Post Truth Populism and Alternate Montessori Truth

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The perceived change in world politics has given rise to a small dictionary of vague terminology used to threaten anyone that cannot understand Truth. Normally, truth does not need to hide behind capital letters, but we are talking here about the other kind of truth, Montessori Truth, the kind we derive by voting. Any reality that deviates from Truth, must be False News, because the vote was in favour of a world view that relies on the truth of Truth, as was voted for by the majority. There is only one way we can restore truth,

we have to restore schooling and stop subsidising fascist indoctrination masquerading as education. To do this, we will first have to reclaim the entire educational system from the Behaviourists. An entire world system of "equal education" has been insinuated into virtually every nation. The cirriculum is set by so-called "Think Tanks", and like all other think tanks, someone has to pay for it. Like everything else somebody has paid for, certain expectations have to be met by the product or service paid for. What is the product or service delivered by the think tanks set up to think about public education? Sit back, we have some bad news for you. 

The products that emerged from the educational think tanks, paid for by some of the richest eugenicists in the world, was Project 21, Cirriculum 2000, No Child Left Behind and every other form of Bantu Education you find out there now. No-one is being educated anymore, because we are killing the earth.This is how the argument goes:

 Better educated people have higher expectations, so they tend to work in better-earning jobs.

 Better educated people earn more money, and they have higher standards of living.

Better educated people spend more money, and consume more than poor people.

 Better educated people are using more resources, therefor EDUCATION IS NOT A SUSTAINABLE ACTIVITY.

 Do you think I'm kidding? 

 Aristotle already perfectly understood educational techniques, they were the ones old school cirriculi were built on; repetition of dualistic terms and relationships until it is memorised well enough to be regurgitated for a "test". The most important parameter in this type of education system, is social class. Every school serves a specific geographic area, and each geographic area is home to some specific subset of the social caste system. If you think only India has a caste system, take off your shoes and take a walk to your favourite restaurant, let's see how comfortable you feel under the disapproving sneers and stares. Anyway, the basis of education as a tool of social engineering, is that certain classes receive a certain level of education, preparing them to serve at a certain level of society. It is virtually impossible for a pleb to become a doctor, no matter how clever you are. The only way you can hope to succeed, is to impress a sponsor that has the needed level of social respectability. This is why homosexuals so often occupy positions of authority; they learned early that the Capitalist, Globalist Oneworlders are predominantly pederast, part of their Rhodes Scholarship requirements. Many a world leader started his career sucking on a Rhodes scholar's penis. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. So was that French police minister that used to rent entire orphanages for his parties....

Once you are old enough, you will meet the theories of Plato. Well, you may still be blissfully ignorant of the existence of Plato, but you will learn his rules: You are part of a certain social class from which only the very gifted can escape, and then only with approval from your betters. This class structure is very simple; gold leads, bronze follows, and silver protects the gold from the bronze. This is the reason for police brutality: they take youngsters with a criminal bend, indoctrinate them into believing their status as silver class, and then point out that he will never be gold, because the bronzes are too many to compete against. Every policeman looks down on every civilian, and the only purpose a civilian serves, is to be beaten or screwed. Beatings have no age limit, whereas they very much prefer sex with the very young.

 The only constant in the whole system is the bit where you are educated to know your place. In the two-and-a-half centuries since then, the only thing that has changed, is the perceived needs of the ruling class. Three hundred years ago, they needed small bodies to crawl into dark tunnels to dig after minerals. That so many of those children died, and the rest all suffered preventable diseases caused by their so-called work, that was nothing. Two hundred years ago, machines started doing the more intense labour, and grown men were employed to look after the machines. A hundred years ago, machines became complex enough to be productive, and the wholesale slaughter of mankind started. In this latest century, the extermination of man has been outsourced to Monsanto, and every child is learning, Aristotelian way, that humans are parasitic scum destroying the earth. This is the Truth that Montessori education is inculcating in our children; humans are evil and we must all die to make place for the wonderful people that Bill Gates and Monsanto is breeding. Remember what happened in Brazil 2016; thousands of babies born with tiny heads. They will never be clever enough to rebel, but their bodies will be able to perform menial labour just fine. I also suspect the girls (and prettier boys) will end up as "companions" to lonely millionaires? It might be instructive to follow up on how many of those kids will get "adopted" in the next five years. Thank you Bill, for your wonderful "cocktail of vaccines for the poor" you gave to the pregnant peasants of Brazil. That'll learn'em for being poor lacking ambition!

 So, here is the Truth, then: The world is dying because technology and overpopulation is causing global warming and we're all gonna die. The solution is to kill off as many consumers as possible, and claim all resources as the common property of the worthy. This can best be done by destroying the modes of production, outlawing the possession of resources and most importantly, teach the rabble the benefits of dying so better people may enjoy peace and quiet. Hillary was already killing millions in Africa, as secretary of distaste she was already acting like a real leader, openly murdering anyone that did not speak the Truth. She even started talking like she is president, because everyone that matters already voted that she is the president, that was the Truth, it had to be, majority vote and all...

 That will also explain why her supporters, liberals to a man-like creature, is so quick to point at the majority vote giving Hillary 2 million more rights than Trump. They are also very vocal about this new dangerous movement amongst the uneducated and soon-to-be-eradicated lower classes, namely POPULISM. Oy vey, the upsurge in populism amongst the dangerous classes is so dangerous. How can people be so stupid to believe in populists and populism and the right-wing supremacist white racist rhetoric of populism. Hillary had two million more votes, she should have been president, not some populist pig! Hillary had two million votes more, democracy is the choosing of leadership by popular vote, and then the damn vote got stolen by those damn populists! We hate populism, it IS, we voted and the majority hates populism.

Oy vey, only a liberal cannot see the humour there.