The Hollow Cause of the Auschwitz Myth

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Heard any interesting new history about Auschwitz recently? Like the recent death of yet another ‘survivor’, world-travelled with his horrendous memories of the deprivations he had to endure under the deranged Deutsche Nazis? On his death certificate, his date of birth is noted as 1945. He remembered every blow of those heavy Nazi boots, probably, in his mind, made of the skin cut from the bottom of little boys’ feet after they have hardened them in the fat pits, where they had to trample the skulls of those Jews who showed but the slightest sign of weakness or disease. He was born in 1945. He travelled the world, earning a very good living indeed, speaking in large auditoria, remembering those horrid days in Auschwitz, or Birkenau, or some other “death camp” where everyone that got off a train first got gassed to death, then they were put to work making lampshades of their own skin. Also, the rations were terrible! He was born in 1945.

“But, but, the war ended in ’44!” you say? "Are you telling me all those eye-witnesses were lying? Surely a guy born in 1945 could not have been in the gas chambers?" This is where we will begin our story this time. Here are some of the background lies:

  1. Gas showers. There is public record of a chemical analysis of samples of pipe taken from the infamous gas chambers of Auschwitz. It turns out those rooms were indeed fumigation chambers, even the walls still contain traces of this fumigation. This residue was sent for analysis, and found to be a substance commonly known as Zyklon B, a delousing agent not significantly more or less poisonous than any modern domestic insecticide. As in every army barracks the world over, the first experience every new soldier has, is a haircut right close to the scalp, and a uniform to replace his own attire. This is a proven help against legionnaire’s disease and meningitis amongst people in cramped living spaces. In the 1940’s, human fleas were much more prevalent that we would like to admit, and where people collect in numbers, you will always find a few with crabs and fleas and lice… new arrivals in Auschwitz were fumigated with an insecticide to prevent the spread of diseases like typhoid, discussed later. Personal clothing and such is not allowed onto a military base for a recruit’s first three months or so, and this explains why new inmates were “stripped naked before they were gassed”. I doubt they were given their stuff back after initiation, surprised any trace was left of it, frankly. The “massive heap of old shoes” on display at today’s Auschwitz museum? A couple of hundred only, nailed to an inclined plank to make it look like a whole mountain.
  2. Gas ovens. Never found. The crematorium at Auschwitz could not possibly process more than two dozen bodies a day. The War lasted from 1938 to 1944, six years, two thousand days. Six million burnt bodies, that’s three thousand a day, every day, for six years, every day, three thousand victims of a mythological genocide, every day. How do you propose that to be possible? Remember, also, that the “death camps” were only ‘operational’ from 1942, so increase that number significantly. 42 000 per day, according to one of those fabulous witnesses. So far, not one single such mass cremation or gas chamber has been found. Not one. We “found” many, many “eyewitnesses” and “survivors”, but when you take them there? “oh, it’s all so different now”. What, the Auschwitz I am paying for did not exist then?
  3. But, but, the Camp, and the buildings, and the museum! A lot of the structures and infrastructure we know as Auschwitz, was built after the war. They drilled holes in a ceiling and told everyone that’s where the Death Gas came from… a ceiling that did not exist at the time in question. Of course, the crematorium was first ‘reconstructed’ then demolished due to its obvious insignificant size, but photos exist of the original ovens. About twelve bodies in three ovens, I think? The gigantic burning pit in the back yard, where the water table is knee-deep under the soil, they dug a meters-deep pit to burn bodies in? Water-cooled fire pits! Those clever little evil Nazi bastards!
  4. Mass graves. Yes, there are mass graves. The bodies were burned, yes. The fat may have drawn into the soil four feet deep, I have no way of checking, just one single report must surely be enough for any believer. Recently, a genius published a carefully-‘researched’ paper on the burning of six million bodies. As previously mentioned, the time just was not there, and besides, many a commentator has pointed out over many decades that the wood, coal or gas needed to burn six million people just did not exist in Europe at the time. This genius, however, invented the mathematics to show that, even in an emaciated Auschwitz-victim, there is enough fat to keep the body burning until not even a bone remains. It appears he quotes much of the research done to explain “spontaneous combustion” of people, nearly or all of them overweight alcoholics, by the way. Couple his wonderful new theory that “proved” the burning myth, with the fat still soaking that soil today, and either his theory is yet more justification for Zionist cruelty, or the inmates of Auschwitz had more than enough to eat.
  5. But the graves exist, what gives?
    In the 1940’s, typhoid was a myth from history. A small group of Polish arrives at Auschwitz or suchlike, and ‘hand themselves over’. A few days later, and the camp is in the grip of an epidemic. By the time doctors realise what they are dealing with, dozens of people are dying every day, dozens, not thousands, dozens. The Nazi’s own records show their stress and scramble to solve this crisis and save the inmates. So does the infamous Anne Frank Diary. The German soldiers, and their officers, believed this to have been a deliberate biological attack by the Polish resistance, and they went ballistic, they went berserk, they went off the rails, they went ape-shit. Polacks were declared ‘fair game’, and after you put it down, you burned the carcass before it infects more people. They found graves with hundreds of bodies. We are aware of bus loads of Poles lined up for execution on the edge of the ditch they reportedly just dug for themselves. The Poles have much more reason to hate Germans than the Jews ever had. If I was Polish, I would be really upset about people with a borrowed religion claiming the mass graves of my forebears for their own, as a political football. And, and, just to be sure; those mass graves? Hundred, hundreds of bodies. Not thousands, not six million, not specifically Jewish.
  6. Eyewitnesses and survivors told us. See the ‘Net for the many, many famous impostors. Actual witnesses told of the suffering, how did they survive the efficient Germans’ gas ovens? They tell us how babies were ripped from their mothers and left for the flies, then they burst into tears remembering how they cut open their own thumb so the baby can have something to suckle on. We learnt at school about the boy who had to put stones in his shoes to pass the height-test every morning. Turns out it’s the same mother-lover we spoke about at the start of this article! How’s that for synchronicity, a major source of my childhood indoctrination was proven a big fat liar while I am alive to enjoy it, while I am writing about his miserable lies about Auschwitz. Most importantly, none of them could actually point out a gas oven…
  7. Anne Frank. Another hero from my childhood. This was probably my introduction into holocaust myth, grade two or three? I had one teacher who mentioned that her diary was written in ball-point, not available before WW2. The excuse was that she rewrote it in pen later…no-one rewrites diaries, and this excuse was only offered after many years of public doubt. The clincher? Around the year 2010, her daddy sues for his part of the royalties, claiming primary authorship of the famous little diary, written in futuristic ballpoint by a little girl hiding in a little attic. Oy vey.
  8. Photos of hungry inmates hanging on fences:

This is the story we need tell:

Auschwitz was first reached by the Russians on 27 January 1945, and then, in October, someone starts taking photos of the thousands of walking corpses staring hungrily through the fences of some wire camp. Photos taken in May 1945 show coquettish girls behind wire fences begging favours from soldiers. This was the birth of the Holocaust as told by Hollywood. From the day that Germany handed their fate over to the so-called Allies (USA, France and UK), until HOW MUCH LATER, had a total blockade on Germany. In some areas, up to THREE YEARS?? After the Germans gave up, the Americans refused to permit the movement of food, fuel, medicine… Women were selling themselves to the Yankee soldiers for tins of corned beef, to feed the babies they gave birth to after the Russian troops sacked the place and raped every women they could find, in revenge for the invasion of Russia years earlier?

The inmates in the wire camps? You know that famous photo of Auschwitz, with all the wire fences and huge barracks and so on? The Americans and Brits built it in ’44-47, the few remaining  photos of the camp before then showed the average POW  camp. Those wire fences were put up, to replace the fear the inmates had of getting shot if they tried to run away maybe, then those ‘liberated’ prisoners were blockaded until they looked good enough to build a genocide myth upon. No water, food, medicine, nothing. They must have been ready to start eating each other by the time they were let out. The Paranoid Goy promises this today: If we ever hear of the Jewish eating long pig to survive in Auschwitz-Birkenau, after the Yankfrenlish ‘liberated’ them, we shall repress all emotions that might feed the schadenfreude. We have sympathy. The holocaust myth built around this manufactured suffering and accompanying publicity campaign? Of that, we’ve had it up to here. See? Here. Draw line somewhere above the eyebrows, because the stench of the hypocrisy is not even noticeable anymore.

You want to talk Holocaust? You want to talk concentration camps?

Let’s talk about Dresden, let’s talk about Hiroshima and Smithfield and Slagtersnek and who is extracting the largest share of value from the Kimberley diamond pipes? Which specific corporate entity financed, and now certainly exclusively benefits from, the Anglo-Boer War, now called the South African war, to disguise the fact that the black South Africans who died in that war, were not combatants, they were not collateral damage, no. The  majority of black people killed by the English during the Great South African War, those black compatriots of the Boere were killed during the Holocaust, when the ever-barbaric English burned down every farm, and with it, all houses, furniture, pets, stock animals, “kaffirs”, the whole lot, everything that “belonged to the dirty Rock-Spiders”. No Boer EVER treated his ‘volk’ (meaning ‘tribe’ or ‘nation’, the indiginous People) like possessions, they were human beings, welcomed as source of labour. The black people who worked for the farmers, were paid with trade goods and were commonly in the habit of living in little traditional communities on a long-settled area of the farm. For the sin of synergy, the black people on the Boer farms were exterminated together with the cattle and sheep. Now the Globalist historians try pretend they died in battle, another whitewash of British barbarism employed for corporate benefit.

The last time the queen of England came to lord it over us personally, an interviewer asked her about the Crown recognising the South African Holocaust.


The Zionistanis can come back with their sad stories about mythical gas ovens and surviving genetic experimentation, but only after we agree on the South Africa Holocaust. Not only is our Holocaust a real actual historical fact (everything got burned; Whole Burning; Holos Kaustos???), it was perfectly well documented, just about every man, woman and child that died can be accounted for, and the English deny not one single fact of it all, they think it all too funny, actually.

One of the most important stories is that of “English Salt”. While the Boere were living the frontier life, hard at work feeding their families, Europe saw many new advances, notably the rise of entire industries devoted to producing chemical compounds by the ton. For a Boer, personal hygiene consisted mostly of boiling up enough lye soap, and not pooping near the well. In the concentration camps, they were supplied with magnesium sulphate in crystallised form. The “ignorant rock-spiders” saw something that looked, smelt and was presented like salt, but it certainly tasted different! They cooked with it, called it “Engelse Sout”, English Salt. Growing up seven decades later, the English-speaking people around me were still laughing at the stupid rock-spiders, eating Epsom salts, a highly corrosive disinfectant. The stupid ignorant rock-spiders actually believed the English put ground glass into the food, because of the blood in their stool. The English guards made formal record of their mirth at the time. Needless to say, thousands of women and children literally shat themselves to death. Tens of thousands. In wire camps like the ones the Yanks built around Auschwitz to sell that fake holocaust. When their pit-latrines started running over, the guards told them to dig more by hand, laughing all the way, of course. At first, they tried, but digging with fingernails just could not outrun the dysentery and cholera and starvation. Each one carefully recorded, not like six million unaccountable unproven deaths in Europe. A significant portion of a nation died in concentration camps where they were kept like animals by British corporate interests. Their entire life was burned down behind them, a Whole Burning, a Holocaust, and the queen of Britain thinks it’s worth a friggin’ giggle, but I must take an unsupported myth by face value, forever paying restitution? How many millions are the Boere allowed to murder and maim before we are as holy as the Knesset?

Some bastard made a claim in October 2018 that there are still less Jews today than there were before the holocaust. It upset the Paranoid Goy to hear such blatant nonsense, then we caught up: Yes, there are less Jews today than in 1940, because the Israelis of Zionistan has been murdering real Semitic Jews since they arrived in Palestine. They are still at it in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon… The Zionists are happily wiping the biblical Jews off the face of the earth. They’ve “adopted” the religion, now they want the actual Motherland, Palestinians (Muslims, Christians and Jews) be damned! I apologise to abovementioned bastard, you are a scholar, sir, and a gentleman, thank you for the information. One must be so careful how you listen to the Masters…

Now go research what happened at Dresden, before anyone ever again talks Holocaust, we start with Dresden, and Nooitgedacht, Transvaal. And Nagasaki. Not Auschwitz, that’s proven Fake News.