Carbon Taxes Explained (NOT) by a Professor Carbon Himself

The Paranoid Goy presents to you the ‘reasoning’ behind carbon taxes, as explained by some …entity important enough to be quoted as The Authority on Wikipedia. It may amuse the reader to research the solutions originally proposed back in the ‘seventies, when the problem of industrial pollution started to attract formal scientific attention. We talked about filters, and chimney scrubbers, which “scrubbed” the smoke of poisons before it left the chimney. We designed elaborate but permanent solutions to contain the pollution we release into the environment. Designers were building garden ponds for factories, where biological processes were supposed to precondition waste water before release, engineers were competing to make the biggest, cheapest, most compact filters humanly possible. This would put the cost on the polluter directly, and this is where it died.

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How Privatisation is Clearing the Earth of Scum

It was in the seventies when we were liberated from the shackles of gross political ignorance and economic idiocy. It must have been the sudden availability of those new-fangled computer things, or maybe it was the bright new ideas thought up by bright new Wall Street Wiz Kids, but one thing was certain; the Man in the Street has to take a hand in dismantling the oppressive socialist regime that is Big Government. By 1980 we all understood the problem(s):

 Your government is too stupid to make a profit.

Government has no business in Business.

Politicians are corrupt and cannot be trusted with our money.

The theory is that, instead of the state using taxes to provide public services, the same services could be delivered more efficiently and at a profit by educated businessmen. Thus, instead of the wasteful public servant running the service at base level efficiency, a private contractor will supply a better service more economically.

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A Continuous Enquiry into the Commercialisation of Child Prostitution

The Paranoid Goy tries hard to be unbiased and non-discriminatory in his approach to others, the Body Politic, as it were. We are ethics-bound to accept the existence of politicians, preachers and banksters alike. There are, however, limits to Freedom, before it becomes Liberty. “Taking Liberties” has never been a good strategy for building a society. Look at the decrepitude of the old Soviet Union, the post-colonial decay of the Marxist African Republics, look at America’s heavy industry, the so-called Iron Belt, that is now called the Rust Belt, where tens of thousands die of overdoses, gang violence and sheer neglect, every year. That is what Liberty brings you. Now the Libertarians are proclaiming their right to prostitute small children. Thank the gods for the War On Paedophilia!

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The Coming Market Collapse: The End of the World as We Know it.

Protocol 20.3 "Our rule, in which the king will enjoy the legal fiction that everything in his State belongs to him..."

There are many who await the next stock market crash with much glee and a certain sadistic impatience. The idea seems to be that, with the entire banking system in bankruptcy, the financial system in total collapse, and currencies worthless, there will be a “Market Reset”, where all debt will be scrapped, the dollar relegated to history, and we will inherit a brave new virtual currency. “After all”, the argument goes, “money won’t even exists as we know it now.” The BitCoin crowd is especially upbeat about walking away as the new class of empowered capitalists. We shall not discuss BitCoin here any more than mentioning that it is not officially sanctioned or institutionally recognised money. While every supporter tries to believe it is a “store of value” or a “trade token” or a “non-correlated asset”, the FED is trying their damnest to usurp and modify the technology sufficiently to be used as a fiat currency. In the meantime, ‘institutional investors’ have started including cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolios. Investing your pension in ethereal tokens of equivalency might seem like a daft idea, but that is rock-solid investment philosophy compared to the real darling of the stock market: Derivatives.

A financial derivative would have been described as a type of pyramid scheme just a very few years ago. Ever since the first derivatives were legalised by giving Hillary Clinton an ‘in’ into the “pork belly derivatives market” so her hubby can sign the practice into legality, this ‘financial vehicle’ has grown in proportions hard to imagine. It is said that Greece was bankrupted for the benefit of less than 300 million Euros, but the derivatives hanging off that debt, amounted to up to seven trillion Euros. Greece was sacrificed and sold off piecemeal, so greedy nerds in banks all over Europe did not have to make good on really big, really silly bets they made with other people’s money. Max Keiser is touring the world telling people this was outright, and I quote him: “Financial Terrorism by George Soros and his friends.” A derivative is nothing but a contractual bet between two greedy millionaires, who have the means and legal sanction to sell that bet on to some unsuspecting ‘investor’ as an actual investment. This is a silly game for silly buggers, and it would have been funny, had it not been for one little thing:

The derivatives “market” is now “worth” more than all the gold that has ever been mined, or is likely to ever be found on earth. Ever will exist. Derivatives are fraudulent promises of wealth that cannot ever exist, and the debt accrued around this con-job, add up to more than all the money, all the debt, all the minerals, all the real estate, and all the stocks and bonds in the world put together, derivatives exceed that value by a factor of at least four. This means, a small group of people have written gambling contracts to the value of four earths, and then they swopped that fictitious wealth for actual pensions and hedge funds and government bonds, the whole world’s wealth is now promised, four times over, to the one account that will be collecting that debt, and very soon, if the economists are to be believed. This is the reason some believe the system will just crash irrevocably, to be replaced by a new and equitable system of fiscal governance. As with all fake news, it is difficult to figure whether this fable is being planted in our consciousness, or are we listening to the complete ignorance of people paid to look clever on my television?

 Instead of a market crash leading to some kind paradigmatic reset or universal debt forgiveness, we can expect quite the opposite: every cent of fictitious value that has been created on paper, will become payable, and immediately. That will be the day the judgement, of the Apocalypse. This will be the day the Great Seal is broken, and the Great Book is opened, and when those appointed have finished balancing the books, we shall all find ourselves equally stripped and laid bare of the burden of possessions, because it will all belong to the guys that created that wonderful financial instrument called a Market Derivative. …and they are operating on borrowed money… Our pensions!

As to how the market will crash, is still not publically known, by working class people, the ones called the public, the ones whose money is about to disappear. It is known, though, to those laying the groundwork for the next crash. How do we know this? As with all real news, it lies behind the waxy smiles and condescending redefinitions. The truth hides in their patronising off-the-cuff rebuffs to our questions, the real clues are there for all to see in the self-satisfied smirks on your TV, when the exalted masters of our universe deign to speak at the plebs behind the camera lens.

You know you are hearing the truth, when they each say something slightly different "on your level, as well the less educated" as they like to smirk. You know the truth by the omissions they all commit, the things not one will say out loud. You have to hear the silence for yourself, but let me report for you on what it is they are saying:

"The next financial crisis will be worse than ever before." and "There is nothing anyone will be able to do, because everyone will be unprepared." and "The next crisis will happen in a way that has never happened before, could never happen before." That is probably a clue to some role of technology? What was impossible or unavailable the last time they crashed the market? Ponder on that, but be quick, the chairman of JPMorgan tells us the economy is a motor car driving at a wall, his CEO tells us the current system was built for a reason and is forever. He also has no idea how that trickle-down stuff is supposed to work, snigger smile wink-wink. He does agree though, that the next crash will be bigger and stranger and more unpreventable than ever before, because, and I quote "No-one will have seen anything like it before, there is no way to prepare for it, everybody will be exposed this time."

So, there you have your update, the crash is coming, you will not only lose everything, you will have to pay part of my Federal debt (and I yours) via new taxes, and the Fed will own our collective ass. The pieces are moving, moved by those who get to move us like pieces, and they are moving all the world's money onto one big heap, so their king can claim the world as his property, to the glory of their g-d, which apparently hates any God you or I or anyone but Them believe in. The exact role of the Satanists are not perfectly clear yet, so far we have no more evidence than their supplying children for the Confidence-lacking Investor's sex parties. With children. And ministers of Police and priests and judges... and children.

The latest educational paradigm says we have to teach the children that "...prostitution is a valid career choice."

The FED did not Kill Kennedy

The Paranoid Goy sometimes allows himself the amusement of stranger political theories. Remember 911, and all the evil numerological codes discovered to expose the demonic symbolism? Understand me nicely; I don’t believe in too many strange things, but I also understand that, for those who believe, faith is everything, and we are the heathen fools. That every disaster after 911 has its numerology repeat the 911 motif, without fail, seems a bit stretched. However, one must also realise that, somewhere, there is at least one person who deeply believes in things like magic numbers and drinking babies’ blood. Now imagine dozens, hundreds, thousands of these people gather in secret meetings, where they discuss economics, and school budgets, and the justice system. Now imagine they attain actual influence and power, these people who say they, and only they, hold the secrets of the magical numbers. It is said Ronald Reagan would not get out of bed without his fortune-teller’s guidance…

The evidence is plentiful and publicly available, that just such a group of people are in control of the mightiest organisation on earth: the Federal Reserve Bank, a private concern incorporated in Puerto Rico, where Financial Services businesses do not pay any taxes. The entire world has made themselves subservient to the mighty dollar, and nearly every single war since 1913 has been at the behest of, and for the profit of, the Reserve Bank and its major shareholders. It is not America murdering children in their beds in Syria, it is the Federal Reserve impressing upon the “revisionist regime of the animal Assad” the folly of selling oil by himself, for any currency but the dollar. You do not cross the FED. But surely, some mighty men must have tried? Yeah, there has been a few, Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein, Gadhafi, but they tended to die horribly, assassination, poisoning and bankruptcy seemingly the weapons of choice. Then, suddenly, it gets weird: I know this does not count as legitimate research; as a matter of fact, I went looking for facts to fit my theory. Here is a short list, in no particular order (hee hee) of mighty enemies the FED made over the years, and how they died. See if you can spot the same pattern as the one that so amused the Paranoid Goy on a rainy morning:

George Washington. He started the US Treasury, and as president he appointed Hamilton. He was unhappy with Hamilton’s obsession with privatised central banking, and worked to preserve congressional privilege. By all accounts, his death was hurried along by ritual bloodletting beyond reason.

Thomas Jefferson hated banksters, and he prophesied: “…first by inflation…deflation… will deprive the people of their property….their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…” He died uncomfortably in his eighties, much maligned and slandered by his detractors.

Abraham Lincoln understood money well enough, and ordered the issue of Greenbacks, government-sponsored money that carries no debt obligation to the banksters. Famously executed in public.

Andrew Jackson. Famous for calling the banksters “…a pit of vipers… by God I’ll root you out.” He died in his eighties, but he was shot so regularly, some suggest it was lead poisoning what done him in. The historians of the FED insist it was tuberculosis.

Ulysses Grant. Often depicted as a Civil War criminal, he ‘idly sat by’ during a number of financial disasters that bankrupted a number of banksters. No bank bail-outs from Grant. They tried bankrupting him in turn, but he left behind a successful memoir that allowed his widow a good living.

Benjamin Franklin died an old man, beloved by everybody except the banksters. A proponent of land-backed state script money, he cut out the bankster middlemen, and insisted on monetary independence. He delayed the formation of the FED by many decades.

The most famous president, outside the US, of course, would be John F. Kennedy. He is not on this list. He hated the Fed, issued congressional money (Greenbacks) and was a major threat, and got killed brutally.

Now, just for fun, let’s look at the pictures on US banknotes:

Washington = $1
Jefferson = $2
Lincoln = $5
Jackson = $20
Grant = $50
Franklin = $100

As you can see, there are some famous names, but from outside America, only Washington, Franklin and Lincoln (in that order?) are considered famous, while Teddy Roosevelt, a timeframe-relevant banker’s puppet, is conspicuously absent, from outside. Kennedy is not on the list. There are, however, fairly unknown people that belong on this list, sort of:

 Alexander Hamilton, the man who first managed to form a FED, then called the First Bank of America. His 20-year charter was allowed to expire, setting the banksters back by years.  He did, during the quiet holidays of Christmas 1913, "birth" the Fed, you don't get more blessed than that, and his public history has been scrubbed virginally clean. His noble efforts in the service of Mammon was rewarded by putting his picture on the $10 bill.

Woodrow Wilson signed the FED into life while nobody was looking. He later apologised for his role in this mess, but his picture can be found on a hundred-thousand federal note. That is $100 000 !

Grover Cleveland allowed a ‘panic’ that gobbled up working class ‘investments’ by allowing banking ‘reforms’. He is honoured with the 1 000 dollar bill.

And governor Salmon Chase? Well, he ran for president while running the impeachment of president Jackson, the man who tried to “root the vipers out”. Chase’s face can be found on the ten-grand bill.

Of these, Woodrow Wilson is known, but only for the atrocities of WW1, which was wholly a Crown/FED commercial enterprise. It must have proven exceedingly profitable, justifying a hundred-grand portrait for the guy who made it possible for the FED to take part in the looting of Europe.

Now, why would the FED put the faces of their enemies on their own holy documents, namely low-denomination bank notes? Certainly there is significance in the one single discrepancy on this scale: Hamilton, the biggest hero the FED ever had, has not the highest currency, but just a lowly, perfect ten.

The only other discrepecy is Kennedy. Every busybody ever offed in the service of the Fed, had his head on public display, but not Kennedy, ergo: They did not off Kennedy. To be sure, when the public demanded Kennedy be so "homoured", the treasury stopped using new faces, as they sometimes did on commemorative series notes, most often the $50.

I know only one kind of mind that would even consider this whole joke appropriate, and they attend gatherings where people wear certain things while they do certain things with the understanding that this will give them power over certain things. Some call this conspiracy, freemasonry, satanism, or just childishly venal greed. The Paranoid Goy is already too freaked out to ask further, maybe they will overlook me if I just go my way.

But it is funny how obsessed our ‘leaders’ are with dark symbolism, isn’t it? Take note how much effort is put into making symbols visible on otherwise innocuous press release photos, and it is happening more and more obviously, the bolder they get? In this context, please note how the War on Paedophilia has kicked off with learned announcements assuring us that  men think of sex with children on a regular basis. Hollywood has joined in the fun, with cartoon characters and dramatic heroes engaging in increasingly blatant displays of stylised child pornography.

Symbols do have power, even if it just serves as a rallying signal for the deranged, and when you see symbolism in the places of power, it is because those who rally around those symbols have infested the places of power. Symbols allow them to tell you something, while all those who understands the symbols, work at doing quite something else behind your back, legitimised in their mind by “but we told you this, the signs were right there for you to see…” Never trust anyone that speaks in incomprehensible whispers, they live in another reality, and there, you and I are just warm prey.

Bond Markets and Debt Slaves

14 April 2017, some fellow calling himself a linguistic predictor has published a theory based on keywords du jour, or at least recent events. He sees gold and silver mentioned a lot, and this sure is true. He also mentions the bond market. He professes ignorance of economics, but insists the bond market will soon do something of great impact, fail or succeed, but in a spectacularly significant sort of way. I tend to agree...

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    Economics Theories all serve the same purpose: Finding new ways of corrupting Law to serve High Finance.

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