How to Be a Fascist

Being called a fascist is like being called a revisionist, or holocaust denialist, or Hitler; ignorant people use these labels as insults, with no understanding of the history or even meaning of their attempted curses, curses that can often be taken as praise, given some understanding. Today, we want to talk about Fascism and why the term has positive connotations. We will also suggest ways for you to become a proud Fascist, to stand proud upon your attempts to preserve the continued existence of a proud human species. First, we will start with the origin of the word in Italy, from around the last time the Italians had real money. the year would be about 1917, and Italy is in the same condition as is the entire Europe today: A government hijacked by financial interests and business loyalties of a small group of cronies, at the expense of the taxpayer and indeed, the royal house. Italy was being stripped by the Banksters, and the population revolted, and so the Fascists were born…

The working and out-of-work people in Italy decided to defend their national sovereignty despite their unpopular and imposed government turning the Army upon them. As with peasant revolts everywhere, the supply of high technology weaponry belongs to one side only, the other side has sticks and stones. If the revolution in your area involves heavily-armed rebels, know this for sure: your government is under attack by foreign-funded foreign interests, whether you like your government or not, this means you are under attack, your home, your livelihood, your culture… soldiers paid by foreigners are attacking you and telling you it’s for freedom, what are the chances? Go ask Iraq, post 2003. Syria, Libya… The Italians are a proud, old nation, and they took up their hoe-handles, for were their ploughshares not melted into swords for the Army already? All the patriots had left, were sticks and stones, but then, someone remembered about faggots!

Beating someone with a stick is not a lasting solution. If the stick is flexible enough not to break, it will probably not quiet down an attacker, so you need something better than a tough, flexible stick. One solution is to take a bundle of sticks, and tie them together into one faggot, or, in Italian (Roman (Latin)) it’s called a fasces, say fishies with an Ar. For added impact, you can tie an axe handle in the middle of this whack-job, the classic Roman symbol of strength-in-unity. Carrying this primitive weapon, this faggot of sticks tied together, automatically identified you as ‘one with a fasces’, you were in the citizen’s militia gathered around their king, you were a Fascist trying to hinder Progress. Now liberalist snowflakes from all over what they think is the political spectrum think they can silence my voice merely by calling me a fascist?

Thank you for the compliment!

The world over, the communist wet dream of a powerless, unarmed population is coming to a climax. Guns are confiscated and outlawed in many places. The most popular calibres has been discontinued, making millions of private weapons useless within a few years, there are no more bullets to be bought. It has become illegal to be in public possession of any incapacitating device, even pepper spray. For reasons of police comfort, your motor car is defined as public property when on a public road, therefor subject to all laws regulating public spaces. Warrantless search capability was just a happy coincidence in the formulation of this particularly insidious law, I suspect. All chance the private citizen has of defending himself is being outlawed, while his taxes meant for education and social commonwealth is spent on an ever-increasing, ever-more militarised, ever-less accountable and secretly privatised police force. Our borders are open to ‘economic refugees’ because our military is up in Africa, doing the UN’s godly work: protecting the mines and minerals from those vicious primitive tribesmen who have lived there for thousands of years and never dug up one ounce of Lithium, stupid dregs. Now they want to complain about poisoned mine sewage in their rivers? THEIR rivers? The gall of ‘those people’. Even if you dare stand up against your oppressor, the UN will just send more Robocops to come manage our public outrage, more poo-lies to bring the Investor some Confidence and Peace.

The uniform of the average policeman at the average populist event is so aggressive, so calculated to incite fear and hatred, so far removed from any form of humanity, that the quietest march to turn in a petition, has to turn into a riot. Having people interrupt the peace of their betters apparently sends the wrong message, and heaven forbid the enemy owns the narrative. What we need is to “restore Law and Order and respect for the governing institutions”. Note, not government, but governing institutions. This is how private corporations get to tender for contracts paying them to perform governmental functions. Not only does this magically bestow royal privilege upon said corporation, you now get governed for profit, and you can sue nobody, they are a ‘governing institution’. As any businessman will tell you, business is about image, image, image. Your unimaginative storming of Town Hall is bad for PR, and it must immediately be handled. A Message has to be sent. The plebs need some education…

…with the wounded and dying and the blood and the practiced reactions of shock and dismay in front of the news cameras… and They have to Do Something about This. “Think about the chealdrin!” Nobody gets into trouble for killing a protester, and no-one dares touch anyone that thinks himself a policeman, including non-uniformed, unidentifiable, unaccountable foreigners with guns and superior privileges called VIP bodyguards. A security guard with two years of primary-school and two days of ‘orientation’ has more rights than any common citizen, plus he gets a gun, a real gun with real bullets. You can have an engineering degree, two years of combat training and war experience, and be in good standing with the law, yet you will be aggressively discouraged by law to own a dangerous weapon. A VIP guard from Nigeria, with diplomatic immunity, apparently, shoots into a crowd of toddlers, wounds and kills a number of them, and gets off scot free. Because he was shooting at another kid who stole his kid’s cell phone, legitimate reasons, no-one could foresee, etc. etcetera.

Maybe it is time we build some faggots.