#MeToo Hollywood Whores is Fake News

Or: Why Sexism in Hollywood if Fake News

There are only two ways to become a Star: On your back, or on Daddy’s back. You either get born into this very tight circle of ultra-privileged bohemians, or you screw your way there. I was aware of the casting couch before I even knew what screwing meant, it is probably the oldest Hollywood joke on earth. Which girl will not ‘put out’ for a chance at the glamourous life of Julia Roberts or Vanessa Williams? That’s not why I call them whores. Why do you think so many male stars turn out to be willing to ride that couch monster for their chance at that big Role? Men can be whores too. Some of the most respected actresses started their career in a ‘blue’ movie. That is not why I call them whores. For years we watched a series of starlets rise to fame and fortune by poor acting  in strings of blockbusters filled with sex and violence and violent sex and sexualised violence, and posing half naked to advertise those movies. That’s not why I call them whores. They received rewards and accolades and marriage proposals, all because of their life’s work amongst those horrible sexual predators in Hollywood, without complaint. That is not why I call them whores. The entire Hollywood set is a bunch of inbred narcissists, screwing and breeding and aborting and divorcing and all the while rolling in money and public adoration. That’s not why I call them whores. If you want to make your money using a valuable attribute of your anatomy, what business is it of mine? The average prostitute is an angel next to your average corrupted social worker, I have nothing against prostitutes. No, the Hollywood Whores are deserving of their name, because the current (2018) uproar over powerful men in Hollywood abusing their position to ravage innocent actresses, is a big show, a Fake News Extravaganza, a pot of self-serving hogwash these whores are getting paid to keep going, because Gods forbid we remember the actual scandal around Hollywood and sexual slavery.

The plastic-breasted, inflamed-lipped, primped and dyed and surgically reconstructed prostitutes of the silver screen are falling over each other trying to claim some of the limelight, and it is suspected that they are being put up to this, paid, even. This is why I call all of them whores. The entire Hollywood-driven MeToo ‘movement’ is an expensive and well-managed PR exercise to excite our attention and fixate it upon the beautiful starlets with their botox lips and plastic tits, wailing away about the rigours of the casting couch, because heaven forbid we remember the real scandal: Pervasive and institutionalised pederasty and paedophilia amongst those with ridiculous incomes.

Michael Jackson refused to admit to molesting children until his death. As a matter of fact, his last public appearance was a speech to announce his intention to finally disprove the child abuse allegations, and at the same time, he promised to expose the real sins of the entertainment industry. Ten working days later, he was dead. Prince followed soon, also murdered in cold blood. If you have any doubts about his relationship to child prostitution, go watch his early movies. Things have been heating up for the child-abusers, especially since 2001, when one of two famous boys died, and the survivor started telling the world how they were handed around at sex orgies from a very young age. Corey Feldman is still actively fighting to be heard, and as recently as 2012, as a more mature man, he started to draw attention for his public campaign to expose child prostitution in Hollywood.

Skip to 2014, and the world is introduced to Lolita Island, a splendid little getaway for the very very rich, with a trip on the famous Lolita Express, a private jet staffed by children, providing all the comforts a partying bunch of movers and shakers deserve. Bankers, actors, presidents and princes, drinking and farting and raping little kids like there’s no tomorrow. Someone exposed the flight log of that plane, and it is full of very famous names. Some are so famous, they are being kept secret while prince Phillip, the Clintons, and Trump are all named openly, but we must still learn who are the unnamed people are even mightier than that, and they all screw children. Why can I openly name Trump as a child fucker without fear of legal repercussion? Because even if you kept you dick in your pants, Donald, you are aware of this shit, and not only do you condone it, you call these people your friends. We prayed for the universe to shit on all of you, instead you-all declared War on Paedophilia. . As explained elsewhere on this site, all contraband (illegal substances, services and goods) that is vigorously suppressed by government, is actually nothing more than mafia-type trade monopolies, protected by police and other state resources maintained by public funds. In this context, we are tremendously concerned about the War on Paedophilia. It almost seems we have reason to celebrate; are you not aware of, and excited by, the thousands of child-molesters arrested since Donald Trump took office? Have you read the stories of schools and youth centres used for decades by very high-class personages, the rulers of our world, the masters of our universe, caught red-handed and unashamed? But there will be no public lynching. There will be a few court-cases to find scapegoats and exonerate the rest, there will be the usual cover-up, but all indications are that they are merely cleaning up the turf, thinning out the competition, eliminating the small traders. The big traders and their extensive mafia (government) connections will go unreported, because my goodness, did you see, my favourite most beautiful gorgeous famous #MeToo Hollywood Whore was also exploited by a horrific Hollywood Hero. Stop all the presses, Her Beauteousness is about to unveil her abuser…News is happening right on my TV!

Message to those painted whores complaining about MeToo!!!, well, go get fucked, some more, you are being paid to distract attention away from the institutionalised prostitution of little children, not a word of which is being discussed anymore, since a bunch of painted princesses started their performance on every media channel they can infest with their self-serving yammering, while the kids are being gang-raped by our so-called elite classes. This is the same process they used at the end of the second world war; keep us busy looking for non-existent gas ovens, while the ashes of Dresden smoulder quietly and un-mourned, even today. The #MeToo Hollywood Whores are the modern version of the Holocaust survivor/ author/ speaker, and like that fable, we can expect a certain subsection of our society to benefit greatly and disproportionately from this propaganda campaign, while the innocent have to pay damages to their persecutors. We wonder who the Czar of child-prostitution will be?

The Anti-Smoking Campaign and Your God.

Those who applaud the success of the anti-smoking campaign need to flatten their gladden, subdue their glee at their ‘moral’ victory. This is the same techniques they will employ to relieve us of our gods. They care not who your god is, it is not their god, and their god is the only god, and therefor you shall need to be converted. This time, however, they won’t stop at Sunday school and airport singalongs. As an exercise in business opportunity evaluation, let us see what return we can inspect on an investment in religion:

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Is the Devil a Dinosaur, is Satan a Snake?

2018, and there are no more Great Social Questions. Politics consists solely for the purpose of managing public outrage at the blatant excesses of our so-called leaders and the way they are destroying our social structures. Economics serves only to impoverish the middle classes, concentrating all wealth, public and private, into the accounts of fewer and fewer ‘financial vehicles’. Education of the youth centres around the theory of an overpopulated world, and their elders’ collective guilt in the destruction of the ecosphere. Government has no duty other than ensuring ‘Investor Confidence’ and national borders only exist for things worth less than some currently unpublicised amount. Cheap stuff, like plastic toys and human bodies, must pay taxes and obeisance at every border, large amounts of ‘capital’ moves freely, even gaining substance in the process, being lured by promises of growing economics. When poor people move money, they pay fees and taxes, when the connected few move money, they collect fees and taxes. There are no more surprises in any area of human endeavour, everything is censored, centralised and censured, the programme of Total Control as envisaged and spelled out in The Protocols, is almost fulfilled. Less than ten people ‘own’ more than half the world, just about every nation on earth is struggling with class, race and tribal warfare fomented by business interests, and we spend more on policing than on education, health and welfare together …investor confidence, you understand. Your police force is working to bolster the daily confidence of less than ten men, all of them don’t live within ten thousand miles of you. No surprises in any new laws, rules, regulation or ‘security apparatuses’ they create this week. Pure PROTOCOL, you can read the whole list of requirements for Total Control in the PROTOCOLS, for here, we agree that the End is nearly Nigh. Nearly, I say, because a few things are still not complete:

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Depleted Uranium: An Uncomfortable Truth

Depleted Uranium is not some kind of benign plastic that radiates democracy upon the unworthy. Depleted Uranium is a mounting pile of extremely poisonous unstable metal that nobody has an idea what to do with, so they decided to spread it all over the world, disguised as peace and prosperity.

The term Depleted’ plays on our emotional response to ‘Enriched’. We all (think we) know what enrichment means; they take Uranium, enrich it and then it becomes nuclear fuel, easy. Enrichment is something they do in er… it makes the Uranium …er, better. Actually, it is all the same Uranium. Radioactivity has to do with the actual mass of an atom, such as Uranium. If my science teacher had it right, Uranium should weigh about 184 atomic units, but Nature decided to add a whole bunch of Neutrons, more than 50, even, causing the Average weight of an Uranium atom to be around 238 comma whatsit. Average and Around should tell you that sometimes there are more, and sometimes less, and the heavier the atom, the more spare Neutrons trying to fly off, the more radioactive that particular atom. Nuclear boffins love U235, which has a longer decay rate (less radioactive, stabler and more trustworthy), which they separate from the lump of 238-comma. A tiny lump of 235 is thus ‘enriched’ compared to the ‘depleted’ 238 comma-very little. It is still the exact same shoebox-sized lump of ever-lasting poison, that 235 you took out was not even a teaspoon’s worth. It is still the same dangerous, cancer-causing, mutating lump of silent, painful, protracted death and suffering they dug up from the earth.

Humongous piles of ‘depleted’ Uranium must be piling up somewhere, like the extremely poisonous fluoride waste associated with the extraction process, which eats through anything but a diamond. What to do? Well, the fluoride they sell off as ‘good for your teeth’, which gives them billions of litres of public water to dilute their poison into. This health nightmare has only become apparent once unrelated families across the world started comparing notes, it seems. ‘Depleted Uranium’ on the other hand, is something the American Coalition sprinkled over the landscape of Fallujah, where they sprouted seed and flowered little blossoms of democracy: The people all came together as a nation for the first time in centuries, had a silent public discussion and decided by common consent, the Americans are murderers. Much of the carnage was actually sub-contracted, the Americans tell me. Over half a million children were provably damaged in the womb by 2010, by 2018 it seems the nightmare continues…because what do you do with tons and tons of radio-active waste?

Why use Uranium to make bullets, though? For the same reason you use lead: the smallest, fastest possible projectile, with the most mass. Lead makes better bullets than plastic or iron because it imparts more momentum to the impact zone. Uranium is also a metal, considerably denser than lead, making for good bullets, and here's the best bit: Uranium burns! In other words, once that metal hits a target, it catches fire, almost instantly reducing the lump of metal into a cloud of ashes, making it a good way to distribute radioactive waste across somebody else’s landscape; it is the Globalist version of salting the fields!

So, please, next time somebody use the term ‘depleted uranium munitions’ around you, grab the mother-lover by the ears, look the genocidal freak straight in the eye, and head-butt the bastard between the eyes. Give him a little plastic spade and a bucket, like a kid on the beach, seal the piece of human excrement in a crate, and post the jerk to Fallujah, let him go pick up some of his scrap metal… depleted my foot!

P.S. It turns out they have been doing this a long time, the war in Kosovo was already a wholesale spreading of radioactive ashes, disguised as the casings for boms. Bomb casings themself do not really form part of the munitions, they just rip into large shards that may or may not contribute to the carnage. With a DU casing, however, the explosives will ignite the Uranium, with aforementioned democratic ashes sifting down radioactively, thousands of kilometers from the "theatre of combat". A German team alleges to have found some of that dust collecting in wild spaces of Germany.

Conspiracy and Mental Health

Do not ever call yourself a conspiracy theorist, do not allow others to call you a conspiracy theorist, and above all get this conspiracy thing out of your head. There is no conspiracy. A farmer does not conspire against his cattle; he breeds them, he feeds them, then he eats'em. Besides, any person that believes others are conspiring against him or her, is called a paranoiac. Paranoia is a symptom of a greater mental disorder, psychosis. This makes you a certifiable potential mass criminal. At the very least you need to be de-radicalised, possibly with a healthy dose of incarceration. The good news is, psychosis can be treated. The bad news is, people don't want to take their little pills, so now there are vast organisations fighting for our right to enforced medication.

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Zika and Robot Wars

As with just about every other public discussion, the furore over armed robots with artificial intelligence used against humans is just so much distraction. While we are arguing the morality of a machine executing a human, that Great Profit, the Chief Evangelist for Monsanto, Bill Gates, is sure to bring the first battle bot to market. Legally. He has already built the first core processors. In Brazil, I believe. These cores will reach battle maturity (draft age) in about fourteen years. There are ways of speeding this up, like medical care, or philanthropy, or maybe special education. Here is the full train of thought:

It is obviously immoral, irresponsible and illegal on many levels to loose a machine upon the public that has not only the ability, but the purpose to kill. Forget programming, until Asimov’s three laws are enforced, no machine is unhackable, and those who can afford killer robots, seem to lack a certain human-like empathy with humankind as a whole. The market for such devices, though, is huge. All the poor can rot in their own filth; the Holy Corporations will still be able to sow mayhem and carnage. The Exalted CEO himself can spend a pleasant evening, safely cocooned in front of his little Wi-Fi-connected screen, logged into the latest model battlebot, bombing away at the tiny screaming figurines running across his screen, who, until now lived at 34 to 79, Evergreen Lane, South Hingst, Prabalayam, Yemen. Killed by the Great One’s very own avatar, over dinner at the Big House, after main course before the cake, just to demonstrate to his other Rhodes scholarship pals. Courtesy of Great Entrepreneurs like Google, those drones actually fly themselves, but legally, the public must never find out about a weapon that makes its own choices. We are enlightened liberals, we demand a human makes the decision whether to murder a couple of kids in their beds or not.

Large drones could also be used to build factories in places too severe for human occupation, It could be used to clean up entire ecological spaces of anything that poisons the land, oh, the possibilities! But that is just a naïve dreamer’s fantasy. It will be used to clean up the human scum disturbing his Drollship’s peace. If only there was a way to get around this complaint of killer robots, but a normal human soldier is no match for the job that is coming. To use humans in the Cleansing would be risky; millions of heavily-armed humans could suddenly experience a moment of clarity, and refuse to gun down more old women in their own houses, and maybe even turn on the Corporation. What then? No, we really do need those robots, but those darn cry-babies with their ‘autonomy’ crap! What to do? Enter Bill Gates, the God of Software and High Divinity of vaccinity. That’s vaccinations and insanity conflated.

Billy-boy was ‘giving away’ bonus-packs of vaccinations in Brazil circa 2014/15. So far we know that a variety of these vaccines were bundled into one ‘treatment’ of sometimes seven vaccines in one application. We know that at least some of these vaccines were unproven, proven risky and/or untested in combination with the other ingredients of these ‘cocktails’, as they were lovingly called by our betters. We also know that questions were then already raised regarding the advisability of giving vaccine cocktails to pregnant women -in all stages of pregnancy, no screening. You don’t refuse a gift from Lord Bill. While those pregnancies come to termination, we have time for a quick look at Billy-bob’s humanitarian gifts. Firstly, it is important to note that, as of financial cycle 2014/2015, the majority of Bill’s money comes not from computer software, but from vaccines. Yet, he gives vaccines away all over the world, surely there is some mistake here? The man gets rich by giving away free stuff? The Lord has His HAND over this Bill guy, surely!

Well, there is a small technicality we all are aware of, but rarely consider from Bill’s angle; Bill donates vaccines to the people of Arimlant. To take advantage of Bill’s (always very public and well-publicised) offer, the government of the people of Arimlant must show some simple good faith:

  • The government must match Bill’s contribution cent-for-cent.
  • The country’s Health Services must be privatised

Publicity for the ‘Gift’ ensures embarrassment for any government that does not accept, and privatisation is surely the main driver of corruption in any modern-day state. Rural clinics see less funding, for that would constitute unfair competition in a Free Market, you dig? That’s why no-one can afford to get ill no more, because your government was too stupid to make a profit off our suffering, but people like Bill will offer us an easy-payment plan for as much as we can afford.

As for the cent-for-cent matching, here’s the trick: You take a twenty-cent fix, sell it to your own distribution chain at six bucks, fly it over to Arimlant, infect a million kiddies, plus a million more on state cost, that’s 6 million smackeroos for an outlay of four hundred kay plus transport . For a fee you can have some of his brightest kids come over and show us how to apply them, otherwise read the Chinamerican instruction booklet. Six mill you write off on taxes as cost, six mill clean profit you deposit in some far land with no taxes, and so another twelve million bucks are withdrawn from the economy and dumped into the financial system. …and two million kids stand a chance to win a seat in the newest generation non-autonomous, remotely-managed, mega-computer informed (but human manned) tactical exoskeleton battle suit. That intelligence is not artificial at all.

Ooh! What do I hear there? New babies coming into the world? How exciting. They must surely be very healthy babies, being so well medicated in the womb? What’s that? How many thousand babies born with tiny little heads, which holds tiny little brains, that will never learn to comprehend but the tiniest of worlds? What a terrible disaster, that Zika virus. No vaccine for Zika, but apparently “we are working very hard at finding a solution”. Problem is, no-one has ever accused the Zika virus to cause microcephaly. It’s not like Zika is a modern thing that ‘escaped’ a laboratory, like HIV or Neoliberalism. It’s been around forever, and no Zika-epidemic was noted, so forget about the mass media and their stupid lies that only stand until you open any reference book. Start with a dictionary; you’d be surprised to learn what they are actually saying to you, when all you heard was “neo-Nazi white supremacist right-wing disgusting racist fascist socialist anarchist…unrest in the middle east.”

The only thing all these otherwise healthy babies with their tiny, tiny brains have in common is being vaccinated by a certain ‘cocktail of seven drugs’ administered to their pregnant mothers. These children will grow up, they will come of age, and they will be required to ‘make do’ in life. They will need jobs. Here’s a good one: Are you young, with a severely shortened life expectancy, and no mental capacity to know better than your circumstances allow? Are you perhaps pretty? There are many kind people – especially in the upper echelons – who will gladly... uh, adopt such a poor unfortunate child? Maybe take it to New York, for special treatment and a much, much better, though short and vacant, life as House Prostitute to a successful Wall Street Trader. Or maybe we can test new chemicals and drugs on you? Or how about a Life in the Military?

If we can build a comfortable seat into our killer robot, and include some basic controls, such as Start/Stop, which is remotely ‘audited’, an ejection seat maybe, a potty-go button, basic stuff, you know, just get a conscious human presence into that machine, turn on your remote control, and Juan Estaveres, fit and strong microcephalic from Paras de los Estranges in Brazil, South America, can sit back and watch his ‘kinetic suit’ plough through an African village, clearing valuable mining land of disease-ridden scum who think they have some kind of right to life and dignity.

Yeah, Uncle Bill is already programming his new generation CPU’s. I wish I was brave enough to go ask after those kiddies, it would surprise me to find any strong healthy ones in the care of their mothers. My guess is adoption for the pretty ones, and ‘special education facilities’ for the athletic ones. Generally the weak and useless can be left to rot in the jungle; they are but the first wave of casualties in the Zika epidemic. We can parade them once-a-while to advertise their needy cause and collect contributions from concerned middle class citizens all over the world. The Bill and Melinda Foundation needs contributions to expand their charity work.

Onkel Biel has not announced any plans to formally recognise his role in the ‘Zika Epidemic.’ He is upbeat about the investment opportunities in battlefield automation, though. In between medical miracles, Bill keeps himself busy as Chief Evangelist for Frankenfood crops and systemic environmental poisoning. Bayer is now buying Monsanto, it would not be surprising if they rebrand, the Name Monsanto has become a domestic curse word to every person that bothers to read and understand food labelling.

Any machine that completes any function without human supervision can be classified as a robot. A large collection of machines working together as one system, with no or little human interaction, is it a robot, or not? A complete factory, taking in materials and pushing out products in an autonomous, pre-programmed way surely is a robot. Can we count an automated factory producing poisonous baby foods, or dangerous environmentally-indiscriminate poisons, or even just so much pollution as to sicken the surrounding population, is that not a robot operating in a way that harms humans, on purpose? Are our foods factories battle machines, designed and programmed to kill off humans in large numbers, with little or no human interaction beyond the programming? Now we are regaled with promises of artificial intelligences that will program themselves? In real terms, such a machine can only program another machine with the program it has been programmed to program with. In essence, some human has to lay down the morals and ethics for the first machine, and we have no idea who that person is, or what his intentions towards the human race are. Computer geeks are notoriously asocial and misanthropic (dislike human contact).

Think of a hospital; is that not (these days) a highly automated process with just enough human contact to supply bedside manners? Another Automat, and as you walk in, you find a row of helpful smiling humans, and the first thing they hand you is a ‘registration form’ which, upon the most superficial scrutiny, turns out to be an elaborate disclaimer of responsibility for your health from here on. Thereafter, each of its parallel processors (departments) will cross-refer you until everyone has had a change to point some expensive device at you in a decidedly expensive way, but only after you signed their registration/disclaimer. Also, they are all franchises now, like pizzerias, so even if they are not yet Autonomous, they certainly have become very anonymous… and kill indiscriminately.


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