The Times that Michael Rivero Got It Totally Wrong

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Mike Rivero offers you the chance to be wrong too, at

  • I do not see the American people, well aware of how the government has mismanaged the Ebola crisis, suddenly deciding to cooperate with any more government mismanagement of the crisis.

Ed: Then came Covidiocy in all its “variants”. And the same toxic drug that killed more patients than the actual Ebola, Remdesivir, is now forced upon all “covid” patients, killing more than wilful and sponsored medical incompetence already was.

That was one time when Mike was very wrong,...

...and the times he wasn’t

  • Rivero's Commandment - Thou shalt not seek dominion over thy fellow human being.
  • Rivero's comment on the law of the hammer: If you give a small boy a hammer, everything he encounters need pounding. If you give a small boy a medical degree, everyone he encounters is sick. If you give a small boy a law degree, everyone he encounters needs suing. If you give a small boy an imaginary playmate in the sky, everyone he encounters is a sinner. If you give a small boy political power, everyone he encounters needs ruling.
  • Rivero's Rule of Austerity: If you do it, it's austerity. If they make you do it, it's tyranny!
  • Rivero's rule of blogging: Nobody is interested in your personal life (unless you are screwing a celebrity). They are interested in your insights.
  • Rivero's second rule of blogging: Never eat sticky foods!
  • Rivero's Rule of Dictatorship: The fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force it to act like one where everyone can see it!
  • Rivero's Rule of Economics: The less you pay TO the people, the less you can take FROM the people!
  • Rivero's Rule of Marriage: A wise man continues the courtship even after the wedding!
  • Rivero's rule of Mass Morals: All organizations eventually inherit the personality and moral ethics of the person at the very top.
  • Rivero's Rule of Middle Management: All middle managers strive to make sure they are the only ones who know how bad things are. They do not want their subordinates to give up hope, nor their bosses to crack down on them. If you are sitting on top of three levels of such mid-managers, then you are effectively deaf, dumb, and blind as to what is really going on.
  • Rivero's rule of News: News is what affects your life directly. Everything else is distraction and advertising.
  • Rivero's Rule of Optimization: Even the mightiest lion aims for the elk with a limp.
  • Rivero's Rule of Politics: The moral and the immoral are mutually exclusive societies. Neither one tolerates the presence of the other. Thus, once a government goes bad, it goes all the way bad!
  • Rivero's Rule of Reality: Everything has to be someplace!
  • Rivero's Rule of the Breast: Anything larger than one mouthful is a waste.
  • Rivero's Rule of the Hollywood Party: Anybody with the energy to dance until midnight isn't really in production on anything.
  • Rivero's Rule of the Official Statement: It's bullshit!
  • Rivero's Rule of Tyrants: Anyone willing to do anything to attain power is willing to do anything ‘with’ that power!
  • Rivero's Rule of oligarchical wars: Wars are fought by disposable underlings against disposable underlings. The money-junkies never directly target each other. That would be dangerous! Someone could get hurt. The money could get hurt!!


...and it rubs off on the family?

  • When corporate media does not tell the truth, it becomes the enemy of the American people. - Claire Rivero
  • It is very difficult to maintain any kind of a 'common cause' with a Federal government which appears to have lost all common sense. - Claire K. Rivero
  • Two guys jump you on the street and drag you into an alley. Letting you pick who holds the gun while the other takes your wallet does not make it a democratic process! - Matthew Rivero