The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

Why the American Democratic Party has become Irrelevant

The Democratic Party of America has lately been accused of not having a recognisable agenda, no coherent policy, no attraction for voters. It is easy to imply from casual observation that party policy plays little or no role in Government policy, making a lack of policy irrelevant. From the outside, the American political system is a circus. They only have two parties, indistinguishable in actual policy or effectiveness, and then they choose their president separately through a system of libel, counter-libel and finally moral attrition; the worst guy gets to win. Actual intelligence and capability plays no role in this process, instead elaborate studies have been financed to find the perfect smiling posture for campaign posters, or dress colours to match the constituency’s emotional stance. The only morality used to be the old Good vs Evil fight: Democracy versus Communism. The liberal left were a bunch of commie-lovers, and the patriotic right fought them off. When the Democrats rule, they make silly rules and laws that serve only to ridicule the rule of law, when the Republicans rule, they make stricter new rules and legislation for the next Democrat government not to enforce. Then came Privatisation.

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Hacking the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Much has been said, written, censored and left unsaid about a sturdy little tract purportedly written by a Russian gentleman, translated to English around 1904 by a Polack who spoke English haltingly. The result is an odd assortment of thoughts and theories on political practice and world domination, expressed in bad grammar and worse literary style.

The document is now the most reviled, most respected, most censored, most quoted piece of literature in the world of politics, conspiracy theory and psy-op disinformation programmes. It is incredible in its scope, in its audacity, in its efficacy and proven truthfulness. Incredible in this case literally means unbelievable. It is a truly, astoundingly, phanstasmagorically magnificent guide to modern politics, economics, education, information technology, warfare, even family life and the One God that demands our absolute servitude, if not extinction.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a magnificent piece of political theory proven to be highly effective as a guide to shaping society. By continuing to ignore this tract, its contents and the easily-verifiable effectiveness of these brilliant protocols for building a ‘better’ world, we will continue to be co-opted by anti-humanist Zionists and whomever it is they work for. Right now, we are at a point in human political devolution where the most sinister and cruelly fascist chapters of the protocols can be enacted. This requires the confiscation of all private property, the loss of all personal freedoms, and the enforcement of a religious aristocracy to rule over the few humans left alive to serve as slaves for the Zionist masters. The only way we can escape this is by claiming the Protocols for ourselves, to use them for the benefit of mankind.

Modern Zionists have been hiding this document from the general world population by discrediting the author, the premise, the translator, the printers, the publishers, the book vendors and especially the readers and disseminators of this important work. Discrediting in this case includes a variety of responses ranging from calling us anti-Semitic to the actual persecution and extrajudicial termination of useless lives by gun or starvation. The only defence the Zionists have against this exposure of their Internationalist agenda, is the accusation that this document is anti-Semitic. This is probably the only truth the Zionists will allow to. The Protocols are anti-Semitic, anti-European, Anti-Russian, anti-everyone but the Zionists, who do not qualify as Semites.

Novichok, The Day the Bully Farted

The Paranoid Goy sniffs some Novichok

“He who smelled it, dealt it” is a philosophy intimately known to every primary school student. Those of us with a traitorous digestion learn the protocol quickly: Sit still and pretend you know nothing. If it is a real bad one, wait a while, see if anyone else will take the risky step of complaining, and if they do, jump on them for smelling it first. Every toddler knows the rules of public stinkies, and mostly we get away with no more than average suspicion. Loud farts, on the other hand, has to be acknowledged, owned, claimed and even flaunted. Any man worth his gonads will try make his fart off as a joke. Small boys, on the other hand, much prefer the joke is on someone else, and will contest culpability against all evidence. This is the natural law of gastric deflation amongst boys and men. Of course we mostly prefer not to fart, but hey, taxes and all that…

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The Protocols of the Elders, Redacted

We do not know who wrote the original minutes, or even if the meeting really occurred. Above all, we do not know who the Elders were…or what they are. We know at least two things about the Elders:

  1. They despise mankind as a whole. They feel themselves ‘other’ than us common scum, and we are repeatedly described as ‘stupid, greedy, lazy and violent beyond reason.’ Humans are seen as animals worthy only of serving. The document becomes rather repetitive and obnoxious on this issue.
  2. The second thing we know about the Elders and their ilk, is this: They will PRETEND to be Jews, until the day comes for the Jews to suffer the brunt of the world’s revenge upon their perceived oppressors, leaving nothing standing of either side, leaving the world cleansed for our masters to enjoy. By some accounts, they drink the blood of human young, so not all of us will be killed…

To attain this utopian earth where humans ‘know their place’ there is a grand and long-term plan needed, and this plan revolves around one single demand: All property must be collected into one account, and that account will then be handed to the One True King, and so the whole earth will belong to Him, and there shall be no other law. There is only one Game in town, and the name of the Game is; Winner Takes All. Everything. Every thing. The tool is the stock market, the tactic is Economics Theory. The theory demands that very single aspect of human endeavour must be placed upon the footing of speculation. Once that ‘wealth’ enters the ‘market’, is quickly becomes absorbed and depreciated by various economic theories such as interest, inflation, devaluations and fees.

The common rabble is not supposed to notice what is happening, by keeping them busy with entertainment and poverty. Any lifted head is bashed, and should you manage to sneak a peek above, you end up in a cloud of economic theorems and financial statistics. The methodology for getting us to accept the servitude of those who survive the Cull, is based on a surprisingly simple set of rules. Just to get the conversation going, here are some of the more obvious, in no particular order.

  1. You never lift your head above the crowd. It risks the baton, and anyway, there’s just a cloud of ideas up there, and I cannot eat ideas and wonderful theories, I have a family to feed. Class-specific ‘equitable’ education has made sure I will never be able to question my superiors. Likewise, science and philosophy is obscured by nonsense theories and falsified philosophies to prevent the Goy from being educated.
  2. To make sure we never gang up on our masters, we are segregated by classism, racism, exceptionalism, feminism and every other –ism you can name. There was a time they set the great religions upon one another as a tool of control, but the plan calls for destruction of all religions. No religious, nationalist, racist or other collections of like-minded people must be allowed to congregate and plot subversion. Where needed, agents are insinuated into every enemy organisation. Not only does the government know all their enemies’ thoughts, they can subtly direct them, which turns the entire organisation into a tool for its own destruction.
  3. Convince the commoner he is free and equal, and at every opportunity allow them to destroy their own in the name of freedom. When needed, remind him that his long struggle towards true freedom is almost over, as soon as he destroys this one last enemy for you. Repeat regularly. Freedom must be the almost-attainable dream, the hope of divine deliverance, when godliness will reign again.
  4. The people must be convinced of the importance of economic theories, theories which are then multiplied and expanded upon until no-one could possibly keep track, and the common man just shrugs and lets it into the hands of his betters.Zion will never take part, except as creditor and promoter of more loans and taxes.
  5. As opposed to slavery, a free man has to tend and fend for himself. A slave must be healthy and well fed to work, whereas a free man, sickly and crippled with malnutrition, must drag himself off to work each day or lose his job and ability to fend for his own. If you can sell him medicine against the poison in his food, while removing his ability to produce his own food or protect his own health, you own his body.
  6. By enticing him to live ‘above his station’, you drag him into debt, and you own his very soul. This is the purpose of Consumerism, the cornerstone of the economic theory of ever-increasing economic growth. A good slave must be kept poor.
  7. Ignorance is a weapon, just like false facts are. Much is done to keep us ignorant, first by education, later by entertainment and censored news. Publications are controlled and protected by laws and taxes. Left/right dualities are encouraged and given voice, to be corrupted at will. Ownership of the mass media ensures all opinions are published by the ruling class only, all other media channels are taxed or litigated out of existence.
  8. The secret of public make-believe lies in the art of psychology. By perfecting and applying the techniques of behaviourism, the stupid Goyim can be led around like sheep. The document repeatedly refers to their expertise at studying the motivations of the human mind, it is considered a most powerful weapon against the mindless goyim.
  9. Justice is subverted by case law and precedents, with no mercy to the undeserving.
  10. Justice to the undeserving is served quickly and violently and ruthlessly.
  11. Democracy is an impossible dream used to lead us to self-immolation, plebeian scum do not understand politics. Endless rhetoric ensures we get bored stiff. In case your mind gets bored, there will be plnety sport and art and entertainment, so you don't think about politics.
  12. Communism is the preferred political theory, while masquerading as every other conceivable theory or programme. All competing systems can be neutralised by discretionary funding and proper leadership by communist infiltrators subtly leading the group towards 'proper understanding'.
  13. When their King takes to his throne, we shall behave happy and well and only The Few will have a real life.
  14. Any and all questions are dismissed with a promise of continued economic growth.
  15. Any and all criticism is dismissed by an accusation of anti-Semitism.

In all, there seems to have been 24 meetings, each with a theme, and an exposition on the methodology of that theme. Possibly a variety of speakers each had their pet project to present, from there the repetition. The repeated incantation of the Goy being stupid, vile creatures seems to be a common justification for the dreadful cruelties formulated in the rest of each speech. We believe the above short list sums up the spirit of this extremely racist, no, specieist document. The rest of this site contains many different commentaries on very specific tactics and methods, and how they have been applied, how they are being applied now, and how they seem to be evolving, as we continue to apply tax money to research on how to kill ourselves off in the most economically sustainable way.

Contraband as Government Business

The war against Organised Crime continues unabated and very successfully, and the War on Drugs has seen an entire generation of toddlers saved from attention deficit (boredom and accompanying naughtiness) by tripping out on prescription amphetamines like ADDerol and fluorides like Prozac. Numerous people have committed numerous horrendous crimes under the influence of these psychotic drugs, and were suitably arrested, prosecuted and punished.  Our welfare services and our police forces seem to finally have gotten their act together, getting them crazies their just deserves. Our Justice and Health services are, of course, doing their best to get more people onto mandated (forced) medication regimes using these wonderful drugs. Mood-altering drugs for children is part of the official approach to street crime. Pharmaceuticals is one of the top three stock performers of 2017. Financial services and weaponry did well, too.

Not least of the weapons in the War, is the ever-increasing Transparency of Government, in itself a whole arsenal, on par with any nuclear deterrent when compared to, say, the Cold War. Between the War on Organised Crime and Transparent Governance, we can all be assured the continued health and profitability of the entire War Industry, be it Drugs, Poverty or Venezuelan Intransigence. The population’s only worry is what product or service is next to be declared unlawful, causing yet more social destruction, necessitating yet another ‘upgrade’ of our ‘security forces’. Rather, that is what the populace would worry about, was it not more important to attend to the weekly ritual of sitting on your ass screaming at two teams of overgrown boys playing with each other’s balls. For money…and fame…and we subsidise this. In the meantime, commenting on the news is being ‘investigated’ to redefine the limits of operation of official press organs, duly registered and taxed. Also, they must be institutionalised and properly aligned to the correct world view. This requires all data suppository providers to close the network around all unregistered socio-political remarks, effectively rendering any website containing unsanctioned comment to be censored. The War on Fake News has begun.

By now the sarcasm should be obvious to any but the most committed Globalist. When a governing body declares a substance, service or product illegal, they are not intent on eradicating said contraband, they are drawing precise and clear boundaries around that specific trade, thereby effectively creating a monopoly, unfettered and untaxed, with an entire legal system and a police force to protect the trade. This is how the War on Drugs meant the CIA, under Bill Clinton, had an entire fleet of aeroplanes carrying cocaine, landing on private airstrips, loaded and unloaded by real soldiers, whose real purpose is always to kill anyone interfering in the trade. This means, you will not smuggle cocaine, you must buy it from your local retailer, or join the criminal society and buy from the wholesaler, but you will never rise above that.

In the late ‘nineties, the South African Police, in CONJUNCTION WITH THE FBI, undertook a four-and half year intensive investigation, after which they jointly declared that, yes indeed, “:..the possibility does indeed exists that Nigerians in Hillbrow (the Bronx of South Africa) are selling cocaine.” Really, around 1999, after 4 ½ years of intensive investigation, by the FBI, what the hell has the FBI lost in Hillbrow?  They came to protect their ‘investment’, that’s what.

Bill Clinton apparently still runs the cocaine trade, while the opium trade in Afghanistan breaks records every single year since the Americans arrived to take over protection of the poppy fields from the British, who apparently tired of the desert after some years. According to proven legend, the Bush family really liked heroin, and had real deep fingers into that The English, or at least the Crown, has had a good run at running opium for more than a century, I guess they sold that business on to one of their American holdings, with the concommittant duty of American Forces to ringfence said 'contraband' business, i.e. protect the trade against all interderence. Now the Brits only send money and bombs, so they still support the war against Muslim Extremism.

We can thank the Brits for manufacturing the excuse that convinced the world to attack the Taliban: Right there, on our televisions, we could see 'them' destroying a set of gigantic stone statues against a mountain, obviously part of mankind's ancient history, to be protected at all cost? Well, a number of very ancient stone statues were removed using imported machinery and workers, shipped and finaced by 'collectors' in Britain and possibly other countries. Britain 'owned' the Afghan landscape but the Taliban were giving them hell. So the Brits started stealing ancient art, but the world was told Osama Bin Laden is busy destroying the heathen imagery.

Actually, the Taliban was going around burning the poppy fields, those damn terrorists. Now, 2018, every other news outlet will assure you that the Taliban is being kept alive by the money earned from opium production, and America is trying to stop these raghead devils. Not only is the Taliban opposed to all forms of drugs, being seriously Muslim and all, but the Americans are doing their utmost best to keep up the ever-increasing profits. Record harvests every single year since the Americans came to 'liberate' the poor ragheads.

The 'Net is overflowing with photos of Yankee soldiers amongst the poppies, but not one single incidence of fields being destroyed by means of radioactive scrap metal bullets. The Yanks now own the Afghan opium trade, see? Traditionally, of course, this 'business' belonged to the Queen herself, but London has moved across the Big Pond to New York and surrounds. As evidence please consider the thousands of Americans dying of opioid overdoses lately, and yet it seems they need more drugs, and their military is providing protection to Big Pharma, allowing their expensive synthetic drugs to hold the market monopoly against cheap and natural opium, or less natural but still relatively cheap (by health insurance standards) heroin.

In this context, consider the fact that it is illegal to own a rough diamond. If you pick one up, you have to run to the nearest policeman to report it, after which it shall be taken away from you for a small, insignificant compensation. Unless you picked it up off the wrong piece of soil, in which case you will go to jail. I myself was conscripted into a war against communism that in reality turned out to be an attempt to prevent Angolans from picking up little stones and ‘influencing the market’ by selling the diamonds laying around them. The entire South African Defence Force descended upon the Kaokoveld to protect De Beers' profits.

It has been alleged that more than half the SA Police force works for the "Diamond Squad". This is a lot of security services given to a corporation that avoids paying taxes as a matter of principle. Gold, cannabis, prostitution, trading children for sex, all heavily protected industries ‘invested’ by the very upper layer of society. One has to wonder why there is never a cop to help when your grandmother is being gangraped. That very famous American Presidential pair that almost became a pair of presidents? They are pederasts, and Her Ladyship was implicated in multiple cases of child smuggling during her stint as Secretary of State and before.

Currently, paedophiles all over America are being arrested in elaborate law enforcement exercises long overdue. While I applaud the defuckulisation of every childbonker, I distrust this effort in view of the large-scale propaganda in the media to 'normalise' paedophilia and present paedophiles as adults with choices, and children as playfully complicit. Take note in movies, three-second news reports and advertisements. The police force running the protection scam for that particular mafia is known all over the world as some form of Child Protection Services, running their orphanages and forster homes as brothels for the well-connected. That explains why so many of the child sellers arrested, are welfare service officials, private and official.

Think of any highly illegal act, any obviously criminal process, think of the most despicable crime,  and somewhere an entire police brigade is busy making sure no-one interferes in the organised running thereof. The FBI was created for the purpose of policing taxes and excise duties on alcohol during the Prohibition. After the Prohibition ended, three corporations held all licences to trade in liquor(and still do, worldwide monopoly). You could buy liquor during the Prohibition, but it had to be from 'legal establishments', and many a small public house just burned down... This is also something to keep in mind when discussing this new-fangled War on Fake News.

Someone is building a monopoly on providing fake news, and we better not interfere. Remember the book 1984. The real story is about how the main character goes to work every day, fetching old newspapers, and rewriting the old newspapers to agree with the latest news. It will soon become distasteful to refer to old news, start listening to the more ‘enlightened’ of your peers, some are already using the term Fake News as an insult against anyone who questions the official, updated and reinforced narrative.

Oh, and Transparent Governance? Just remember, there is no way you could run a multi-trillion buck criminal organisation without government sanction. This means you need to BE government, or at least own it, like the Guptas are said to own Zuma. Why is it, every time we uncover a major syndicate, anywhere in the world, there is at least one senior policemen in the net? The more senior the policeman, the more serious the ‘Organisation’, with child trafficking well represented by commissioners, Minister and Directors of police forces the world over. Obviously, if government is complicit in organised crime, we should be able to catch them at it? Of course we do, every day we uncover another corrupt official serving another corrupt criminal master, and every time we catch them at it good enough to make the charges stick, what is their standard response?

“We as the government are always striving towards total transparency and accountability.” In English, this translates as: ‘We are boss, and every time you catch us, we learn how to make the process more transparent, with better safeguards to track down and severely punish those who let slip our little secrets.” In this context, it is worth remembering that ‘transparent’ means you can see right through it; a thing that is totally transparent is invisible. 

We should be demanding TRANSLUSCENT governance, in other words, you can see right through it, but you can also clearly see the limits and boundaries as well as all the details inside of that which you are looking at. Then we would be able to see the way your council member influences property prices by insisting the local police patrol the other side of town more often with less resources, then when he starts buying up criminal-infested land on the ‘forgotten’ side of town, and suddenly demands police presence, we can safely assume he is a property developer type Mafioso, or not?

But apparently any and all government records are not to be available to public scrutiny, for reasons of “national security”, which is the legal term for the ‘organised management’ of state resources by persons unknown. See other articles on this site about the very obvious and above all cheap and easy way we could stop this sort of thing overnight. It involves the scrapping of all Case Study lawyerism, and implementing 3 simple rules to manage the technology currently used as a weapon against us, including our telephones. Search at the top for “3 laws” or ‘electronic privacy’. You may know the three laws of technology as Asimov’s Laws of Robotics.

Prophecy, Protocols, Trump and the Swamp not Draining


I have to say this before it happens and you mortals again question my gift of prophesy.  

Trump won the collegiate vote, Hillary won on popular count. It seems they won’t do a Bush and run off to some judges to fix the problem of the wrong candidate winning. One can quickly imagine six reasons why not, most popular theory being that the Republicans were due for their turn. It really matters nothing, it is a communist system, with democratic PR, and the Fed runs the show anyway. Well, those who run the Fed runs the entire “western” system, let us not get pedantic, we are here for prophesy: 

Within a year, perhaps, but soon, the POTUS will do something, something terrible and gross, some thing that will shock the entire world into stasis, Dianetics type stasis, the one you beat a child into before you tell him the lesson.  

The lesson being, of course: Brexit caused suffering, democracy gave us Trump, now see what your voting has caused! 

What is even more disturbing, as I was wording the concept above, I come across WikiLeaks telling me a Soros think-tank reckons this will be the last election, did I tell you I find this disturbing? Soros speaks and countries wash with blood, every time, and now he has decided to cancel democracy… 

Strange that Soros flies so low so long, and suddenly he bursts open like a boil on society.

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