The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.


The occasional doctors I come into contact with treat me like an idiot when I don’t understand the strange words they are reading off their questionnaire. I have since learned they are reciting the names of pills I should be taking at my age, so they can prepare for the interactions with whatever they thought I will allow them to insinuate into my system in the form of prescriptions. The local vet has been predicting Tommy’s imminent death by heart failure for five years now. The poor dog’s not even fifteen yet. Yet we still run after chickens and intruders. Heart murmurs… 

You must understand that we have no official qualifications, and we will not buy some off the internet just for the sake of impressing the gullible. We are not allowed to give you any advice, prescribe treatment or substances of any sort, or even just pretend we have any authority at all. On these pages, you will find first-hand experiences and experiments that seemed effective. We share with you all the knowledge we have acquired by doing it ourselves.  We have no reason to lie, this is free information and the site has not been monetised. Because we do not cut and paste from other sites, things happen slowly, but steadily. Come visit regularly, we will keep you posted on this page. 


To see our animals living as free as we can afford, go to our KRITTER PAGES 

To see us live free, start taking note what goes into your child’s mouth, for he will be what you feed him, Ronald.  

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