Is the Devil a Dinosaur, is Satan a Snake?

2018, and there are no more Great Social Questions. Politics consists solely for the purpose of managing public outrage at the blatant excesses of our so-called leaders and the way they are destroying our social structures. Economics serves only to impoverish the middle classes, concentrating all wealth, public and private, into the accounts of fewer and fewer ‘financial vehicles’. Education of the youth centres around the theory of an overpopulated world, and their elders’ collective guilt in the destruction of the ecosphere. Government has no duty other than ensuring ‘Investor Confidence’ and national borders only exist for things worth less than some currently unpublicised amount. Cheap stuff, like plastic toys and human bodies, must pay taxes and obeisance at every border, large amounts of ‘capital’ moves freely, even gaining substance in the process, being lured by promises of growing economics. When poor people move money, they pay fees and taxes, when the connected few move money, they collect fees and taxes. There are no more surprises in any area of human endeavour, everything is censored, centralised and censured, the programme of Total Control as envisaged and spelled out in The Protocols, is almost fulfilled. Less than ten people ‘own’ more than half the world, just about every nation on earth is struggling with class, race and tribal warfare fomented by business interests, and we spend more on policing than on education, health and welfare together …investor confidence, you understand. Your police force is working to bolster the daily confidence of less than ten men, all of them don’t live within ten thousand miles of you. No surprises in any new laws, rules, regulation or ‘security apparatuses’ they create this week. Pure PROTOCOL, you can read the whole list of requirements for Total Control in the PROTOCOLS, for here, we agree that the End is nearly Nigh. Nearly, I say, because a few things are still not complete:

For the anti-humans to take over the world, they need to OWN EVERYTHING. For now, apparently, they only own half of everything, split amongst (six? Four? We await the latest stats) a very few entities. Until they have everything in one account, we are ‘safe’ …for now. Another thing outstanding, is the introduction of their God, with the anointment of their ‘One King’. Now, whereas the PROTOCOLS describe the requirements of that king in some detail, their god is purposely not named, only referred to. As a matter of fact, the PROTOCOLS admits to keeping that god’s name secret from us human scum. Remember, the Elders are of godly decent, they can ‘prove’ it through their stock registers, whereas we are mere human scum, cattle, Goyim, brute beasts, violent and lazy, dishonest and stupid by nature, in need of Total Control. One thing, though; we have the habit of herding around symbols, like religion, culture, nationality, all these things must be destroyed, and new Symbols will be supplied, and the only political trick more powerful than racism, is religion. Though our gods, governments and families lay shattered in the dust of post-modernist quasi-spiritual liberalism and communist capitalism, they have not introduced their god yet, so they are not ready yet, or being held back.

Now, the current ranking religions all derive their rights and privileges from the heavens, with the Christians editing their past until those heavens show nary a physical trace of the rapacious, amoral and rather backward race alleged to have modified a few of our genes for their purposes. The older religions still build effigy spaceships and radiation suits for their pageants and fests. Even in the jungles of Amazonia, they wear ceremonial space suits made of reeds and grass. The catholics also have many such symbols, albeit under innocent names. At the risk of insulting every religious reader, it seems the whole earth is familiar with advanced social entities visiting them in flying craft of various designs, sizes, capabilities. They all agree that their god is absent, but all agree he will return one day, and please God, make that soon, for are we not bent under the yoke of the Enemy? The names and faces change, the story is universal and rather barbaric in its themes of revenge, punishment and, sometimes, purgatory, always with the purgatory. The gods in the sky seem a bit, er, inhumane?

Because this theme is so well described by Zachariah Sitchin, we shall reference his translations, and specifically, the day the first of our gods landed on Earth; alone, scared and persecuted, he wanders off to investigate this new planet. He found his little stroll quite entertaining, we are told, until he came upon the Snake. When Alalu comes around a corner, he finds himself facing a snake, whereupon he probably peed his spacesuit, as evidenced by a description of him shooting blindly at a hissing sound in the grass. Later, when his compatriots caught up with him and landed on Earth, the story of the snake seems to have grown into a tale of teeming hordes of reptiles. From the reaction, we can safely surmise that snakes were unknown on Nibiru, but fish apparently were. Are fish reptiles? How close are snakes related to dinosaurs? What other shapes did dinosaurs take?

If you believe the idiots that called themselves my schoolteachers (yes, you, blokes and aunties whose names I couldn’t bother remembering) well, they told me the human race is around ten thousand years old. I believed that for a while, but once my mind actually started spending time on the matter, someone found even older religious artefacts, and we were forty thousand years old. By the time I was old enough to question the obsession of archaeology with religion, I decided to give man at least, at least, 100 thousand years of civilisation, proper laws and that. Sitchin was the first to agree with my little-boy timescale, but his work has moved my estimates in a different direction, again. I presuppose, these days, until further notice, human civilisation continuing despite the alien interference, most possibly leading to wars between humans and genetically-modified slave-servants of the gods from the heavenly body in the sky. But that is not the theme of this writ, no, I have something much simpler and purer for you to consider:

The dinosaurs were around for a couple of hundreds of millions of years, unimpeded to evolve according to your favourite theory. Three hundred million years of evolution, and not one dinosaur species learned to use a spanner? Humans did it in less than 5000 years, according to my teachers.

So, this Snake that Alalu found, was it a snake? There are snake-like creatures on just about every ancient ruin of any decent size, only, most have legs, arms, wings even. They are sometimes called dragons, or flying serpents, or any number of things, but they seem universal. That requires either our heavenly visitors to be reptilian (we were created in their image?) or there is a reptilian race much older than humanity. A billion years older or sumpfink. I can imagine these blokes to be really teed-off at us humans up here, living in the sun, while they have had to hide for millennia. They must be rather vengeful by now. I imagine they have a special place in their hearts for those guys from outer space, a nice, warm, steamy, seething pit of hatred, right there, in the centre of their heart. There are those who say the gods are coming again, soon. The humans have been developing the most wonderful weapons of late, all sorts of atomic engines and neutron bombs and space-based mayhem to be rained upon the unsuspecting and defenceless.

While you enjoy mulling over the slightly entertaining thought of dinosaurs with monkey wrenches, I shall again set forth upon that High Road, for someone has to ponder this:

Which of our Great Leaders, competing in their religious fervour to please their god, trying to eradicate the human race from the face of earth, which faction is busy transforming our atmosphere into a soup of radioactive metallic nano-confetti? Is it the GMO Slave race trying to emulate the atmosphere of Nibiru, where their gods live, trying to entice their Great Lords to return, if not to rule, to at least put the ‘right people’ in charge. Or is it the anti-gods Snake, trying to poison off the genetically modified scum the Nibirians left behind? Which is doing God’s work, and who is working for Satan? Neither of them love humans much, I can tell you that!

I just think this is more important than the latest football scores…