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This really is where Granma got her horrid medicine from.


 This tree grows from seed to monster in one season. It dies after four years or so, and loses all leaves in winter. Suffers under frost, but handles just about everything else, ubiquitous Highveld weed.


 The leaves are picked fresh when needed. The seeds are pressed for their famous castor oil, but at Greenpets we have had no customers ask for homemade castor oil. The seed’s skin contains an infamous poison.


 The leaves are carefully, one by one, crushed and bruised until the entire bottom surface of the leaf is shiny with moisture. To use the seeds, first take responsibility for the possibility of killing someone. The skin contains ricin, a dangerous poison that can kill in almost trace amounts.


 Place the leaves onto the place to be treated. Bandage the bruised leaves into place with more bruised leaves. A bandage may be placed over everything to keep it in place. An excellent local anaesthetic, but not for internal use of any sort we are aware of. The seed oil, however, contains the famous castor oil, which is a very effective laxative.