On Faggots and Fascists

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It is said that those who ignore history, are bound to repeat it. As any Revisionist, Anarch and/or Fascist knows, History is but propaganda perpetuated by the victor. That is why our betters insist we learn history, it is their way. Anyone that does not understand the ways of his betters, is doomed to either submit to, or join his betters; either carrying, or praying for more guns at more public gatherings of more poor and disillusioned taxpayers without jobs or prospects. Being clubbed silly by paid bullies is nothing new, it is the inheritance of the wage slave. The fascists defend themselves with what they have, which is mostly each other.

There are very strict rules for civilians when they dare approach the presence of the divinely-appointed servants of Mammon. You shall not appear before an official or his mighty policemen with any weapons or dangerous substances. You shall not carry anything but a placard, mounted onto a wooden pole thinner than a specified diameter, about as thick as a man’s thumb. They are not legally allowed to deny you water, but it shall be in soft paper or plastic containers. In South Africa, covering your face, or even just wearing make-up, is deemed a criminal attempt to obscure your identity. Any action that could vaguely be described as hostile, can be prosecuted as assault on a police officer. Attempting to protect yourself from violence by a police officer will immediately be punished as resisting arrest or assaulting an officer. The punishment may range from a dirty look, to being beaten to a boneless pulp in front of your “lawless friends, as an example”, and you will do nothing, your “friends” will do nothing, and no policeman will get nothing done to him, because he was on duty, and his duty is to make sure you and your “friends” don’t get to change no nothing. His job got done, and yours? How can you defend yourself in these rent-a-Robocop days?

You could turn into a Fascist; disprove one or two poo-lies before you get taken down, but the logistics are daunting:

First, you will need better than that little knotty-pine plank you are waving your paper slogan with. Enter the faggot, or bundle-of-twigs, otherwise knows as a faxes, originally ‘fasces’. To build a faggot three-by-three, you will need at least eight “friends” to give up their slogans and lend you their poles. Now, you could bind your little sticks into a faggot, but did anyone remember to bring some string? Or some decent sticky tape? What if you need more sticks? Will your comrades lose their chance at being seen on TV, just so you can build a faggot? Will they shield you with their bodies while you construct sixteen of these faggots for a real co-ordinated defence strategy?

Remember, you are not there to make war, you came to have your voice heard. You cannot come with a fasces, you cannot go around asking people to help you build a fasces, you cannot encourage anyone else to become a Fascist, it is all for your own account, and your aggression may give Robocop an excuse to accidentally rip a young teenage girl’s head right off her shoulders, all in the line of duty, of course. They will find the prettiest girl in the crowd for this, so everyone watching the news can see how cruel you were when you threatened that poor policeman into such a desperate act of self-defence. Be careful what you start, it might be impossible to stop.

Another use for a fasces would be to the facilitation of hydration of a distant relation. “I was just handing my friend over there some water, your worshipfulnicity”. By tying the centre rods of your fasces a bit shorter, there will be a place to tie a water bottle firmly in place. Now you can hand your friend at the other end of your long banner, a drink of water. Much care should be taken with this configuration, however. Half a litre of water weighs half a kilogram. Swung at the end of a meter long handle, this can form an accidental club, capable of breaking bones. Be very careful when you hand your friend some water, okay? We also suggest keeping it low, around knee-high, so as not to appear hostile to anyone at a distance, but again be careful, nobody wears helmets on the side of their knees. Even those dressed in hard hats and matching riot shield can accidentally be disabled by a swing at the knees with a heavy object.

For a Fascist, the legs are very important; hours of walking, and standing, just standing there. At least the police get relieved by fresh pork every so often, the demonstrator has to stand, and march, and stand. It is mostly just moving wherever the crowd flows, and who know who is choreographing that? Probably not the Fascists. The police, well, we know who choreographs them, and it would serve the Fascist well to learn the habits and exact locational strength of his betters, the better to stay out of their way, the better to get in the way should pursuit of the innocent be ordered over the airwaves. The Fascist, being deprived of a voice, always hungry for communication, should always be well-informed on the arrangement of air traffic around his immediate location. Air traffic refers not only to the drones with direct connection to facial recognition servers, but also the common poo-lies on walky-talkies. Their main server sits in a command vehicle near you, find it, and leave one of your ears there, then get the hell out before they see you and throw old boots at you. Let your legs do the talking.

While we are back to legs; remember, your legs are as important as everyone else’s. Go to your meeting with strong, sturdy shoes you would not mind to lose. In jail, people will take your shoes if they can, and as a good Fascist, you must at all cost avoid being caged, but also know that, should they take you, you will end up amongst people with bad shoes who covet yours. Better to keep those shoes, and yourself, free and easy. One thing that may trip even the strongest and most athletic, except a blow to the side of the knee, is a bit of string. Loose tie-ups on your clothes, jewellery that winds around many times… all sources of string that may accidentally come off, or knot into spidery bundles, what with strings and beads and rings and things in there, should it accidentally wind around your knees or ankles, at a run, will bring even the strongest man down like a felled ox. It would not be funny to end up in chooky because your own jewellery built a crude bola for your own downfall, hmmm? Be careful how you dress up for your demonstration. And take a jacket, always take a jacket… and water. And jewellery you don’t mind losing accidentally in the hustle and bustle of the shuffle. Jewellery with long, strong lanyards and chords, that can accidentally knot up and trip up someone running behind you…

Also, the quality of your materials are of some import. Take your placard, for example: The grain of your wooden stick determines the tensile strength of your rod, choose carefully. The grain shows as darker lines on lighter wood. A good grain runs unbroken and parallel from beginning to end. Wherever such grain lines lie at an angle to the edges of your wood, be assured it will break along that angle. This can cause your slogan board to just snap in the wind, or after a few vigorous demonstrations of outrage, what with the waving and all… Choose your wood carefully, maybe break a few samples to see how the grain influences the breaking angle. You do not want to end up besieged, pepper-sprayed into a terrified mass of dehydrated rabble huddling in the street, surrounded by rented bullies in plastic armour, with nothing but a placard on a thin wooden stick that breaks at a sharp angle in the wind. Something like that can cause you splinters, or slip under a chin into the throat, that would be so dangerous. Better to be safe, and choose your placard materials with care, don’t you think? Just think of that sharp stick lying around, piercing a turtle under his belly plates just above his codpiece, shame man!

Pepper spray is a horrible thing to endure, and it can suffocate you, to death, like. In general though, pepper spray is seen as non-lethal, but, of course, you are not allowed to carry it in public, or in places, own it. While pepper spray can be made of red pepper, sneezing powder can be made of ordinary white table pepper. Delivered into the face as a cloud of dust, it does incapacitate a criminal long enough to stop pursuing an innocent bystander, or at least it will stop him from beating up somebody long enough for that somebody to be dragged out of harm’s way. It works great on overgrown schoolyard bullies if you have the escape planned well. It may also slow down anyone trying to catch up with a fascist. It will take some time for “the law to catch up” on demonstrational condiments, we hope.

One last thing: If you are at a demonstration where people are allowed to swing baseball bats and sharp objects, be assured it is a ‘legal’ demonstration, bought and paid for by ‘legal’ entities with no face, and interests you know nothing about. Why are they sponsoring a demonstration of civil disobedience near enough your heart for you to risk being Robocopped like vermin? At such a gathering, immediately mark every strong guy in the crowd with a weapon, because they are there to ‘manage the situation’; they will be starting the trouble when the hour of doom falls upon the senseless, violent rubble that disturbed the Investor’s confidence. When those who allow public disobedience also allow weapons, on whose side do you think those weapons are to be deployed? Either you take them out before they attack the crowd, or get the hell outta there. We suggest you leave, and live to fight another day, but do stay, a safe distance away, and document the rest of the day, taking special note of faces and numbers and weapons in command, because they brought armed and un-uniformed combatants, and we all know that the violent criminals in the crowd are a bunch of Anarchists and Fascists. Those people always come to a bad end.

 In the end, though, not one of those armed-to-the-teeth ‘demonstrators’ who started the killings, will be found, alive or dead, never. The poo-lice just close in around them and all evidence is confiscated or persecuted under National Security “laws”. When you see them around you, scram, and start the video rolling, because you are watching professional killers at work, and you want to get away from the brutal retaliation they are there to evoke. Good luck to you if the ‘Operation’ is already so far advanced the uniforms don’t allow you to leave. Good luck to you, may your gods not be busy elsewhere, because you are about to experience Crowd Control, Situation Management, Incidence Containment, a “putting down of the unrest”, we pray and hope you survive…