What if Planet X is real, it would explain a lot

Yeah, more fake news, I’m sure. But what if? Just as an intellectual exercise, how could Realpolitik be better explained in the light of a species of humanoid that visits us every three millennia or so? For the purpose of this article, allow me to plagiarise Zitchin, his version of the history seems to make most sense, and he is considered the modern ‘inventor’ of the Twelfth Planet. For those familiar, you may skip the next two paragraphs, or read them and let me know why I got it wrong. After that, it gets hairy...

There may be a planet orbiting our sun in much the way comets do; go far out for decades or centuries, then come screaming back into the solar system, passing close to the sun before being flung back out, to return again, like a gigantic clockwork pendulum. Nibiru is said to have an extremely dense atmosphere, thus protecting the planet from cooking in the heat of the sun at approach, while acting as a greenhouse to keep them warm when they are far away in the dark of outer space. The people on this planet seem to be somewhat religious, and what we have to go by, reads like they are partaken of a hive mentality.

Long story short, their dense atmosphere is thinning out, and they need gold particulates to suspend in their air to create a greenhouse effect, something they greatly desire. Gold being in very short supply on Nibiru, they came to earth, found lots, and eventually GMO’d us into existence to do their mining for them. This all seems a bit far-fetched, but the man’s arguments are not only internally consistent, they make a lot more sense, logically and intuitively, than all the religious nonsense of the archaeologists. The Lost Book of Enki gives one new respect for the Bible, Koran, Bhagavat Ghita and even Mormon’s Book. Zakariah Sitchin makes good sense, and this can lead to some really interesting thoughts:

If humans were engineered to mine gold, and we got left behind to do or die, what would be the natural response of the ‘ambitious’? To make sure that, when the big bullies return, be their best friend! What do our masters desire from us? Nothing, we are savages digging in the soil after precious metals. The only thing they could desire, is gold, so the guy with the most gold, will be the best good dog, er, guy, dude, man. This would explain the human obsession with gold, at least.

The gods actually want the gold to disperse into their atmosphere, to create a sort of greenhouse effect. So, we humans have been practising the creation of a global greenhouse like good dogs, er, good little monkeys? Yes, there was a bit of an uproar in the nineties about fluorocarbons, but the complaints about jet-stream aerosols and suspended metalloids for weather modification programmes are either ignored or ridiculed. My suspicion is that there might be a second faction trying to outdo the first, by going straight for the desired result, a denser atmosphere, rather than just providing raw materials?

The only other reason I can find for the attitude of the entitled classes being so inhumane, is that they long for their gods so much, they want them to feel comfortable. This faction wants to make the biggest offering of all; the entire earth as a (de-)terraformed greenhouse shrouded by impenetrable  clouds of nanoparticulate smog. This can be the only explanation for the existence of fracking. The ‘energy’ recovered from these wells are insignificant compared to actual cost, it is dangerous and poisons the environment miles deep and miles high. Fracking is destroying our ecosphere faster than anything ever before, nuclear war would be easier to survive than this royal eff-up called fracking. The fracking revolution you heard about? It is a huge financial scam, where ‘future revenue’ is sold off for credit, which is then packaged as investment opportunities, and sold off to pension funds and private investors. There is not one well on earth that has shown any profit so far, not one, but we subsidise them to the hilt. …while they are killing us faster than enforced vaccinations and fluoride in the drinking water combined. These wells are releasing huge quantities of greenhouse gasses, while simultaneously destabilizing the tectonic environment, causing tremors and quakes, with the weird weather that accompanies seismic disturbances.

But, apparently, Chemtrails (a conspiracy theory), Fracking (a financial marvel) and petrochemical smog (they blame the cows' farts now) is not working fast enough to de-terraform our dear little planet, no, so Lord Gates, the Zika man himself, the Giver of Microcephalus with Inject Inside, Billy-Bob the Eternal Updater  and Perpetual Patch Provider, has decided that, what we really need, is to subsidise his plan to release enough particulates into the atmosphere TO DIM THE SUN. That is not called a conspiracy theory about misidentified contrails anymore, oh no, now it is called “Atmospheric Particulate Injection”. For thirty years, we were called conspiracy nuts, now we casually mention API in the NEWS. Strewth, they are even abbreviating it in “conversation” already! When we say it, we are nuts, when Bill Gates says it, we throw tax money at him.

I would feel persecuted, if I wasn’t so paranoid.