How to Spot Fake News

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There is currently a War on Fake News raging on a television near you. Also in newspapers, internet blogs, Twitting accounts and every other so-called social media. When last did you come across an unsocial medium, eh? Anyway, if you have been foolish enough to have read some of the other drivel on this site, you would know that we consider all these wonderful wars as a Mafia tool used to ring-fence specific industries into state-protected monopolies. In this context, the War on Fake News is the bit where the Mafia goes around offering Real Truth at a price we cannot afford, and shooting down anybody that refuses to pay the protection fee; In other words, somebody is busy building a huge, state-protected and murderously monopolistic Organised Fake News organisation.

Much of the groundwork to ‘protect the news’ was laid in the days of Rockefeller and Vanderbilt and Rothschild, but has recently been almost totally consolidated under Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner, between them they own or at least control nearly every newspaper, television station and textbook printer in the world. With the advent of the Internet, though, publishing became so cheap, anybody could send his thoughts out into the world, free to compete with every other meme it comes across, or never-die miserable and alone on an unvisited, unlinked-to and never-tagged blog somewhere… but it will never-die free and Out There! Out There where anybody can stumble across it, and be radicalised, radicalised to question the Official Narrative. Important journalists these days often comment on the importance of “owning the narrative”, as in “We are doing everything possible to prevent radicalised propaganda outlets from owning the narrative”. Luckily, these ‘journalists’ are so important, they think we do not understand the big things they say, so they sometimes forget to hide their loyalties and ambitions to participate in the Big Cleansing of the earth, when all the poor people they gonna die, and here are some of the things they say, and how to recognise Fake News.

The first thing to ask about your news source is how they tell the story of 911. Any newsperson that still talks about terrorists flying aeroplanes into buildings is lying. May be that the person in question is just not properly informed, which would mean your source is just too ignorant to be informative. The only other reason any journalist would support the terrorist-myth, is because that journalist is actively partaking in the telling of the Lie. It is forgivable for a journalist not to know much engineering, or chemistry, or politics, or finance, but the slightest bit of enquiry can tell something is wrong with the official narrative, and as such, supporting that narrative cannot be good for freedom or liberty or whatever it is that journalist pretends to sell us every day. Millions of people have been killed because the Americans ‘took revenge’ for 911, millions. At least a million Iraqi children died of hunger and thirst, because the Americans exploded all the water-works, roads, schools hospitals…good gad man, they mowed down old women and babies with machine guns loaded with radioactive scrap metal, all in the name of fighting terrorism in the aftermath of the professional, nay, expert demolition of the dangerously unstable West Tower of the World Trade Centre. Demolishing the second tower was probably necessitated by the massive impact of the first tower hitting the hollowed-out ground right next door. Tower 7, the most obvious clue to the fraud, was not only stupidly timed, it was pure opportunist bull. No-one ever managed to produce one single piece of aircraft at any of the so-called impact sites. Air conditioning ducts and lift-hoist motors have been presented as aeroplane parts, we will not even discuss that here. All official news in this regards is false, as is just about every ‘critical analysis’. Israeli missiles from German submarines, Cruise missile dropped from a bomber plane, nuclear charges laid by demolishers, God’s vengeance upon gays, the involvement of Osama bin Ladin, the Saudi connection, all of it is discussed at length somewhere by somebody on every medium, constantly, while the few sane voices are drowned by Fake News on Fake Issues. Any nonsense possible about 911 is published freely, promoted as divine revelation until the next theory, it matters not which, as long as we keep alive the myth that terrorists flew aeroplanes into buildings, because that is terribly terrorists, and now we have laws that make a joke of any law you have ever known, all human rights are rubbish, all activity is monitored, everybody is a suspect, because on 911 terrorists flew aeroplanes into buildings...oy vey!

Another thing to check your news channel for is their willingness to call people terrorists. There was a time the news reported on alleged perpetrators and alleged incidents and alleged crimes. Once it became fashionable to call discontent people terrorists, allegations are now pointedly thrown at whoever is to be blamed, until said allegation sticks. Trial by publicity has become the norm, instead of a crime. It matters not if they report on Friend or Foe, common decency calls for restraint, not mob lynching. It might look funny when they rip into someone you consider to be an enemy, but many times, the only reason you know the enemy to be an enemy is because the people calling him an enemy told you about his enigmatic intentions. That is dangerous circular logic, and any reader of these pages would agree that to be counter-evolutionary, and you probably know that enigmatic has nothing to do with terrorist threats, just an example how word associations can cause just enough cerebral confusion to make fake logic stick.

This is something important about Fake News to remember; the people formulating the Fake News are highly trained behaviourists and top notch actors, in other words, people who understand how we think, and how we act upon those thoughts. Nobody tells you to go out into the streets to burn tyres and stone cars, we are merely reminded how angry it makes us that some people can afford to drive alone in a car while my children are cold and hungry. Politicians are just people appointed to speak at us about the things that have already been accomplished while we were watching the show, to put into words our feelings in a manner that defuses the current discontent while breeding plenty more discontent for next time they need something to keep the ‘news’ cameras busy. The course for human extinction has been set, and the art of government currently consists solely of managing the population’s emotional outbursts. This necessitates Enemies for our Friends to defeat in Our Name, and when you need enemies, it is always best not to go too far; more than 60% of all murders happen amongst family and friends. It is also worth reading the definition of ‘terrorism’, please consult a proper dictionary or type ‘lexicon’ into the search button top right of the page. Back? Good, then you agree, terrorism absolutely demands that you find your enemies right inside your own house…it builds national unity! Now consider the importance of journalists pointing at someone and shouting “terrorist” until everybody knows exactly who the ‘terror suspect’ for the next ‘incident’ will be. It is vitally important to the terrorists that we stay afraid, and any journalist that takes joy out of scaring you, is not on your side. Any journalists that assures you all is well, is not on your side. Any journalist that can offer you a balanced diet of despair and hope, is an excellent journalist that understands his job, a Master, and he is definitely not on your side. That head on your TV that is an expert has-been secret services honcho? That’s not even a journalist, just a talking head habituated to speaking a minions about things they can only dimply comprehend, and he is there to tell you the Whole Truth, and that truth is Overpopulation, and Climate Change, and Terrorism, and High Finance, and he is not on your side. No-one is, you have to find the next fact, always the next fact. You are the army of One, you are out there, behind enemy lines, alone, afraid, and the entire Gestapo is after your useless, radicalised ass, and your only ammunition is facts, and the only weapon you have left, is your own mind, and a soldier never lays down arms while there is a civilian left to protect. Never hand in your weapon, never disarm in the face of enemy rhetoric, wear the badge of discontent, radicalised fascist with pride, and never join any of those militias out there, they are at best revolutionaries, mostly just limited hangouts.