The Anti-Smoking Campaign and Your God.

Those who applaud the success of the anti-smoking campaign need to flatten their gladden, subdue their glee at their ‘moral’ victory. This is the same techniques they will employ to relieve us of our gods. They care not who your god is, it is not their god, and their god is the only god, and therefor you shall need to be converted. This time, however, they won’t stop at Sunday school and airport singalongs. As an exercise in business opportunity evaluation, let us see what return we can inspect on an investment in religion:

Religion means the dutiful observance to the honour of some deity. What interests us more here, is Messianic religion. Now, while ‘messianic’ refers to “the anointed”, for our purposes here, it is more important to observe the purpose of the messiah: Deliverance. It is not the Messiah we await, it is the deliverance from sin, remember? Even the Messiah is but a son of God, and we cannot approach God in sin. So, to approach god, we need the grace of the messiah, which needs to cleanse us of sin, so first, we need sin, write that down

Sin leads to bad behaviour and eventual destruction by  righteous just deserves, we need to sin ourselves into hell, we need a hell. In religious times, you served God because you were God’s servant, Old Testament. In these Messianic times, only the thought of hell can keep in check a population left to their own devices by an absent god. We need a hell if we want people to join, write down: 1 (one) Place of Suffering, Generic but Topical.

“You recognise a tree by its fruit.” The evidence of sin, the “Mark of the Beast”, the mole behind a witch’s knee, the tell-tale angle of the smoke from your burnt offering… People understand and remember symbols better than any other intellectual stimulus. You can learn a thousand languages, or draw a red circle with a slash through it. Write down as many symbols of deliverance as you can think of, we’ll choose the best ones by divine election later. Also, collect all symbols of opposing belief systems, and start practicing drawing them. Learn how to subtly alter them for your own needs, be those the persecution of ‘enemy’ symbolism, or the co-opting of their symbols into your own religion. As seen with the Christian church, this last technique not only provides free ownership of pre-adored symbolism, it allows for the absorption of adherents to those symbols.

Right, we have the Original Sin, we have a suitably horrendous punishment for those not saved by the new messiah, and we have plenty symbols for the entrainment of the congregation. We need a congregation, oh where shall we find one of those? Remember that a messiah has only one use: Deliverance, and deliverance needs adversity. So, first we collect all the symbolism of hell, then we go out into god’s world, and we find those who feel affected by those symbols. If I can get you to believe in my hell, then you will need my messiah to deliver you, not so? Only, people grow up in a belief system, and the longer you believe, the less likely you are to believe something contrary, so, we go at the children first.

Children are more likely to respond emotionally to our imagery of Hell, they are more gullible and easier to influence, and children are raised to accept authority, a hallmark of priests everywhere. Most of our money and effort shall be expended upon the ‘education of the youth’, but enough kept aside for the persecution of the sinners. Once the youth has been suitable re-educated, they will be given the symbols of deliverance, and set upon their elders, there to badger, and tantrum, and wail away at the doom awaiting their beloved elder at the hands of the devilish (insert chosen sin here). What man can stand before his little princess and continue sinning? What kind of man will, in the face of condemnation by his own flesh and blood, not submit to the will of the new god? “…for I bring the sword… between brothers…the son shall betray the father… the father at war with his children…” Good stuff, that New Testament. Use it as a template for your new religion, the copyright has not been ‘bought’ by Sony …yet. I do suspect that modern ‘re-translations’ are all copyrighted?

Once it has been generally accepted that Hell exists, and enough circumstantial evidence can be employed to prove that Hell is the consequence of Sin, then, by sinning in his own house, the aberrant is delivering his child into the clutches of Hell. All funds left over from the indoctrination stage, is now thrown at courts, to persecute and  prosecute parents ‘endangering’ their children by non-adherence to the new religion. By the time the children grow up, their only memory of the old ways will be some story about their demonic forebears killing little children and suffocating ice bears.

So, after I drew my columns, with rows containing the full chain of Sin, Hell, Symbologies and deliverance promises, as well as implementation strategies and enforcement rules, I sat up straight, read through my work, fixed some spelling and then digressed drawing symbols… eventually, I thought I have said everything I wanted to, My recipe for a New Religion, and then it struck me:

This was in the late Nineties, as the No-Smoking campaign hit stride. I looked around me; the arbitrary cruelty towards smokers, the continuous barrage of full-colour images of infected lungs, the total absorption of children into this new culture of lecturing adults on smoking statistics, the almost ritualistic concentration of smokers into cramped spaced, there to indulge their sin far from decent eyes. I saw every mortal ill blamed on tobacco, eventually you did not even have to smoke yourself, just seeing someone smoking was giving you cancer. Children have been taken to ‘places of safety’ because their parents smoked in the house! The almost pathetic desperation of the new god to see the old god, now the Demon Smoke, executed, a murderous fervour amongst the converting classes never seen again until Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, which is what bring us to today:

I have understood for twenty years that the Methodology of Conversion has been tested under modern conditions. I have known for thirty years that the Protocols demand one god, and then I saw how they will bring Him to me. Today, 2018, I look around myself, and I see all the old religions in tatters, while their high priests live in luxury, like royalty. I cannot open a newspaper without being told of radical Islamists and fundamentalist Christians and Houtis and Yemini Jews and now the Hindi, the wise, gentle Hindi, are eradicating Muslims in Myanmar or somewhere I’ve never heard of. Democracy has long gone, quietly and ashamed of her lies, repeatedly raped by the Communists parading as Capitalists, trying to rebrand as ‘Capitalist Socialism’, although that name only works for people who have no idea how to differentiate between Communism and Socialism. Our old, religious groupings have become national, geographical and political assemblies. Our safety, our identity, our happiness is based on our social ties. The sin is to feel yourself part of any group that does not include every group, to have views that upset others, the sin is to think of your own well-being. The hell is to see people burn in flames and ripped by bombs, because they will not conform. The symbolism? Go turn on any ‘news’ channel, by now those bombed-out cities should have burned the criss-cross pattern of collapsed apartment buildings into your retinas. Or maybe you only have to close your eyes to see those limp babies being pulled out of the rubble of what was a make-shift hospital. No?

Our patriotism, an instinctive urge to defend the territory you rely on to live off, has deliberately been confused with Democracy. This way, we conflate democracy with freedom, but freedom only has use in a suitable habitat; your own society. To remove from us our freedom, they have to get rid of our patriotism, and our patriotism has been under attack since we first accepted democracy as a synonym for freedom. The Symbolism of freedom was fabricated during the so-called hippy revolution, they shall burn in the fires of democracy’s funeral pyre.  Since Reagan, our democratic leadership has gradually been replaced by a Cacastocracy.* An actor followed by a heroin addict followed by a cocaine smuggler followed by an idiot junky, followed by a walking phrase book for neuro-linguistic programmers, followed by… and that’s just one country! At least Hillary wasn’t given The Button. Instead, ‘Leadership of the Free World’ was given to people hell-bent on showing us all what a disaster this Democracy thing is. I suspect that by the time Macron and Trump leave office, no-one will believe in this fable of democracy anymore. We will be so glad to be rid of these incompetent criminals intent on war and destruction, we’ll accept the admonishments of our children in the sphere of politics, the same way we gave away civil rights in return for deliverance from terrorism. This is a known tactic of the communist revolutionaries, appointing children to positions of leadership over their elders, it makes the revolution extra bloody. It was the promises made to children and students that motivated them to accept guns from (much older) strangers and go take playful pot-shots at the Syrian government. Later, professionals brought ‘real’ weapons, like tanks, cannons and poison gas ‘confiscated’ by Britain and France from Libya after Gadhafi was killed in the street.

The impending murder of Assad, like the public murder of Hussein and Gadhafi, is a murder upon all of us, it is the destruction of all our sovereignty, because national pride leads to utter Hell; destruction of your society, ask Assad, Hussein, Gadhafi, Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito.  To kill our gods, they first have to show us their hell, and so far the symbolism sickens me. So, far, they are following the recipe to the letter. One must wonder about our new Messiah, though: why is his proponents not coming out in the open, proclaiming Him to us, so we can decide on the merit of their proposition?


Update 2020: While we still do not know our new gods name, we know he is approaching, and we are preparing ourselves for his coming.

  • Wherever you go in 2020, you shall not pass a public portal without ritually cleansing your hands with poisoned water.
  • Whatever you do in 2020, you shall do at least six feet away from others, or else be confined to your room, there to contemplate the Meaning of it All, as you listen to constant prayers of "covid-covid-covid" on the Official Mouthpiece.
  • To signal our obedience to our new god, we go nowhere without covering our shameful, disbelieving and blasphemous mouths.
  • For 2021, our messiah, our saviour and benefactor, Baal Gates, and his disciple Anthonchrist Fauci, has declared that we shall not be allowed back into common society unless we partake in the blood sacrifice of PCR genetic analysis-and-record disguised as influenza tests.
  • In the near future, this author forsees the gathering up of a thousand young virgins and a thousand strong, healthy young men, to be marched off to the New Jerusalem as tribute to our new One King.