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The Tree of the Evil Eagle. Really, it is.


Moonflowers all have one thing in common: gigantic trumpet-bell flowers. Trees, bushes, creepers, climbers. There are no wild ones; they were ceremoniously bred by South American Shamans for so long, with such variety.


The harvesting of Moonflowers is best kept to professionals. Do not pick the flowers and carry indoors. Do not bring the flowers into a vehicle under any circumstances. The very odour of these flowers is noxious. The roots are safer than the seeds. Apparently. Poisoning by the flower is common.


The preparation of this plant is a shamanic speciality. No information can be supplied, only warnings.


This is the tree of the evil eagle. Anyone sleeping under here, sleeps uneasily if at all. It really does not tolerate happy thoughts for long. The odour is enough to make people touchy and uneasy, know they the plant or not, but if they smell it, it affects them.