What African-Americans and Zionists have in Common

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Protocol 3, lines 6-10. The valuable slave.

The first thing one has to know about slaves, is this: The Good Ones Cost a Lot. Even bad slaves have commercial value. Like a bad dog, you can feed it well and groom it a bit before you put the mongrel up for sale as a thoroughbred; that’s the stuff the free market is made of. One thing remains constant though; slaves may be defranschised chattels, but they are worth money. No sane person stands around burning his own money therefor no sane man abuses his slaves, a basic exercise in economics. Despite this simple motive of profit, which is merely greed, institutionalised and controlled, there are two ethnic groups who argue their very political existence upon the false premise that their enslaved forebears were victims of institutionalised torture and genocide by White Man.

The first group we shall deal with easily; the American Black Fascist. Many Afro-Americans –not all- are the progeny of slaves imported to work on plantations run by English Noblemen thrown out of Europe, mostly for criminal behaviour that not even the royal courts could cover up. The slaves were needed, as the plantations have been developed beyond the point where the few surviving indentured workers could no longer cope, the men and children who built the original plantations have either been worked to death, or managed to escape into the mountains. Whereas ‘criminally unemployed’ pre-teen boys from Ireland came for free and with (dis)inheritable chattels attached, slaves were expensive and therefor well looked after. They were allowed to build houses, those many of thousands of dead white boys had to sleep where they were ‘out of the way’, and eat what they could scrounge, and were worked to death in the sun, or ran away into the mountains, broke, scared and their fair Island skins burned like lobsters, ‘rednecks’, the joke of black slaves wearing actual clothes and eating actual food from actual tables. Sure, some dumb bastard in town will always kick his dogs, beat his wife, molest his kids and beat his slave senseless. While the existence of such men is a constant, the horrible abuse that modern blacks claim, is sheer nonsense, belied by basic economics theory. You treat your slave well, even if just long enough to sell him off to the next unsuspecting owner just like any bad motor car. Or do you propose we compost our cars every time we buy a new one, forget the trade-in value?

The other ethnic group that would like us to confuse slavery with genocide is of course those who promote that Great Modern Horror, the Holocaust. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League will viciously prosecute any evidence against their version of history, but it is worth noting that Juden chosen for arrest mostly  ended up in labour camps, exploited and swopped amongst specialist factories staffed by Der Kamp Kommander or whatever they were called. The radio messages intercepted by British listening posts during WW2 contains much traffic that was just regular camp situation reports, as the Army –and every other large organisation- demands on regular basis. This included transportation numbers, ill and dead numbers, camp swop movements, all carefully kept record by both the Nazis and Her Majesty, and it has been released as is the norm for old documents, and now we can all have better insight into daily camp life; repetitive, boring, hard work, really boring rations, but enough to make sure you stay healthy enough to work, and we know how mythically industrious the Germans are… Not a good life for most, but you are looked after at least as well as a sheep or cow. A man may slaughter a cow for processing, but random wanton slaughter of even rabbits is seen as counterproductive and even cruel.

The only sane conclusion to be drawn, is that both BLM and JDL are propagandising against white people by instilling in them racial guilt for mythical wrongs. After all the depredation and abuse at the hands of one religio-political mafia after another, the white man will, once again, see his family members burn at the stake of righteous genocide. Arab slave dealers, Roman genocide, Moore slavery, Roman Catholic genocide, Dark ages, Roman Catholic omniregicide, witch hunts, Protestant destruction of the remains of white culture, witch hunts, revolutions, world wars, the druggification of the nation, now AntiFa and the War on Terror, and all this is costing, and it is time the white man pays. The white supremacist neo-nazi fascist scum must pay the world’s debts, and the only help they can expect, is from them darn muslim fundamentalist jihadi ragheads. That is to say; if they can resist getting into the schoolyard scrap the United States of Israel are trying so desperately to instigate between Muslims and the so-called West. “The West” is just another word for White People, whatever your definition of ‘white’ is, and they have been foot soldiers to Capital for many centuries now, but how do the ‘developing nations’ take revenge on an economic theory? They want their revenge, though…