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Fodder for man beast bird and salad too



Lucerne is a small perennial shrub with brittle bluish to bright green leaves, small bunches of purple flowers and coiled burrs containing peanuts the size of gnats.



The brittle stems are snapped quickly before the shallow, weak root breaks or pulls out the ground. Flowers and growing buds can be nipped off with the fingers.



Lucerne has so many uses. The ultimate purpose of the harvest will determine the preparation. Mostly fresh for kitchen use and dried in bales for a rich fodder.


This is a nutty, protein-rich herb of much value to the immune system. It replaces just about any nutritional supplement you are likely to be able to buy without prescription. Birds love it, tortoises love it, everybody loves Lucerne. Those little seeds are more peanut than any peanut you've ever eaten. Deliciousness of nuttiness.