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Good for ladies' tea and a bitter tonic


Lemon trees have shiny, dark green, hard leaves, almost indistinguishable from any other citrus. The leaves also smell of lemon. be aware that citrus trees can have rather mean thorns, you would not think.Every garden should have a lemon tree, they grow so easily.


The leaves are of value as flavouring in certain dishes. Pick fresh when needed, the tree is virtually evergreen. The fruiting season can be very extended, depending on the weather. Pick fruit when needed, pick up windfalls immediately.


The recipes for conserving, utilising and exploiting lemons are legion. Ask your nearest homemaker for help.


Uses are legion. Cleansing, degreasing and making drinks, that is what most of our lemons go to. Scrub a hot braai grill with a cut lemon to clean, squeeze into dishwasher, washing machine, classes to remove stains. You can clean scale from pipes with enough lemon juice! ...and apparently it cures the scurvy.