ISIS, Terrorists and Freedom Fighters: A Field Guide

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Terrorism: Enforcing your will upon a population through intimidation and violence.

To be a terrorist, you have to be in charge. The government is the only entity that can control a population, by definition; whomever controls the population, is the government of that population. Terrorism, in other words, is a function of GOVERNMENT. That is why the CIA is running all over the world creating NGO’s, Citizen Resistance groups and militias, like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, you name them. The Communists have been doing this for many decades, and since they moved their headquarters from Leningrad to Washington, they have become bold. Thank your gods that commies are also stupid. They are so impressed by their own cleverness, they forget we Dissidents have eyes, ears, memories, the ability to read and write. They think we know not the difference, between a Terrorist and a Freedom Fighter.

A government can terrorise its population for only so long, before people start yearning for freedom. Those who can afford to influence the current educational agenda, are always at hand with money and advice to aid us in our search for liberty. There is nary a billionaire out there, or the thing is busy throwing millions at ‘ground-roots-level activism’. Ostensibly to promote sweet things like equality and liberty, with the Fraternity close behind to preselect the leaders of tomorrow from amongst the latest crop of Social Justice Warriors and their Libertarian Organisations. Liberty, as the dictionary tells us is “acting outside the bounds of common decency”. Revolution is a bloody business, most decent people abhor the thought of blood running down the street. Only Libertarians love revolution, which is why it must always be The Communist Revolution of such-and-then. The unbelievers have to be eliminated before you can build your Utopia, see? That is why you are not allowed to deviate from the financial model of Capitalism, they’ll democratise your ass with Cruise missiles and Depleted Uranium.

 Democracy based on Capitalism, of course, differs from Communism in this one respect only: The Capitalist cleanses the land of dissidents before he confiscates puts onto The Market all your public assets, whereas the communist puts those assets into one State Account. Both promise “Government for the People”. In both scenarios, the public goes hungry so the elite can hold child-sex parties in the palaces they embezzle from the rightful owners. Everything must belong to the ‘best’ candidate, the plebs are treated like cattle. Think that rude? That is Liberty for you; no respect for anyone you feel beneath your exalted self. Reference Hillary Clinton’s remark on the “basket of deplorables”. The Liberal is a whole other beast than the Freedom Fighter.

A freedom Fighter does not yearn for Equality, he appreciates the unique abilities and shortcomings of others. Besides, no-one is equal to my wife, my children, my family is the best in the world, you hear? Liberty is the bravery of cowards hiding behind others with similar perversions, called minority rights and political correctness, while demanding the destruction and death of all who do not agree with their rude idea(l)s. A Freedom Fighter knows that Fraternities are always brotherhoods of scoundrels, plotting for the overthrow of all they do not hold holy themselves. All in the name of Righteousness, of course. The Brotherhood likes slogans like “Might is Right” and “Do It for the Children!”. A Freedom Fighter has no problem making friends wherever he goes, instead of relying on a network of conspirators passing letters of recommendation and condemnation with equal hubris.

Because the freedom fighter does not buy friends, or obtains them through rituals or secret agreements, he understands what it takes to be a good, decent citizen. Firstly, you make no friends by blowing their children, property or neighbourhood sky-high. There is no public support to be gained by shooting unarmed civilians or kidnapping children to join your army. There is no freedom to be found in destroying a landscape and then claiming possession. A Freedom Fighter will never turn his weapon upon the population, it is absurd to even suggest it; who will feed him, hide him from authorities, help him canvass for support? A Freedom Fighter is a civilian, and he needs the civil population on his side if he is to get anything done. A Freedom Fighter cannot be a Terrorist. A Freedom Fighter understands the value of Might, but first things must be Right, and you don’t get that by terrorising the population into loving you.

Now to the issue at hand: Massive killings in places of worship. So this neo-Nazi decides to go all (insert name of latest ultra-violent war-porn video game here) on a Mosque, gets into his motorcar, and repeats this at another two temples? Really? Okay then, must be some radical Christian sect then, why don’t we blow up some Christians, in, say, Sri Lanka? Boom, bang, churches fall down, hundreds dead. They blame, amongst oyhers, two rich boys for suicide bombings. Two very rich kids. Blew themselves up for religion? Politics? ADD drugs? Rich people don’t actually go to war as soldiers, they receive “commissions”, officers’ rank for no specific reason, other than being “of good stock”. Rich kids do not commit suicide for their political/cultural beliefs, rich kids are World Citizens. But that is not the most suspicious part. There is something even more suspicious than that gamer’s video pawned as mass murder.

A Freedom Fighter, once in possession of the means to destroy something significant, will not waste it. A Freedom Fighter cannot expend expensive explosives on estranging his support base, namely civilians fed up with the terror government visits upon the non-invested. Once a Freedom Fighter gets hold of munitions, he will use it wisely, sparsely and effectively. Most importantly, there lies no benefit in anonymity, in the sense that, while holding your identity secret, the reasons and targets of your explosive action must be declared, openly and beforehand, so civilians can stay away from the killing floor. A Freedom Fighter not only claims responsibility for his action, he does so even before the action. The aim of a freedom fighter is not destruction, it is Change, and implementing the required change, negates the need for violence. A freedom fighter warns the Terrorists to mend their ways, openly and before the public, so everybody understands the reasons and frustrations of the Freedom Fighter. Beforehand.

The lesson? ISIS took four days to claim responsibility for Sri Lanka. The so-called Lone Wolf of New Zealand left a trial of invective and childish extremism, but no personal manifesto or plan, just some sort of garbled wish for revenge, using all the Extreme neo-Nazi Fascist keywords the CIA could think up. These were proper instances of Terror; those who can, did. Remember that America is trying to make the Philippines choose gangs; West or East, and they have been “too friendly” to the East lately, what with Chinese trade agreements. New Zealand was trying to play all coy and caring for personal liberties, they were not taking their membership of 5Eyes seriously, they thought censoring all forms of communication a bit silly, they thought they had a choice… Now they know how dangerously radicalising the internet can be for those neo-Nazi fascists and their fundamentalist Jihadi raghead friends. They clamped down hard the very next day. The Chinese trade agreement is in the balance, I am told.

In these cases, as in many others (911, Charlie Hebdo etc.) it takes days, weeks for some “terrorist organisation” to claim responsibility. It seems the timing of the violence is not properly communicated through the channels of government, possibly to avoid ‘leaks’ by “traitors”. So the one branch detonates a bomb, then only the order goes out to the “terrorists” to lay claim. As determined at the very start of this article, terror is a function of government, but we all know how “slow and incompetent government” is, how they can do nothing for profit.

Has our governmental function of terrorising the populace into abject fear and obedience been privatised like everything else? Is this why it takes four days for the government to “build a narrative for the general public”? Four days before ISIS decides they diddit? This is not an isolated example. We know who they pay to take responsibility for these horrendous crimes when they really happen, thank all the gods for the many, many staged and studio-produced mass-murders we see on TV. Every one of those fake attacks (Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Sandy Hook, 911. Boston Marathon) means tens, hundreds, potentially thousands of actual human lives not blown to actual bits. Every one of them, though, were perfectly real in terms of the loss in private and national sovereignty in response to the War On…Terror.

Sometimes the fact that aeroplanes do not evaporate stands insignificant next to the fake realities needed to control a population. Sometimes we forget to measure our Freedom Fighters by their commitment to those they promise to help. Sometimes, free people believe liberals when they call their paid-for terrorists ‘freedom fighters’, and they call every dissenting citizen ‘terrorist’. We get terrorised by stories of impending climatic doom, yet it is the guy complaining about oils spills that gets branded “eco-terrorist”. We listen daily how we are nearing financial doom through market forces brought on by predatory financial privileges, yet it is the few who still manage to save a little bit, who are called ‘financial terrorists’. For choking the flow of money, see, because money only turns into GDP if it moves, and by design, money moves in one direction only: bigger piles of money.

If you want to be free, first get out from under the liberals. Not only will you have more freedom, dignity and justice, you’ll be less poor, too.