Who are the Kurds, and why are we not talking about them?

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While every oil corporation is trying its best to keep the Federal war machine going on the oil fields of the Levant, Turkey is trying to expand its territory into those oil fields. Millions of naïve Muslims have been duped into thinking they will inherit everything about to be taken away from Syria, Iran, Iraq and whomever else the Fed will demonise next. Gads, man, the Ziocondemrats have now even ‘found’ Hezbollah in Venezuela! But back to the Kurds…

It seems to the Paranoid Goy that a certain bit of history is being hidden; how did the Kurds end up where they are now, stuck in the middle of the Middle East oil fields, with corporate-driven, tax-funded, blood-fuelled wars around them for a century and more, since WW1, or whenever London realised the value of mineral oil deposits. How did the Kurds end up owning all that oil?

Imagine, if you will, the Middle East five thousand years ago. You have sheiks and emirs and whatever Arab royalty was called then. Rich beyond measure from tolls and taxes on the trade routes between Europe and Asia, Africa and the Balkans, plus their own gold, silver and copper mines. Now imagine one tribe, unlike the others for some reason. Did they look different? Another language, belief system, mythology? Whatever and whomever the original Kurds were, they were not much liked.

How do we know the Kurds were unpopular? Because they had to run off and go live in the “Burning Lands”, where nothing much grows, the water tastes like grease, and the black goo that runs out of rock crevasses and build up in ditches, can catch fire at any moment, fouling the air and making the children sick. There they had to stay, and make do, because everybody around them hated them, for whatever reason, I do not know, but nobody likes them still.

Turkey would like nothing better than conquering those damn Kurdish terrorists, and claim their territory, which just happens to be some of the richest oil fields on the planet. The Kurds do not actually have a country, they live in that stinking, useless, poisonous, dead landscape that straddles Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Note that Turkey does not want to chase the Kurds away, no, they want to eradicate them, then lay claim to the entire region currently called Turkistan, including the Syria/Iran/Iraq portions thereof. NATO is very supportive of this genocide, of course, its members all have a finger in that oil pie. That is why the Fed is so adamant about “eradicating Muslim extremism”: The farkin’ Ragheads are trying to claim ownership of their ancestral land, and the oil in the sand.

Really, the Muslims can keep the land, they can have their sand, but as long as they think they own the oil, the Fed will keep funding and radicalising criminal gangs into open warfare with the legitimate governments of the lands above the oil. Note that, in the midst of all this terrible conflict, Shell, Texaco, Mobil… they are all still pumping the good stuff, non-stop. When you pay for the mayhem, the mayhem happens carefully around your own interests.

Explosive barrel-democracy and depleted progress is just another part of the Great Business Plan, where one man must own everything, before we get to know our new G_D under the benevolent rule for Zionist, after the other seven billion of us useless eaters have been eradicated to make place for the nice, clean robots Bill Gates says will do al the dirty work for the 300 million remaining, deserving super-humans with enough credit.

The Kurds, whomever they are, may their Gods bless them, for they are seemingly not included in the Globalist’s utopian visions. Neither are you and I, dear reader, neither are we. The Global Village has no place for non-millionaires. I wonder if the globalists ever listen to their own nonsense, like a world full of millionaires, with all the poor dead and gone, everybody a millionaire, how nice… All the poor dead and gone, and everybody will live happily ever after, just get rid of the poor… Not poverty, but the poor. And the Kurds, whomever they are.