Black Holes, Dark Matter and Sinister Stargazers on Dark Energy

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That picture that was no picture, by a girly who did nothing much.

So, the NEWS presents me with this photo of a smiling dolly, and they tell me she took the world’s first-ever photograph of a Black Hole. This would seriously damage my personal need for bias confirmation, so I just have to take a look. What do I find, but a rather amateurish little .gif of the variety commonly captioned with “Artist’s impression”. Oh, well, they found a sexy little scientist to publish their latest theory, so what? Then the truth started trickling through…

The image published as a photograph of a Black Hole, is a “mathematical reconstruction of radio telescope data from all over the globe.” The pretty dolla, apparently wrote the computer program. Hm. Turns out, she wrote a subroutine, as did many other members of the team. Turns out her little contribution did not actually make it to the final program, but they needed a real photo, if they are going to publish an article about a photo, not so? Enter miss pretty-face, I guess. But this article is not about the pretty missy who did not take a photograph of a black Hole, no, it is about this Black Hole thing. Something’s fishy, and it smells all the way from CERN or somewhere.

This little orange crown swirling about a black centre is not the first ‘picture of a black hole’ we have been presented with. Just the other day, it was a swirling blue galaxy spouting laser-swords of purple out the central black mass. Before that, a lenticular effect that “could only be from a large, invisible mass between us and the objects thus lensed. This author wishes to remind the reader that Black Hole science is at about the same level as Climate ‘science’ in the sense that most of their paradigms exist by consensus, not proof.

What is disturbing, is the black Hole crowd’s adoption of Climate Terrorist’s media tactics. Why do you need us to believe in the existence of Black Holes so much? Before you refer me to your favourite famous scientist, in a wheelchair or out, please make sure you can explain the mathematics to me clearly and concisely, just to prove you understand what it is Hawkins believed, see? For the most part, ‘everyone knows black holes exist’ because everyone has no informational source other than the news, and once a thing becomes NEWS, there is no telling what the truth is anymore.

When the NEWS start pulling puerile little stunts like these, there is reason to believe you’re being led by the nose. One can only wonder what the next generation of black hole pictures will look like. I bet a complete 3D model of the black hole will soon surface as a “live video built from millions of data points obtained by the application of Bovrene’s law to the quasisymmetric occulations of Uranus.” In the meantime the Dark Mutterers have announced plans to build an accelerator even bigger than CERN. Improved technology always leads to smaller machines, why this need for bigger? They build these hundred-mile tunnels, ostensibly looking for the “god-particle”, whatever that is supposed to mean. One must not, however, dismiss the utterings of people in places of power, when they use outlandish terms. The Satanists are nothing, if not suckers for things Symbolic and Occultish.

The seething desire to produce scientific proof for the existence of Dark Matter and Dark Energy is suspicious in its dogmatism. Does this hold any relation to Black Holes? The Dark scientists (dark matter and energy) rest their theories squarely upon the theories of black holes. This creates a sort of logical loop, where the slightest evidence in support of one of these dark theories, automatically “proves” the other two. The whole mess rests on unproven theories and elaborately-celebrated ‘breakthroughs’ every time an anomaly appears that can be squeezed into the dark box. Little effort is put into explaining an anomaly that supports the dark sciencers*, it usually takes years before somebody seriously reviews enough data to put things into perspective, astronomers know this. It takes years to confirm things, when they move at a speed (relative to you) that approaches zero, while you yourself take measurements while moving at thousands of miles an hour around the sun. These dark sciencery* guys ‘discover paradigm-changing’ stuff every six weeks?

Something not obviously related to this, is the press coverage this nonsense receives. The NEWS is packed with little scientific titbits these days, but it seems we have narrowed the field of science. Rather, whereas Science explores a great many disciplines, sciencery explores only the profitable. If, by this time, dear reader, you are not aware that three factions control the entire formal newspaper industry, be it on TV, paper, Internet or your favourite social media feed, then now you know. This is not conspiracy theory, it is stockholding fact. These same three factions (not exactly enemies to each other, they attend child-sex parties together) are unanimous in their promotion of the Dark Mutterers. They are the ones who decide when news is NEWS, and they have decided Dark Energy is NEWS.

In other, possibly unrelated NEWS, it seems Satanists in America enjoy the tax freedoms of religious institutions. Also, it is widely advertised that your favourite TV channel will be presenting programming that is inclusive of the needs of the growing Satanist community. Also, we are not allowed to call them Satanists anymore.

*Sciencery: (v/n) It Looks like Science, it talks like Science, but it has no need for facts when it holds the higher moral ground. Also, for a fee, you can get a sciencer to make any commercial product walk upon a cloud of scienciness.