Police Suicide as a Function of Widespread Poverty

This essay is about the South African Police Services. The Americans have a totally different system of policing, one that is being secretly inserted into South Africa, namely a totally privatised, corporate police force with little or no public oversight. This sly invasion can be seen by observing the word “Services” in SAPS, as well as, and I cannot stress this enough, the police now call their Charge Offices “Customer Service Centres”. In America, the issue of police brutality and racism is actually very easily solved: Sue the corporation supplying the services, not the policemen themselves, they are separately charged as civilians, which, as private employees, they are. Our problems are even worse:

Why your lack of ambition is causing police suicides

The police traditionally has two types: The first type is the criminally unemployable, tasked to club noisy drunks to quiet before they disturb the Peace. There are also those for whom it is a calling, a career, an interesting way to earn money. Not everybody likes to steer desks or juggle paper. What a noble aspiration; catch criminals and make people safe. Okay, so some do it because of the revenge factor, finding and punishing criminals. These are the border cases that cause people to question the powers of police and even their loyalties. Police are not there to punish. On the other hand, somebody did once specify, and I paraphrase wildly:

When police forces become irrevocably corrupt, they change into Law Enforcement Agencies.

 Then came Privatisation. Privatisation is an insidious programme of robbing entire countries of their own sovereign territory via insurmountable debt and crippling taxes. One of the divine gifts bestowed by Privatisation, is Good Governance. Good Governance requires, of course, Austerity Measures, and the resultant poverty always disturbs The Investor’s Confidence, which calls for more and better armed police to subdue the Restless Natives. This is why the average riot policeman is better equipped and more “motivated by his superiors” than the average soldier. Soldiers go intimidate strangers with strange faces and strange customs in far-off strange places. A policeman has to beat up his own. This is where the problem lies with our police forces and the things a modern policeman is willing to do to defenceless ‘rabbits’, or ‘perps’, or whatever your current assailant is calling you on his radio. Trust me, he’s not calling you a decent human being, whatever you think of yourself. Policemen have a saying: “Everyone is guilty of something.” Themselves excluded, of course.

Now, we have a third and fourth new kind of policeman; the fourth kind is of course the rent-a-guard type of variable literacy, honesty and interest in his work. We shall not discuss that particular festering sore on the face of society right now. It is the third kind that concerns us now, because they have official sanction, they are real policemen, they are Untouchable, but where do they come from?

The street. They come out of school hoping to find a decent job, “opportunity”, they dream of getting married, buying a home, building a family. After a while, they apply for the only job still available: armed thug, because they have no other choice. In this New World Order, you have a choice of social castes: Rich investor, Famous Person on TV, a useless eater pleb, or the policeman that stands between the hungry plebs and Food Security. In other words, someone has to look after the storehouses full of food that no-one outside the Green Zone can afford. There are no jobs out here, industry has moved to China, agriculture to America and Zionistan, all the pretty stuff is made in Europe, and we must mine. Or guard the mines. Or dance for tourists, preferably naked, and while we are young and pretty, before we grow hair in funny places.

Being a policeman suddenly sounds like a glamorous job, no? They are the Silver Class, they will protect the Gold Class from the hungry, worthless Bronze Classes, and their Clay Feet. Being a policeman is no longer a calling, or a childhood dream. Policing has become Business, it is a career, a job, the only one available, and as in any other business, over half the people there hate their friggin’ jobs. Now imagine your job is to beat people up in the name of peace. Not a soldier who has to beat up strange people with strange languages and strange customs in strange far-off places, no, a policeman has to beat up his own, right here at home. If you don’t, you get fired, and you lose the only job a pleb can still aspire to with hopes of advancement in life, outside the growing number of semi-official mafias parading as NGOs and Investment Funds. Being a policeman has nothing to do with morals, ethics or even law and order, it is about doing what you are told, or lose your job. It’s become just another frigging job! After an entire youth of sparkling eyes and dreams of serving justice, following clues and arresting criminals, you end up beating hungry people and raping children, just to fit in and keep your job. How long before you eat that hot, hot lead toffee?

If you, dear reader, and all your friends, were responsible citizens, Investors and Shareholders, if only you lot had some ambition, then the country would not be so poor, and people would not have to join the police forces just to survive. If you were not so poor, the policemen would not have to beat you up and shoot at you. If only we all had some proper ambition, then no policeman would need to commit suicide, he could just resign and find a real job. But now he has to beat up little kids trying to steal enough for lunch and maybe the baby can have some milk tonight…

All because you, dear fellow citizen, like me, apparently, just have no ambition to be a Great Investor on the Holy Stock Market, from where mankind’s only redemption can come. You don’t agree? All the rich people say so, and they have all the money, and I mean ALL the money, so surely they must be right?
“…it is not the fault of the successful that some people have no ambition. Anyone can invest in the Market…”
Every “successful” person out there will tell you the same thing: poverty is the result of lack of ambition. Every single one of us plebs, are plebs because we have no ambition. They are decent people, because they are rich and sophisticated, and we are plebs without ambition. This is why schools are being closed and replaced with education centres, the money wasted on educating the spawn of the ambitionless plebs is being better applied to Investor Confidence. The Investor likes one thing above all else: more and better-equipped police, to subdue the murmuring masses. More police to beat up old men and children, more truncheons in the face of pregnant mothers trying to protect their children, more guns to “improve investor confidence.”

Now where can I find myself enough ambition to go out there and raid pension funds like a real man, eh? Or I can start one of those “Financial Vehicles”, that promise to pay out 20-year profits on things with a five-year life cycle. Or I can start a derivative, that is actually just a gamble on the shape of a graph drawn by some bloke in Boston, essentially a bet between friends, and sell off it to greedy idiots as an investment. Or how about borrowing enough to build another empty shopping mall, to use as collateral on another loan to build another mall, to be used as collateral on another mall, all with sky-high rents nobody can afford, but on the books, it looks like a real Investment, collateral for a big loan…

Or shall I apply to The Force? I hear they give you a gun…

It might keep me safe from all you plebs without ambition who are paying for all those non-existent assets via tax subsidies and bailouts to the rich and connected. I mean, that money must come from somewhere, and it sure ain’t coming from empty malls or foreign aid, which are loans, not gifts.

..or maybe those cops are suiciding after they filed the ‘wrong’ report, or laid charges against the ‘wrong’ person, or witnessed the ‘wrong’ deal between his commander and the wrong ‘entrepreneur’. In a profession where discipline is of utmost importance, it is important to know who lays down the discipline, because the definition of indiscipline may be defined by the undisciplined, which tends to end up with the disciplined being disciplined by the undisciplined.

Try that sentence to the sound of a gun firing, twice, into the back of my head. “Suicide”, the report will say.