The Mathematics of Psychotic Leadership

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It is becoming increasingly obvious that the political class has lost touch with reality. While every working stiff and his unemployed family is getting hungrier, sicker and deeper into debt, every politician out there is falling over its own feet to ensure us that the economy is growing. The so-called Globalists are spending billions on developing economic and political theories to hasten the eradication of mankind, what with Agenda 21/2030/Green New Deal and the one bit of politics every child “knows”: world overpopulation and the need for eugenics (killing off the undeserving, useless eaters). Our politicians seem to have no work other than to implement every new genocidal rule, regulation and law as it is made up by paid-for “opinion makers”.

There can be only two explanations for the total disconnect between reality and the world our politicians tell us we live in:
1) Every one of our leaders are dead set on eradicating the population as “useless eaters”.
2) They are too stupid to realise they are (understudy) lead actors on a burning stage.

Listening to the average every politician that gets to open its yap in public, one has to come to the conclusion that our so-called leadership is a drunken, paedophiliac, humanity-hating bunch of really stupid criminal scum. The things they say can only be believed by someone too drugged up or intellectually lazy to bother listening what is being said. The only explanation for their cruelty, inhumanity and sheer inability to see the suffering their policies are creating, is that all our politicians are either complicit, or stupid. So, what about the guy you voted for? Is s/he complicit? Or is s/he just another stupid, paid-for bully?

The bully uses force to attain his status, because he cannot think well enough to consider his own actions; most bullies (not all) are stupid, and they blame the world for withholding their just reward. This lack of empathy means they tend to do well in business (this does not imply all businesspeople are psychopaths). According to the principles of Globalism, business has “full access to government”, giving the successful bully political influence. This influence is correlated to the person’s wealth, which in turn comes from uncorrelated effort (crime) by sociopathic businessmen with low intellect.

Bullies are not always stupid, but most are. When you crave order, and you learn the value of violence to enforce order, a poor mind will find its own position in the order of things by applying violence according to its capacity to maintain that order. A clearer mind may rise above this primitive, animalistic paradigm, but for most, violence perpetrated or suffered is the sole measure of order and law. Most everybody will bully others, if only they get the opportunity. People are stupid that way…

A bully’s first priority is to find a scapegoat, or better, avoid being implicated in the crime/s at hand. One can safely assume that any bully caught at wholesale mischief, is acting under orders, usually from somebody clever enough not to be caught. There are clever bullies, not many, but you will find them at the top of their respective Mafias/political parties/chambers of commerce. This is why government is run by, for and to the sole benefit of bullies.

Let’s do the maths:


Bully = 90% stupid. Not all bullies are stupid, just like politicians can sometimes look clever.

Bully = sociopath. By definition, bullies dislike the rest of society

Sociopath = good at business, notoriously so, look at any successful capitalist, TV preacher, mafioso…

Good at business = uncorrelated wealth, you work with ‘other people’s money’. Some even know…

Uncorrelated wealth = political influence, nobody runs a successful scam for long without “friends in high places”. BUT

Globalism = business influencing politics, by their own definition.

Globalism = uncorrelated wealth, by previous deduction.


Globalism = sociopathy

Globalism = 90% stupid bullies trying to eradicate the human race.

In other words, some one or some thing, under the guise of a New World Order, is busy killing off the human race, and our political class is heartily taking part, so, once again:

is our leadership complicit, or stupid?

After careful re-evaluation of the foregoing premise, the figure of 90 percent should be 96, and some change. We know it must be 96%, because that is how many of the world’s people must eff off and die, for Bill Gates and his friends to inherit their Brave New World, using 2018 population figures. He needs no more than 300 million friends customers users, remember?