Modern politics has been fairly predictable lately. I have been learning to put actual Protocol numbers behind every news item. Granted, these days, that number is usually “twelve-point-four”. 

Protocol 12.4: Not a single announcement shall reach the public without our control.

Protocols 12.7 and 12.8 are of course the reason for the hunt on Fake News. Things were so much easier when six guys owned the entire world's information distribution channels. How shall the internet be taxed? In modern times, ideas are spreading at an alarming rate, how do you monetise that? Information flows fast and freely, how do you censor that? In short; “how can we retain control when information is free?” That is completely against the law and spirit of Protocol 12.6

As for Trump? He is the breath of fresh air. The anti-establishment patriarch that will get the jobs back. He has already failed both the Questions for Authority. He appointed eugenicist Bill Gates to continue his vaccination drive. He has confirmed the importance of multinationals above persons, but at least I have not heard him threaten to create jobs. One thing I can tell you: those jobs coming back from China were done by Chinese, for a Chinese salary. You shall now have ever-so-slightly less than a Chinese salary; that is economics. I think Trump is going to serve the ultimate post-modern democratic purpose: He will finally prove, beyond any doubt, how corrupt politicians really are, and that is Protocol One. The first actual declaration of intent to destroy all societies by means of fake democracy. I hope I am wrong.


Electronic privacy is one of the most over debated topics for ten years running. We hear from thousands of experts, officials and hysterical porn addicts, each and every one of them approaches the issue from one of two viewpoints: Privacy at all cost versus public security at all cost. I believe these to be pre-agreed opposites to serve as fake discussion issue while the Orwellian agenda is happening around us anyway. The true solution is much simpler, cheaper and safer. We stop worrying about electronic privacy on anything you cannot secure reliably. Let them openly read your letters and scrutinise your shopping lists. None of that is new, King Solomon did it. Then we open the Book of Public Accounts. Enact a read-only public server, open to any citizen at any time. The data can be updated at the end of every working day. It’s that easy. 

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Solving America’s Opioid Crisis, by Doing Nothing

Opium has been a material of war for a very long time, or at least ever since the English used it to subjugate Chinese society in the so-called “opium wars”. For homework, we may research the use of opioids just before the French revolution. In South Africa, early nineties, before the ANC ‘freed the Blacks from apartheid’ the Mandrax tablets were contaminated with heroin. By the time the Nigerian drug-royalty arrived, they suddenly had a copious supply of drug-crazed sex slaves, and the new black elite has a never-ending supply of white prostitutes, young girls addicted to a drug they cannot afford, because it robs them of the will to earn a regular living. Now tens of thousands of Yanks are dying on the street, high (extremely down) on opium-derived prescription medication. Porn ‘stars’ are living in cardboard boxes under bridges, army veterans stand queue for handouts of dumpsters converted into tiny houses. How’s the prescription-pill abuse in your town?

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Time Flies and Gravity Wells, a Whimsical Interpretation

How time flies! It does not? Then you must be very young. Everyone knows, the older you get, the faster the world seems to move by. There is also some discrepancy regarding the speed of time while we are having fun, and let us not forget the eternity that passes between your car hitting that puddle and the moment you realise you actually missed the oncoming truck. Time sure is an odd, disturbing thing. We could figure it out, I’m sure, given enough of it. For now, we seem limited to working theories such as Fractional Time Awareness, which explains why time runs faster as we get older:

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Six-fingered Giants, Aliens and them dirty Dozens: Why we Count(ed) in Twelves

Teacher told me about the large ancient skeletons They dug up somewhere, and they had six fingers on each hand. Now add the biblical (highest authority) story that tells us “there were giants in those days”. Stir with a large helping of the ignorance I eventually learned to associate with my teachers, and voila! We all knew where this funny thing of the British dozen comes from. They are the most advanced race on earth, so surely they own all the ancient wisdoms? By the time I could read the Watchtower tracts, I also read the anti-Watchtower tracts, which introduces one to the wonderful world of conspiracy theories and …wait for it… Aliens!

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Obama and the Adulation of Racists

Obama is called the Great Orator. We all know that, because there are only two defences against any criticism against ole Brakkie Bam-bam: The simplest explanation is that you are a racist that cannot accept a black president. If you escape the racism charge, you must be deaf and stupid, because, don’t you know, “he speaks beautifully”, like that excuses any of the man’s many, many shortcomings. But we shall not spend our time discussing the corporate rape of the American economy under Brakkie Bam-bam, we want to talk about his, er, talking.

The Paranoid Goy has been begging to hear some of this wonderful speechifying. Brakkie Bam-bam always projects the same image: Expensive suit, condescending smile, haughty attitude, whiney, nasal drone at a pitch just above a poodle’s bark, and sentences without beginning or end. It seems the man is incapable of putting together a grammatically correct and logically complete statement.

“Yes We Can!”…what? “Build the economy”? Bring back the troops from Afghanistan? Deliver basic humanitarian services to the people sleeping and crapping in New York’s dumpsters? Stop the wholesale confiscation of public property by confidence-lacking Investors? Apparently, we can, but expect no explanations, plans or any useful philosophy to support the promise of “yes we can”. Just believe!

During his entire, extended term of office, Obama did not one single thing to advance conditions for working class non-white people anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, the Paranoid Goy’s prophetic words on Obama’s election turned out to be perfectly true: “Africa is going to sh#t off big time, and we can’t criticize, because the f@#$%r’s sort-of-black.” What happened?

Between Obama and his psychotic sidekick, Hillary, Africa was attacked en force, presidents killed like dogs in the street, fake embassies and regime change all ‘round. Not only did Obama do nothing for any black person outside his household, he directly implemented the Citi Bank/Fed business plan, spreading unneeded and unpayable debt to every country they touched. And he vastly escalated the political strife in Africa.

The poor of the world now has no, I repeat, no, mechanism of honest upliftment in life. The right to education has become the right to an educational loan. State agricultural assistance has become preferential treatment when applying for a bank loan. Go ask the Congolese what happens if you happen to own land with minerals in it. The Economy now lives inside The Bank, you and I are parasites leaching off the deserving Few, the ones who still have money to Invest. Barack and his Bankster pals took all those QE trillions for themselves. It will “trickle down” they say. To the parasites…?

We are not allowed to criticise Obama for any of the devastation he left behind, though, it would be racist! The first thing he did in Office, was to replace the government with banksters from a list his employers at Citi Bank supplied, with a pile of JPMorgan cream on top. I hardly think any of that was because the dude looks a bit less than bone white. Around these parts, no-one would call him Black, he is at most a bit coloured… but yet that was the man’s only contribution to politics: a black man in the White House. Yah-yah. Get over it.

But still, we must recognise Obama as a Great Orator, because he “spoke so well”. This irritated the Paranoid Goy for a long time, but now understanding has dawned! Calling Obama the Great Orator is actually just a vicious racial slur! Complimenting an idiot for something he is fairly mediocre at, is a fairly standard response by somebody new to multiculturism versus multiracialism.

Europe has been multiracial for as long as we can remember. America has been multiracial since the first boats landed, at least. South Africa was multiracial to the point where your identity was determined by your race, each forced to live apart from everybody else. Unlike Europe and America (and other places) South Africa has grown from institutionalised racism, to legally proscribed racism, to occasional racist outbursts in a mostly multicultural society. Still, racism lingers, and seeing other nations struggle to come to grips with actually having to accept other cultures into their societies makes one almost sad, almost nostalgic, almost angry.

The Liberalists of the world, in their eagerness to show how friendly they are to the “previously disadvantaged”, tend to overshoot a bit. They will insist on getting drunk in a rat-hole bar on the wrong side of town, with people they met just this afternoon. They tend to get robbed, raped and killed a lot, but it would be racist to refuse an invitation by such friendly locals. Die-hard liberals won’t even lay charges. But how do you recognise a less-than-fully converted racist? By their compliments.

Fake liberals fall over their feet to prove how racially inclusive they are. So much so, that they forget to respect other cultures. Multiracial and multicultural are not the same thing. Liberals all share one culture, and they insist everybody join them in their non-racist, non-cultural, non-threatening world. They are very willing to kill you for not agreeing, too. A pseudo-liberalist will listen to a song, and say things like “He sings beautifully ...for a black man.”

Don’t judge, very few people in this world manage to live without looking down on somebody. They really do not hear the racism in their own voice. It’s like the angry, dark-skinned transsexual on my television demanding an end to the racist Oscar prize giving ceremonies put on by rich old white men, where are the awards for black supremacy? Not a word about the many, many black millionaires and their lack of interest in handing out little statues to some black dude who thinks he’s famous now.

When they eventually rustle something up, it will be informative to see how many white people win ‘black Oscars’ the way the occasional black wins all the time now. Before the thing turned into a liberalist masturbifest, of course.

Barack Obama sure looked down on most everyone, but he did so without any trace of colour, creed or character. The man was the Liberalist Wet Dream. Apparently he also spoke very well, but I think the compliments are nothing but empty glorifications to hide the universal feeling that the man ran America just like the racists expected from a black man. Thieving, lying, murdering, fornicating on holy grounds… all the things that racism makes, but apparently he spoke very engagingly… for a black man.

Here are some Obama-esque verbal gems:

Looking past Barack Obama’s many, many sins, just because he was not White, it would be racist to criticise. That very concept of untouchability, of being above honest criticism, is seriously racist, in the way only a Liberalist will not or can not understand. Racism ends the day you stop being understanding of another’s mistakes, “because, shame, they had it so bad…”. Equality has no degrees, and black people may be criticised for incompetence, just like white people, or Asians, or Jews. Oh, sorry, criticising one of those can get you locked up for anti-Semitism, be careful!


    Economics Theories all serve the same purpose: Finding new ways of corrupting Law to serve High Finance.

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