Poofter Cockroaches, Paedophile Politicians and Black Magic

The subject of our so-called elite taking part in Satanic rituals is best not aired in polite conversation. The only thing that can turn a dinner conversation sour quicker than allegations of Satanism in the State, is the issue of pederasty, paedophilia and outright baby sex amongst the rich and powerful. If the arrest, imprisonment and fake suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has any silver lining at all, at all, then we see it in the bursting of the boil; we may, carefully, approach the problem as undeniable fact, something to be discussed.

When we discuss the importance of the Epstein saga, I doubt anyone will allow the children to listen, even though this issue is of utmost importance for children to hear about, and be taught properly. How do you teach your child to avoid pederasts, unless you tell him what a pederast is, at least in broad terms? No, teaching a kid to treat every stranger to a wimpy litany of ‘stranger danger’ and cowering in mom’s basement is not how humans are supposed to behave.

So, after the subject of childraping millionaires has been broached, the first question is, of course, after proof. Now how do you proof the guilt of someone you have never met? At best, you can supply evidence. After listing a range of worthies caught with their hands in the kiddie cot, and explaining the legal implication of public charges not denied and not actioned, it still is touch-and-go whether the majority will agree the problem exists. At least, with the Epstein mess, they have to admit there is a problem. The biggest problem with the Epstein saga, however, is the non-mention of boys. Paedophiles are not sexist, they screw anything without pubic hair, apparently. Bill Clinton, for example, is never to be found far from boys, openly and publically so charged, never prosecuted on either side. Monica Lewinsky (sic) served well to distract from one such allegation that was threatening the status quo. For now, we are sold on the idea of underage prostitutes entrapping decent gentlemen, they do not even mention any kids younger than the 12-year-old triplets ‘bought’ from their poor, rural French family. We assume they were rural, because the immigrants live in the cities, and apparently Epstein promised to “only use white girls”.

The next question those who can actually sit down long enough to hear something new, is of course: “But, why? How can they do this?” but also “Hillary? How can a woman rape a child?” That one always stumped me.

Some years ago, some chap somewhere studied behaviour amongst cockroaches. I do not remember the details of the people involved, nor the full extend of their studies, but there was one very interesting thing that stuck in my mind for decades, and that was the case of the less-than-manly cockroach. Cockroaches apparently have a social structure, with top dogs, underdogs and sly conmen that cheat their way into the benefits of being socially acceptable, namely the right to mate. The biggest, strongest cockroaches seem to be getting all the action, while weaker, less aggressive males have to skulk around the edges of the community, scavenging for still-warm corpses…to eat, probably.

Then, apparently, the researcher notices that social dominance does not precisely correlate with size or strength. Instead, it seems mating is available to those males who are the most, er, cocky? So our intrepid research fellow takes one of the sissy cockroaches out of the tribe, and places him in an enclosure with some females. Him being the only male, the little blighter has the time of his life! After he has had a bit of a leg over, the poofter sissy is re-introduced to the rest of the tribe, and the researcher takes careful video record of the ensuing scuffle. Not only is he allowed to mate, he takes part in denying other male cockroaches access to females. The poofter has turned into a bully, a man of men, a leader in the tribe! This knowledge can lead to much entertainment in large gatherings, where human cockroaches compete for attention, but it was nothing more than a little interesting factlet about cockroaches and men. But important thoughts grow together, eventually…

The most obvious reason for institutionalised child rape, is blackmail. This is also the ‘explanation’ they offer for Epstein. You see, it is not your favourite politician that is a venal, rapacious child rapist, no, he was misled and taken advantage of by that blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein, and his cohort of underage whores. It’s those little Lolitas who’s to blame! This habit of controlling our leaders by holding incriminating evidence over them, has been amply spoofed in books, movies and comedy skits. The usual plot calls for a prostitute in a sleazy motel, sometimes she is even alive. In reality, little schoolgirls perform fellatio on the visiting mayor while he ‘takes a phone call’ in Mother Superior’s office, or the Great Sports Hero that freely gives up his free time to give free training to boys without daddies to protect them… or daddies who are so caught up in the fantasy of their child the sports star, they just don’t care.  The reality is that perverts take advantage where and when they find it. It’s the parents who supply those opportunities, mostly by succumbing to the liberal bull of not calling out a pervert when you see it. Be careful whom you call a pervert…

Rape, philandering, extramarital affairs… none of those has ever disturbed the career path of a man in power, even when often used to revile him during election campaigns. It has been said that every man that ever achieved anything, was either a sexless saint or a voracious fornicator. The only result we had from accusing Bill of an affair with Monica, was that it made the allegations of Bill having sex with a child disappear. It also made Bill look like a proper leader. Great leaders are not cheats, they are virile and powerful men! The cocky cockroach continues to rule the roost, no-one respects the peaceful scavengers on the edges of society, everyone likes the scoundrel in the middle of the dance floor.

The other type of child rape is even more unmentionable; Satanic rituals. It has become scandalous to insult Satanists, they are seen as people with legitimate choices these days. As Acoïtheists we are not allowed bothered to judge on religion, but the Satanists make no secret of their sacrifices. Of course, before the public these blood sacrifices are played out as assassinations, movies, dances and accidents with enough ritual symbolism for those who know what to look for. Diana died in a black coach smashed against a pillar right below an actual altar to the Moon Goddess (often called Diana) in a public park laid out in Masonic patterns. Instead of taking her to hospital, a known Satanist, a surgeon with no business responding to road accidents, first cut her unborn child from her womb, under that altar. On one of the Satanists’ holy days. The British politician who complained about the Iraq war went into the forest, suffocated himself with a pair of panties, then he shot himself in the back of the head. Three or four times. The corpse in Jeffry Epstein’s cell was found with a broken voice-box bone. Did you think he would be allowed to talk? The Satanists are big on ritual.

Considering the high number of people commonly classified as Satanist that occupy high office, it can be said with certainty that our society has been hijacked by Satanist. Seeing as Satan seems to be a figment of the Catholic church and their Christian/Muslim/Jewish religious sects, can any real power be attained by sacrificing babies, or just even a goat? One wants to dismiss the sacrifice thing, but there still remains the sexual rituals, specifically with captives and children, even babies. By adding the old camera/eyewitness facet to your ritual, people caught up in the moment may be compromised to the point where they become “trustworthy”. This has always been the explanation; powerful people are compromised on purpose to control their actions for the benefit of those who hold the evidence. Mister Big Business is actually the victim here…

As the Paranoid Goy keeps reminding us: Cream does float to the top, but nothing floats higher than scum. Whereas one might be tempted to sympathy for a drunken judge entrapped into a compromising photo with a minor, it would be well to remember the actual resemblance between politicians and cockroaches, from the scurrying for cover when you shine light on their doings, to the way they hang onto the edge of proper society, picking at the still-warm corpse of our economy.

 There lies in the aforementioned research on cockroach fornication habits a kernel of disturbing truth, though. Consider the famous politician, in his private jet, in a locked classroom, in his five-star hotel, in his friend Epstein’s mansion. See him, naked from the waist down, face red with exertion, as he bores into the muffled toddler with vengeance. Do you see any romance? Can you find the eroticism in there? If you can, please get a life! There can be no sexual satisfaction to be had from a child squirming in pain and terror. Or one limp with shock and horror, stiff as a board with abject fear… how does your minister like his little plaything? Definitely not mature and able to fight back. The official explanation is that it is all about power. Power?

And here lies the Black Magic! Clinton, Bush, Windsor, they are not having sex, they are torturing defenceless human beings. It matters not who and what it is you are busy raping, what matters is that the thing screams and writhes and oozes fear and pain, so you can know what a powerful little cockroach you really are. Once you pull your zip up, and throw the remains of your lust into a corner, to live or rot, only then do you really feel powerful. Then you walk back into the hall full of sycophants, and they all marvel at the glamour of power that surrounds you. All hail the Great Leader, can I but be touched by your shadow, oh exalted one, the Anointed One…

…the sexually deviant cockroach that got bit of a leg over.