Who do you Insult when you say 'Jew'.

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The Jews removed from Egypt around 3000 years ago? From there they eventually ended up in the land beyond Palestine? Where did they come from before Egypt.

Then, there are the people of modern Israel, known hereabouts as “Zionistan”. By many accounts, they come from Khazaria, where they were isolated and despised for their brutality and criminality. Many a king visited vengeance and retribution upon the Khazars, an uncouth collection of uncivilised barbarian tribes living off robbery and spoilage. By force or foresight, a leader stepped up, declared himself king, and proceeded to build a nation out of all the warring tribes. Having no common ethic or legal system, a search was sponsored, and many wise men offered many wise theories and dreams. Then came one guy from the land now known as Yemen, with the Torah. The Torah was a collection of five scripts, purporting to be the history, law and culture of a people who believed themselves to have direct communication with their god, albeit via appointed spokespersons, or rather anointed priests. They also believed this god to have chosen them, and them only, to be his deserving servants, under his direct and divine protection. Between the Arabs, the Romans, the Arabs, the Roman Catholics and some more Arabs, this nation was scattered and their holy relics plundered, their culture destroyed and their religious sites defiled. A number of them held onto their old culture while living amongst the fanatically strict Muslims, in places like Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Syria. By the seventeenth century, the Jews of Moses and Abraham, were still the children of Abraham, but little more than the remembrance of the Laws of Moses remained in their culture. Out of these ruins the Khazars extracted a morality to call their own, as set out in the in their holy scriptures. Also, it served neatly to separate the Khazars from the rest of their surroundings, them being Christians to the west, Orthodox Russia and Scandinavian heathens to the north, Muslims to the south, Hindus of Zoroaster behind those mountains… no! Khazaria for Khazars and their unique and God-given “culture”.

The Books of Moses was the most comprehensive system of moral and ethical guidance yet offered in the search, and the new king forthwith ordered all his wise men to study the text and produce a coherent and unifying moral guideline for the as-yet unborn nation. Thus, the Talmud was written, a horrendously sexist, racist, obnoxious and noxious  document far longer than the original five books of Moses. It is supposedly a “commentary on the Torah”, but in reality, a rather crude attempt to equate the adoption of the religion of the Israelites, with the concept of being a chosen people of that god. They converted the entire nation to their version of a mythical Judaism, and from there, spread outwards into Europe, from Vladivostok to Cork and Kerry, and everywhere in between. They never were a nation, but now they had a shared purpose. The Pentateuch, or Five Scrolls of Moses, was now the adoptive divine revelation of the Khazarian barbarians, but only those who studied the old scrolls could read the ancient language known as Hebrew.

The Khazarians as a whole, wherever they travelled in Europe, spoke a language with obvious Germanic roots, called Yiddish. How exactly this unification of a nation required them to settle all over the world in small ghettos and large mansions is as yet unsure, but there they sit on the branches of history cheeping about the loneliness of the Diaspora.

Forward three hundred years, and the strongest empire on earth decides to promulgate the idea of Jews returning to their homeland, Israel. The entire British parliament suddenly turned into a bunch of religious scholars and historians, and with a vigour unabated even today, after a century of depravity, the concept of the Great Return was started. The reason for this is not totally clear, but it was around this time that humankind suddenly found a use for the black poison that fouls the dead lands of fire in the Middle East. Whatever the motivation, the myth of the returning Jews was created, insinuated, promulgated and finally, implemented as part of the inhuman slaughter of the second “Great War”. Using the mythical demise of the mystical six million Jews as an excuse, the Board of Deputies employed the full might of Her Majesty’s Army to create a brand new country in Palestine, called it Israel, declared it the birth-right of all Jews, and filled it with people who get a fit if you call them a Jew. It is, apparently, a mortal sin for anyone to call one of these Zionistanis, or one who identifies with them, “Jew”. This has long puzzled the Paranoid Goy, and the only explanation offered was along the same lines as the rules that allows two ‘non-Arian’ Americans to call each other “nigger”, while all ‘white’ people are banned from even spelling the word. Whereas we have some sympathy for the nigger thing, the Jewish thing was confusingly inconsistent with the racial superiority the Jewish insist they possess. Then the explanation hit: The insult is real, and the Zionistanis are not crazy assholes, they are well-versed in so-called Roman Dutch Law. After all, they did write the book! Anyway. They are not Jews, they are nothing of or to the Chosen People of Moses. They adopted the scriptures of the Jews, in a guideline sort of way, the Talmud being more relevant to them than the actual Torah, and they only learned to speak a little Hebrew after an international and heavily-sponsored drive in the nineteen sixties to force children to learn at least enough to be able to recite a passage or two during their Bar Mitzvah. Actual conversation in Hebrew is a most scarce thing, to this day.

So, you see, you cannot call a Zionistani  a Jew, it would be culturally incorrect, it would be legally actionable, accusing an Israeli of misrepresenting itself as a member of a group it is not part of, namely the Jews of Israel in the time of Moses and Abraham and so on. You may not look at a Zionistani and call him a Jew, because he is not a Jew. He has adopted some scriptures, he has occupied the homeland even, but he is not a Jew, he is only a bit like a Jew, he is Jew-like. Jew….Ish!

That proves it, we are all anti-Semites, because we insult the Semites by calling strangers, adoptive barbarians from another culture, “Jew”. The Zionists are not Jews, they are Jew-ish. Jewish. The difference between the Jews and the Jewish? It’s the same difference as Israelis versus Israelites. The one is history, the other has usurped history, is trying to write the history of the entire human race, to their own ends. Get it now? Good, it took years of hard thinking for that one, now spread it, people still think the Zionistanis are the people of the Christian Bible, and we are protecting, funding and excusing their atrocities in the name of a God they will not even spell the name of in their own bible, the Talmud. They say it shows respect, but we suspect their divinity  to be very …er… God-ish?