The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.


Modern politics has been fairly predictable lately. I have been learning to put actual Protocol numbers behind every news item. Granted, these days, that number is usually “twelve-point-four”. 

Protocol 12.4: Not a single announcement shall reach the public without our control.

Protocols 12.7 and 12.8 are of course the reason for the hunt on Fake News. Things were so much easier when six guys owned the entire world's information distribution channels. How shall the internet be taxed? In modern times, ideas are spreading at an alarming rate, how do you monetise that? Information flows fast and freely, how do you censor that? In short; “how can we retain control when information is free?” That is completely against the law and spirit of Protocol 12.6

As for Trump? He is the breath of fresh air. The anti-establishment patriarch that will get the jobs back. He has already failed both the Questions for Authority. He appointed eugenicist Bill Gates to continue his vaccination drive. He has confirmed the importance of multinationals above persons, but at least I have not heard him threaten to create jobs. One thing I can tell you: those jobs coming back from China were done by Chinese, for a Chinese salary. You shall now have ever-so-slightly less than a Chinese salary; that is economics. I think Trump is going to serve the ultimate post-modern democratic purpose: He will finally prove, beyond any doubt, how corrupt politicians really are, and that is Protocol One. The first actual declaration of intent to destroy all societies by means of fake democracy. I hope I am wrong.


Electronic privacy is one of the most over debated topics for ten years running. We hear from thousands of experts, officials and hysterical porn addicts, each and every one of them approaches the issue from one of two viewpoints: Privacy at all cost versus public security at all cost. I believe these to be pre-agreed opposites to serve as fake discussion issue while the Orwellian agenda is happening around us anyway. The true solution is much simpler, cheaper and safer. We stop worrying about electronic privacy on anything you cannot secure reliably. Let them openly read your letters and scrutinise your shopping lists. None of that is new, King Solomon did it. Then we open the Book of Public Accounts. Enact a read-only public server, open to any citizen at any time. The data can be updated at the end of every working day. It’s that easy. 

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