been a material of war for a very long time, or at least ever since the English used it to subjugate Chinese society in the so-called “opium wars”. For homework, we may research the use of opioids just before the French revolution. In South Africa, early nineties, before the ANC ‘freed the Blacks from apartheid’ the Mandrax tablets were contaminated with heroin. By the time the Nigerian drug-royalty arrived, they suddenly had a copious supply of drug-crazed sex slaves, and the new black elite has a never-ending supply of white prostitutes, young girls addicted to a drug they cannot afford, because it robs them of the will to earn a regular living. Now tens of thousands of Yanks are dying on the street, high (extremely down) on opium-derived prescription medication. Porn ‘stars’ are living in cardboard boxes under bridges, army veterans stand queue for handouts of dumpsters converted into tiny houses. How’s the prescription-pill abuse in your town?

Drugs of various kinds have long been used as a weapon against the poor, by inculcating addiction in their rich role models. Your first hit of heroin or coke or whatever, is likely to be in a splendid and glamorous environment. It is no secret how drugged-up our top performers are, whether on stage, field or in the boardroom. These people have people who bring them what they want, when they want it, and so they get things done. Poor people, once addicted, spend so much time feeding their addiction, they have less and less time to do what is needed to keep their lives functional. Sooner or later they have a choice: Depravity or death. Become a criminal, a prostitute, anything, because no-one is feeding you anymore.

This is how you destroy a civilisation from the inside: you corrupt their moral compass, by making them dependent upon immorality and depravity for a living. The French Revolution was preceded by an era of sexual abandon so pervasive of society, syphilis was named “the French flu”. Palaces turned into bordellos, housewives turned into prostitutes, fathers turned into thieves and scoundrels who frequent “houses of ill repute” just to feel human again. No jobs, no pensions, lots of new taxes, and every option to create your own income suddenly needs some kind of license. Sounds familiar?

Drink, drugs, prostitution and child exploitation seems to have preceded the fall of every modern state, in revolutions sponsored by those who deal in drink, drugs and prostitution, and nearly every one of our so-called ‘western’ political leaders a ritualistic abuser of children. They have been allowing black folk and women to join their little secret-handshake clubs lately, but there is no reason to believe that the new crop of non-white freemasons follow different rules.

To corrupt a person, you start young. To corrupt a state, you start with the young. This is why it is imperative for the globalist/capitalist/communist/zionist cabal that we elect youngsters into positions of power. Note that the positions of influence are determined by some form of meritocracy, whereas positions of power are given to those best led by the influencers. We have to pay “experts” to do the jobs for which we elect immature and inexperienced youngsters.

You can corrupt and entire country’s youth by showing them how cools drugs and prostitution is, then you corrupt the country by appointing drug pushers and pimps to government. This is why our aristocracy has been replaced by a cacastocracy, this is why our money has been replaced by debt, this is why we confuse majority rule with democracy; we have given our society over to children driven by ambitions for drugs and sex, and by the time you are old enough to properly start understanding the structure of society, you are censored by a soundproof wall called “generation gap”.

There is no generation gap, only liberal globalists who taught the children to purposely disrespect their elders, while the elders were kept busy buying lava lamps to keep the kids busy… so they don’t miss their absentee parents as they scrounge the face of Earth for more money to buy lava lamps. Sorry, televisions. Degrees? Dru-u-u-u-u-ugs?

As every author on this site likes to point out, the War On…Drugs necessitated an America on drugs. But where, oh where, to find that much drugs? The Korean War was one long opium smuggling operation. Once the communists managed to put a stop to that, Vietnam “broke out”. Actually, it was just another drug operation that ran into trouble with the local community. If it was not for the rapes, murders and drunken-oaf behaviour of your average Yankee soldier in Vietnam, there would never have been a war.

Eventually though, the commies managed to stop that nonsense too, albeit at the cost of having the capitalist/zionist/globalist/communist cabal take possession of southern Vietnam. So the commies threw the commies out of northern Vietnam? Politics is stranger (and simpler) than most people think. The trick is to manage the thoughts that the unthinking masses get to think, see? Christianity, Islam, Zion, Communism, Democracy, Liberalism, Conservatism... all different sides to the same oddly-shaped dice called ‘Social Engineering’.

During the Vietnam mess, where extracting opium became ever more expensive, in lives, in military spending, but mostly in the fast-tarnishing glamour of the US military, another plan was needed. Enter South America. While Vietnam was winding down, the Yankees discovered that the holier-than-thou Sandinistas need help fighting off the evil terrorists called the Medellin Cartel in Colombia. In actual fact, it was a fight for the cocaine trade, which the CIA, under the leadership of a guy called Bill Clinton, won.

Clinton then became the “coke Czar” of the world, using military, paramilitary and private contractors under military leadership to smuggle vast quantities of cocaine into America and the world. Cocaine, while a major social disruptor, was found to not have the same impact as the more addictive, more disassembling-of-self-worth opium derivatives, like heroin. Coke addicts retain some ambition, it seems, and then Head Office in the City of London phoned. Her Majesty needs some help in Afghanistan!!!

The American taxpayer has spent over “a trillion dollars” on the war in Afghanistan. We will never know how much they really wasted there in the name of Free Trade. One has to admire the Afghanis for their fortitude, because, after years of war, in 2019 the Yankees announced their desire to withdraw. Not that we see anything that looks like withdrawal, mind you, but at least those ugly words were uttered: “yaddah we will withdraw our troops yaddah yaddah…” It certainly is not because the Yanks suddenly grew morals. It is not for lack of funding, the US taxpayer can still afford stuff that looks like food. It is still very ‘elite’ to have a relative “fighting for Western Values” in Afghanistan, such bravery! The Official Opposition certainly won’t have nothing to do with this withdrawal rumour, so why does Trump risk his presidency on a promise of withdrawal? Back to the Opium Wars.

Every single year since the Yanks arrived in Afghanistan, the opium poppy harvest has broken new, higher records. Every. Single. Year. As various authors have pointed out, the Taliban, as a seriously traditional Muslim organisation, vehemently opposed to all forms of intoxication, were burning down Her Highness’ opium fields. The British just could not contain the damage anymore, after years of trying, so America arrived to “save the world from radical Islam”. At the very same time, a variety of opium-derived “pain medication” flooded the American market.

The next step is one you must surely have noticed on your own lava lamp television; a massive campaign to inform the population that they are needlessly suffering needless pain. Your doctor is a very willing participant in this ‘public education campaign’ because he gets a fat kickback on every prescription he issues for OxyContin (enter generic brand name here). They even have bullshit “consumer advisory organisations” like the American Pain Association or some such. The full name escapes me, I was looking for something to throw at the telly. How blatantly self-aggrandizing can one be?

As of writing (months and months of Sept 2019) Perdue Pharma, the OxyContin makers, were hit with billions in fines, ordered to sell their company and produce a pill that will fight addiction to their opioid ‘medicine’. A pill to fight addiction? Really? That research should keep that case hanging for a few decades… while the drug dealers themselves party with the Clintons on Epstein’s island, I am sure. While this whole “legal process” is a farce beneath contempt, one must wonder at the simultaneous decision to withdraw from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. Was Perdue Pharma the CIA front for processing the opium shipped in from Afghanistan?

The US Army protects the fields, just like Korea or Columbia, the Airforce flies it back to America, like with the Iran/Contra scandal, where the CIA receives it for distribution to people like Perdue and Johnson&Johnson, who use it to synthesize pharmaceutical-grade drugs that gets pumped into the population by ambitious and greedy doctors writing unnecessary prescriptions for their pushers at the pharmacy to sell, with kickbacks all around, after all, once the Mark is addicted, price is no issue!

The Americans have a thing called “health insurance”, which has unfortunately come to our shores. If you want to know more about that sorry tale, please use our search box at the top of every page to search for any article mentioning Bill Gates, that er.. man… is busy ‘transforming the health industry’ worldwide. What it ends up as, is you can get wally addicted to any prescription medication, and it is paid for, while a bandage will cost you a thousand bucks at the same “health care centre”. If they will allow you in the door without proof that you have “health insurance”.

The average American actually thinks he gets his drugs for free! When the ‘insurance’ runs out, however, you discover what a bottle of OxyContin really costs…. And that is why America is having a major upsurge in the number of little old ladies arrested on the street for buying heroin! It turns out heroin is cheaper that OxyContin. And it does exactly the same thing, they say, namely, killing tens of thousands of working class Americans every year.

So, America is in the initial, drug-fuelled, Hollywood-sexed, religion-pumped stages of civil revolution, that much is obvious. Their government institutions have been privatised to the point where a spokesman for Hilary Clinton actually said “…the Democratic Party is a private institution, and has no obligation to transparency…” or some-such, I was snorting on my beer and couldn’t hear the whole sentence. At last they publically admitted to be in it for their own gain only. The last thing to still happen, is the Storming of the Bastille. My television will show me all the best bits, I’m sure.

Here is a little-known side of the French Devolution few people talk about: When they broke open the gates of the Bastille prison complex, a large number of inmates burned with the furniture. The only cells to be broken open, and the prisoners ‘liberated”, was in the maximum security wing, where the most violent political and psychotic criminals were kept. These were the only prisoners released on purpose, and then only on condition they attack the bourgeoisie, which they promptly did. A series of brutal assassinations of ‘troublesome’ patriots with the means to fight back, and the political landscape was clear and open for the new aristocracy to subjugate. First, King Louis was dragged into debt until his state was corrupted, and now his creditors were having orgies in his old throne room.

Now, we will not discuss the rumours of sex parties at the White House, with young boys and little girls spreading herpes and syphilis amongst the high and mighty, there are enough articles in The Times about that. What should concern the American more is this: The American prison system, a privatised affair with monopoly players, has incarcerated almost one percent of the entire population, often on spurious grounds. Of this massive prison population, the vast majority are black men. In America, Land of the Free, there is awaiting in their cells, seething with righteous indignation, an army of fit, strong, pissed-off black men, with very specific ideas on who put them there. All that is needed now, is for a hero to come and liberate them...

But, America may be withdrawing from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. This can mean one of two things: Either the communist Revolution in America is deemed complete and successful, or, two, the Yanks found a substitute for opium derivatives to use as a social degrader. Synthetic opium? Something completely new and even more addictive and degrading of the person?

As long as the jails are full of disgruntled people put there for no reason other than being black-ish, one must assume the Revolution is still coming, and the Yanks are about to annex Mexico, they grow lots of opium there, too.

Update before publication. 3Nov2019:

Donald Trump has just offered to send US troops into Mexico, to “help with their drug problems and cartels”. Just like with the Medellin cartel in Colombia, or Pol Pot or bin Laden or… The Yanks have a new source of Opium!!!

I so hate being right, it gives one delusions of prophesy, when all I did was follow a stupid idea to its inevitable conclusion.