The Anarch's Reading List

Not everyone is a bookworm, but there are a few things you should read before you open your mouth about grown-up stuff, like government and law. The first book you should read, is the precise and exact laws of the place where you live. Thanks to an “Independent  Judiciary” and the corruption of law that spreads from that, there is no “Book of Law”. Instead, we are dependent upon the best lawyer we can afford to interpret justice as well as we can afford a lawyer for. Here are some real books that will get you through, ‘till the day we manage to reclaim our society, and codify the Law.

  1. Dictionary. Much human suffering could have been prevented, if only people understood the words they applaud. Instead we repeat nonsense slogans and pithy catch phrases. “Democracy is government by the people, for the people” sounds really cute, but what legal right does it confer, or even  imply? “Representatives from all classes governing to the benefit of all classes” is a proper dictionary definition. Can you see the vast difference between actual knowledge,  and cute slogans?
    Also, it may prove advantageous to find a legal dictionary, for lack of an official Codex of Law. Those who prey on our ignorance, also have to follow the Law. They may not tell outright lies, yet we still experience their betrayal at every turn. The disconnect between their truths and our betrayal, are the words “everybody knows” the meaning of.
  1. Your favourite Holy Scripture. Whether it is the Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon or the Communist manifesto, you have to read the whole thing, until you understand the moral, legal and economic implications of your favourite text. Ponder and meditate, talk to the learned elders about the meanings of it all. Now imagine all that knowledge and power into the hands of the most despicable bastard you can think of, like the laziest, most violent bully on your playground, or the dishonest businessmen who bribed your president, imagine giving them that power. Then , start over, but this time, read it with the knowledge that your text contains all the rules the bastards who rule you, rule by. You can change this.
  1. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The most hated document on earth. Reading this text is discouraged by calling it anti-Semitic. It is also anti-Russian, anti-European, Anti-everyone-but-Zionists. It is a most despicable plan for the enslavement of mankind, and every news article, every movie, every new law, every word uttered by every politician every day, comes straight from this text. The Plan is being implemented upon us Goy cattle, and we are not allowed to see the documentation, because it’s “anti-Semitic.” The Democratic Alliance for Translucent Anarchy propose to hijack this document, and democratize it, in other words, use it for the benefit of all social classes. Also, this site offers a newer, easier-to-read edition, plus a unique Afrikaans translation.

  2. Tao Te Ching. This old Chinese text contains all the spiritual philosophy an acoïtheist could need. “In wartime, the cattle draw battle wagons, in peacetime, they crap in the street.” And many other such gems. That particular one is hidden in a verse about people finding things to complain about, see?

  3. The Art of War. If you would have peace, prepare for war. The War On…Toxic Masculinity is actually a war on testosterone. If you have any testosterone left, it is your duty to learn how to defend your species. If you do not yet understand that the human species is under attack, go read The Protocols and come back. For those awaiting WW3, go get vaccinated, join the army of hopelessness, the battlefield is cancer, your only weapon is the savings you built for the old age you thought awaits after a lifetime of work. The cancer industry thanks you for your participation, donation and blind faith in their “experimental care”.

  4. The Soul of the White Ant. Eugene Marais went to the ants, to learn wisdom, as his Lord commandeth. What he learned is the workings of a hive, like the near universal habit of capturing pupae from other hives and raising them as slaves... By knowing the ways of the Hive, Man can see when someone is trying to beckon him into the Hive. The Hive hates humans, and their Plan laid out in the Protocols is nearing completion, if the daily news is anything to go by. Those who call us Cattle, want to capture us in a Hive, but Bill Gates says there’s place for only 300 million humans in the Hive. Humans may be herd animals, but we do not belong in a hive.

  5. A notebook. Because the world deserves to know about any original thoughts you can tell them about, and somehow, the best ones tend to evaporate in the light of a busy day.

Of course, this list is far from complete, so, if you can carry more, all the better for you.