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A good pot of Marog beats Spinach any day



Marog is Sotho for ‘greens’. Marogo is ‘vegetables’. These plant are harvested as young and tender as possible, but in most species, mature plants still produce edible sprouts. As for particular species, please consult the rest of the Herbal, as the name "Marog" is applicable to any greens you can substitute for spinach, and we treat a growing number of wild edibles in our GREENPETS HERBAL.


Pick leaves and preserve as you would spinach. As said above, the younger the sprouts you pick, the more tender it will be.


As with all other food, make sure there are no dead or diseased bits before you break it up for the pot. Leaves may be kept fresh in water, and even saved from wilting by immersing them in cold water for a few minutes, then gently shake off all water before serving. Boil with potato and peanuts, onion and curry, flavour at will. Not every Marog tastes like the tasteless stuff we buy in the shops, see it as an adventure, because no matter what Marog you pick, it is most likely a lot more nutritious than the over-bred stuff in plastic packets with unnaturally long "shelf life".


A wonderful cure for malnourishment and various ailments and allergies caused by eating only processed vegetables.The idea is not to commercialise Marog as some kind of superfood or special supplement. The idea is to find wild, clean, safe places from where you can harvest wild food, to be eaten as fresh and alive as possible. If you need any motivation to doubt our statements on the superiority of wild Marog stolen from a graveyard over the best salad inported from the other side of the world, please scan the rest of this site for many articles supplying researchable facts and figures on Naturally Raw! food and the humanitarian crisis behind factory farming and pharmaceutical gangsterism. Chenopodium album, a common Marog also called Misbredie or Pigweed, often found growing on the edges of maize fields, have somehow, against all Monsanto's promises, been infected with the BT gene. The only serious scientific theory so far, is that it was carried over by pollen. It is not unheard for correctly sized and shaped dust fragments to successfully trigger seed formation in plants. This simple fact should have occurred to our government's 'scientific advisors' when they were bribed to promote GMO cropping in our country. Now even the weeds are becoming frankenfoods!