Conspiracy Theory, Theorists and Montessori educated Truth

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Are you a conspiracy theorist? Oy vey. Here is the most important thing about being a conspiracy theorist: you believe in a conspiracy, which literally means, you believe there are persons known or unknown who are plotting against your welfare.  Fine, so you believe people are out to get you. Uh huh. The medical term for that is PARANOIA. It's okay, you are like (apparently one  quarter of us) mentally ill.  It's not your fault, it is a disease of society, one quarter of us need help.  If you have an expensive lawyer, you can even get a judge to agree you are not criminal, you need help.

One quarter of us,  according to research published by a respectable university, need medication to function properly in society. One quarter of us.
As the court records show,  more and more crimes are committed. As the medical records show, far less pills are sold than the earnings forecast indicates, which means people are not taking their pills. This is of serious concern to the people whose egos are heavily invested in earnings forecasts. What you mean only four percent of people are constantly on expensive, addictive and debilitating drugs?
If you search deep enough you will find any number of charity organisations and NGO's fighting the good fight; ENFORCED MEDICATION. One out of the four of us good friends sitting around this here fire is a mental case and the other three better notify the authorities, or else

risk being charged with either sheltering a potential criminal, or getting nailed for criminal neglect; for not acting on your close associate's obvious need for medical attention. You conspiracy theorist paranoid subversive radicalised fake news reader you. Take this here pill, blue, red, pink, they will make you all righty-right right.
Don't ever allude to conspiracies and secret agendas again, it will only get you into trouble, at the very least the target of ridicule by some twerp that actually sat through 3 hours of lecturing on how to ridicule you. No, really, they call it things like "Mental aberrations among Holocaust Denialists". The good professor will then authoratively expound upon the delusions of those who just cannot accept the truth. It will spend some time on the issue of authority and good citizenship. It will get back to the importance of truth and the communal acceptance of authority regarding the definition of truth. His Montessori-educated audience will nod sagely. Later on, the good professor shall enumerate the most common MISCONCEPTIONS OF THE COMMON MAN. It is surprisingly easy to categorise people and their views on life. He will announce learnedly on four or six or two characteristics of the uneducated, and how to recognise them. Once you have your opponent summarised,  you employ one of a set of simple tactics upon the poor bastard.
That mean you. And me. They know our number, like we know theirs. The difference is, you and I get raised to be polite, get down to work, and pay the debt. Someone actually handed over money for some little twerp to have classes on how to confuse and humiliate so-called simple people. You will never win an argument with an educated person, because he was educated, since about 1974, by people who spent time understanding how you think.
They had, have and will continue to train hordes of gullible students who research every aspect of our collective attitudes, expectations and concerns. They have hordes of different students researching ways to use this knowledge against us. Bring all this knowledge, collected by thousands of youngsters who needed something to hang a thesis upon, bring it together, then you pay the best and brightest of those needy little nerds just enough to think they are of the privileged classes. These masters of the universe will then spend their entire working life speaking at the populace, teaching them the truth as revealed by science and the Party. You can judge the validity of their science by observing how they are utterly opposed to science and technology and the devastation caused by rampant progress. These are the same people who want to kill us all and live like gods, served by clean, hygienic robots instead of diseased scum such as the rubble we see in the streets these days.
They tell you about how your educational aspirations are causing global warming, and it matters little you think it a joke; your child's education shall make sure he behaves better than you.
This is the secret of their secrecy: there is no conspiracy, you are just uneducated, and the truly educated knows there is no difference between education and indoctrination. How well educated are YOU, my friend? Do you get angry at people who don't believe you? Anger is fear, fear is a natural response to the unknown, anger is ignorance. Do you fear the calamitous destruction of society? Why do you believe this, and what are you doing to prevent it? By killing or preaching? Anger, fear, hate. How will this save the human race? Light candles and dance languidly while yammering about love and brotherhood? Go ask the hippies, an entire fake culture created almost overnight to discredit the millions of people the world over who suddenly woke up to the truth of modern slavery. Television, cheap paperbacks and privateer filmmakers spread the news from a thousand different places so quickly, one could actually still care about the rumoured bloodshed. The news was no longer owned by the people who profited from bad news by only publishing good news. People found out how the world works, and they were upset, and they revolted. By calling them drug addicts and morally despicable, by staging elaborate public displays of immorality, and by killing the loudest ones, peace and quiet and respect was bought for those who live by war. Herein lies a very important lesson for the aspiring conspiracy theorist:
Do not get yourself involved with hippies. The term hippie changes every day. Sometimes they are called Radicals, or Rioters, or Basket of Deplorables. Terrorists and freedom fighters terrorising the freedom of moderate rebels, the name given to those who do not believe the latest doublespeak changes from moment to moment, serving whomever is speaking on behalf of whatever agenda. The only steady name for all these rebel groups, activist organisations, patriotic fronts and freedom-loving flower-societies, is LIMITED HANGOUT. Let's face it, if you had ten thousand enemies, all from different backgrounds and with different issues, would you not want to know there is a time and place where they all gather to discuss your doom? All of them, at a place and time known to you, because you sent one of yours to join. All of them, together, all of them in one place. If I was a dictator, I would encourage such groupings very, very much, you understand? All of them, all my enemies, together, in one place, all together, at the same time, what more could I ask of my enemies, other than standing close together, where and when I know they will be standing all close together. Surgical bombing and all that...
Or I can just have them sign up for something jolly, like memberships or newsletters or paramilitary training, then I can send my men to visit you quietly, no persecution of dissident groups or nothing. Hell, if I use the right words from the right attractive face on television, I can call your little club something horrible, and your own mother will phone to cops on you, "before you get into trouble".
Don't be a conspiracy theorist, dear reader, there is no conspiracy, but there is a nerd writing down every name and every word. One in four of us, apparently. Walk softly, listen, learn. The battle is not over. They have spent millions learning how we think, calling it market research and behaviourist psychology. It is a weapon they have turned upon us all, but in this very weapon lies their end: They have started believing their own lies, and worse; the people they have fighting for them, religiously believe their own lies. They are so far gone now, they have forgotten that it was originally only a lie to mislead the unworthy rabble scum like you and I. Look at the reactions of American liberals after Hillary lost the election. Total psychological collapse, they just could not understand the disconnect between actual life and the Truth as decided by majority vote, like they were taught during their Montessori education. And what was their final assessment of the opposing voters? "They are all uneducated and ignorant." As one of the Deplorables retorted " I run a  factory, you have a five-year degree, and you are working at Starbucks". Make sure you know more than them, and start wondering how we will use this new knowledge, instead of panicking, hating or showing your teeth, let's start thinking, because that is the one thing we have left, and they threw it away at Montessori school: Individual aspiration and a personal viewpoint. This is why they want to destroy humankind, I think; to destroy our individuality of thought. Their gods are hive minded, they have been raised in the Montessori hive mind, and they despise humans with their inventive individuality and freedom of thought. They have openly stated their intention to breed us into a homogenous, cultureless, genderless and gormless servant class. From what I can see, those servant are to serve on their backs only. Strange how they hate our intellect and abhor our existence, but they cannot stop having sex with our children and sometimes, apparently, women. Bill never touched Monica, Bill much prefers little boys. He is a Rhodes scholar, by golly!

Feel free to research Cecil John Rhodes and his entourage of pederasts and paedophiles, it is of serious concern to the current world realpolitik. Bill Clinton is not the only "world leader" in that club, believe me.