Whose History of Mankind did Israel Send for Safekeeping on the Moon?

The latest news from space is that the Israelis sent a drone to the moon, where it will deposit an archive containing 30 million pages on the History of Mankind. We are not told what those many pages contain, who wrote it, or to whose purpose it was written. Remember; “History is propaganda written by the victors”. Whose propaganda was sent to the moon?

If there is one thing the Zionists excel at, it is the falsification of history. They are mighty good at shooting women and children, too, but it is with the manipulation of history that they disarm all ‘right-thinking’ people. What with the psychotically dishonest mass media corporations of the world, history is now being rewritten as it happens, invented as the ‘Economy’ dictates and ignored if it cannot be distorted into service of the banksters. The chairman of JPMorgan insists we commemorate the 2008 financial “crisis”, a manufactured excuse for the wholesale confiscation of middle class money, we have to remember that clusterbonk in the same words and language as that other distorted History, the alleged holocaust that left no evidential traces.

One has to wonder whether that “History” on the moon will include the fact that “Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood” is also the slogan of the International. The most commonly recognised facet of the International is the Communist Party in all its manifestations, but they also run ALL opposition parties that matter anywhere. If your representative believes the world is overpopulated, he is also an Internationalist. If you believe seven billion of us need to die to ”save the earth” you are under the same Zionist spell. Being a Jew is not the same as being a Zionist, but all Zionists hide behind the label “Jew-ish”. Is that in their 30 million pages of history?

I bet there are at least a million pages about the holocaust they claim restitution for, but not one word of the Holocaust they visited upon the Boere when they heard there is gold in them thar Witwatersrand hills. I bet there’s not a word on the Holocaust the Zionists in Washington and London visited upon the refugee tents housing at least a million people in Dresden. I bet the moon holds no record of the 15 000 Yemeni children whose brains were fried by the newly-arrived Israeli ‘doctors’ and their X-ray machines with “experimental” power levels.

I bet the Zionist’s collection of thirty million pages of human history has a claim of anti-Semitism on every page that would allow of the subject. One has to assume there will be lots of ‘Jewish’ art, at least some of which must surely avoid the issue of entitlement through historical victimisation for historical criminality. I bet the Jew-ish have lived in Jerusalem for so long, they saw the moon itself form. I bet there is not one in 30 million pages that admits any wrongdoing by any Zionist ever, unless the subject deals with “self-hating Jews”. Note that they are not called the “self-hating Jew-ish”. Logically, this leads one to conflate the “self” with being Zionist. Only Zionists have souls?

But, of course, this is all just conjecture at best, rampant ‘discordant belief structure’ at worst. We will probably never know what the Israelis sent to the moon, unless somebody goes and fetches it for us. If it is the history of Mankind, why was Mankind not asked for input? Like when we chose the 7 Wonders, or suchlike? There is no reason to suspect that the ‘History’ the Zionists sent to the moon, is nothing but Zionist History, written by, for and on behalf of Zionists only.

If we start a PayPal account to collect money to send for that “History”, would you contribute? Or shall we stop eating MSG and hope to live long enough to see regular flights, in which case somebody is sure to go and look, anyway.

Update April 2019. The drone crashed. So they say. Maybe they heard someone complaining about the contents of that ‘history’ now they pretend it does not exist anymore. you can’t believe a word of this, after all, it’s history!