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Number Portability is a Scam

So you dial your buddy. As you get connected, your phone says: “Bleep-bleep-bleep. Purr-purr, purr-purr…” and so on until someone picks up. Now we all know what the purr-purr means, it is the guy’s phone ringing on the other side, but what about those three short beeps at the beginning? It is the sound of you being scammed by your cheap friend who thought he saves money by changing contracts, and can you believe it, he took his WoodenCom number over to MightyNet! Isn’t those guys just too kind and accommodating! If you believe that, you probably believe the polar bears are dying of hunger because the penguins fell off the melting icebergs and drowned.

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The Science behind the Holy Communion

There are those, usually the atheist-science type, that likes to make fun of sacred stuff. A favourite object of their ridicule, is the so-called barbaric cannibalism of the holy communion. Of course, as is the wont of scientists in possession of eternal Truth, mocking other peoples’ truths is a blatant display of ignorance. On the other hand, they also supply us with entertaining nonsense like dark matter, dark energy and Artificial Intelligence, capital letters, please. But they are just stupid little atheist devils with no scientific understanding. Let's educate them a bit in the wonders of creation, why don't we?

As is usual on this site, we draw you in with a promise of Good News, and end up preaching backwoods science. In particular, we are going to talk some basic genetics. What we need to understand is the link between love, instinct and a coherent society. That link is called ‘Mitochondria’. That is Greek or sumpfink for ‘tiny needles’. Not to get complicated, imagine tiny little bugs living inside each of the gazillions of cells that make up your body. They are very small, and they  have only RNA, instead of DNA. That is a single strand of genetic material instead of a double strand.

While every cell in your body (should) carry the exact same DNA, the RNA changes as the needs and duties of that particular cell changes. Whatever the kind of cell you have in your body, they all need mitochondria to operate, but each type works slightly differently, because the mitochondria in there express the genetic code differently. The ones in your heart cells can produce well over 600 different proteins!

Call them worms, they are sort of needle-shaped, most of them. These bugs are really, really primitive, somewhere around the level of amoebae. These things can do only two things: Eat, and poop. When you eat, it is to feed these little wormies, and in turn, these wormies poop out the proteins and enzymes and stuff that makes that thing you call a body, work. But there’s a trick to that poop!

These mitochondria hang out real close to the core of the living cell, close enough for an electro-chemical information exchange. We do not understand precisely how yet, but the mitochondria can “read” the genetic sequence of the amino acid chain, bit by bit, so to speak. This sequencing causes the worm’s poop-string to bend, in predetermined and demonstrable ways, so that the resulting polypeptide has the general shape of a long string scrunched up in a little wad. The particular shape and sequence of that pooped-out polypeptide will determine the exact nature of that particular building block of life. Will it make muscle? Metabolise sugar? Become snot to catch poisonous fungi spores before they grow in my lungs? Just migrate to the next generation of cells, to metabolise for a new, just-differentiated stem cell?

The DNA sequence will code for the correct stuff when the correct worm ’tastes’ it. You have a ‘genetic condition’ or congenital disease when you either do not have the correct worms in your cells, or because, rarely, the sequencing of your DNA gives the worms nonsense to read. The latest in medical advancements is where they inject you with bacteria that will do the metabolic job your own mitochondria does not code for. It is an almost instant cure for many, many diseases, but because it threatens the well-being of the health care industry, the treatment is by appointment only, hundred thousand dollars a shot. Literally, a hundred grand for one single shot. Virtually instant health, at a hundred big ones per injection. The marvel of sciencery. But back to the story:

There exists a small wasp that preys on spiders by laying an egg on the hairs of the spider’s back. The larva will eat into the spider slowly, with gory but nutritious results. The egg, however, is extremely small, too small, in fact, to contain mitochondria. If you hatch the egg in a laboratory, the wasp is perfect in every single way, except one: The wasp will not hunt spiders. It knows nothing of spiders, it does not care about them. Should you, however, add to the egg the original microscopic turd the mother left on the egg, all the mitochondria are present, and the baby will hunt the correct type of spider with no coaching needed. All your instincts were inherited from your mom, at best your dad can teach you manners.

This is why a mother knows when her child is in trouble; she implanted in her child a complete set of cellular transceivers. This is why friends finish each others’ sentences, they break bread and touch hands and breathe each other’s shed skin cells. This is why lovers yearn, they exchange mitochondria through the most sensitive moist membranes with direct pleasurable rewards. It is the mitochondria we infect each other with, communicating over time and space!

Much is being said these days about the disastrous results we got from the obsession to “eradicate all known germs” with ever-more colourful chemical concoctions. Some people are even suggesting we allow our children to play in the mud! Remember how Adam was made with mud? Clay, even better, (asterix footnote citation). Point is, the soil is the greatest source of bacteria in our lives. Bacteria are just like every other species: eat or get eaten, and the fittest inherit the land.

By ingesting the soil, you inherit mitochondria living in the soil bacteria. You are now equipped to fight off just about any bacteria emanating from that land, because you have eaten and metabolised and inherited the power of the strongest bacteria, the ones dominating the land. This is how the child is tied to his motherland, because he carries with him, forever, the metabolic signature of that land. Provided you allowed him to eat the soil. Soil. Not poison-sprayed, fertiliser-drenched lawn substrate, but clean, pure soil. The lesson here is that mitochondria are extremely important, and you can add to your bacterial population.

You can also subtract from your mitochondrial population, or cripple them, kill them: Get addicted to any of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs. Eat copious amounts of MSG, artificial sweeteners or preservatives like nitrate salts. Hang around cell phone towers, engine exhausts or fracking wells.  You can develop all sorts of syndromes just by living near a guy that sprays Roundup. Why not confuse your mitochondria into producing dead or pathogenic peptides by eating trans-fats, GMOs or tiny little microscopic pieces of plastic that have become as prevalent as bacteria. Or  just sniff some of that ‘air freshener’ from the beautiful tin that promises “Spring Pine Forest” or somesuch, that stuff really gets into the cells, wrestle those darn internal parasites to a standstill, why not? Or just ask your doctor if he wants to earn commission on a prescription for some antibiotics.

But we are not here to discuss all the many and wonderfully expensive ways you can poison your own metabolism, we are gather together here today, dear friends, to share in the Holy Communion, the body and blood of the sacrament. Remember that little wasp, and the little pile of poop on her egg? The baby eating the soil? The lovers kissing? How do you make lovers of an entire church full of people, a town, a country? This is the secret of the Holy Communal Meal:

First, the priest breaks the bread, and he offers each supplicant one small bite-sized piece, delivered by hand. By all of us eating the bread that the priest touched, we all share in the RNA of the priest, he who must lead the flock.  We are already closer to each other because in our flesh the microbes of the priest yearn for communion with similar microbes in every member of the congregation. Then comes the flagon of wine, each taking but a small sip, just touching the communal cup, and so we share each other with each other. The blood is much stronger than the flesh alone, together they form the rock upon which the church is built. With the flesh (bread) we build a congregation, with the blood (wine) we build a community.

On larger scale, we have the county fair type thing, annual or seasonal congregations from a wide geographic area, usually limited by the Land and the mitochondrial soul of that land. Is there any part of the fair more important than the fare? We eat and drink until we are sick and throw up on the roundabout. Every second stall has something sweeter, greasier, meatier than all the others combined, and we try a lot of them, every exotic dish from some strange outpost of our little realm, bringing my heart and yours closer over all those miles. Because your mitochondria got into all the food you touched and then fed me.

This is why a mother knows when her child is in trouble; she implanted in her child a complete set of cellular transceivers. This is why friends finish each others’ sentences, they break bread and touch hands and breathe each other’s shed skin cells. This is why lovers yearn, they exchange mitochondria through the most sensitive moist membranes with direct pleasure rewards.

This is why the effort to isolate us from our congregation by using scary virus stories and armed policemen does not only threaten our common freedoms, our freedom to associate, gather and work, it threatens the very fabric of our society by refusing us the coherency benefits of holy communion. Whether that be a church service, bar or wedding, where people get together, they grow together. By keeping us apart, you are breaking us apart.

It is a global pandemic, they say. We must all stand together, they say.

Its a globalist pandemic, I say. Globalists hate all forms of civic unity.

Patriotism is barbaric they say. Social distancing, self isolation, hide and die alone, they say.

The end of patriotism came, not with the bang of war, but with the whimper of a ventilator. And on the far horizon appears our saviour, Bill Gates, mandatory vaccinations raised high against the rising sun…

Postponing Menopause, what a Marvel!

Nary has a month gone by lately, or the medical fraternity has not come up with a new, more wondrous “medical breakthrough” than the last. August 2019 saw the public exposure of an evil attempt at playing God, when it was revealed that some lab is growing human-monkey chimeras as a possible source of human organs for the transplant trade. Frankly, it is a step forward from legalising the abortion of babies until well after birth, so their organs can be harvested for the trade in human parts. It sure beats those vultures descending upon your carcass while it is still warm and, as documented numerous times, technically alive.

…and this was not even the most “interesting scientific advancement” of the week, no, some gang of broken minds somewhere has been busy for a while now solving, or at least postponing, a dreaded condition that is attacking women all over the globe.

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Artificial Intelligence is Fake News

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Learning and Adaptive Programming, NOT Synonyms!

The term Artificial Intelligence has become a sort of talismanic chant to ward off the evil spirits of technophobia. Soon, or even now, we can all stop worrying about the next world war, because the robots are taking over and mankind is doomed. Artificial Intelligence®™© (always with the capitals, amen) will do everything for us, apparently, all you need is the right App. This nonsense has progressed to the point where people try to solve every “challenge” with an App, and then they get despondent when they cannot find an App to get a stain out.

Technology is now so wonderful, we don’t need jobs anymore, or salaries, or bonds, no, we can all live in momma’s basement, from where we will develop all these Apps that we will sell each other and we all become Tech Millionaires. The minds that came up with that theory, actually got paid for it. This proves that, even though we as yet don’t have artificial intelligence, we still have fake intellectualism. The problem is, these fake intellectuals are the ones tasked with building that artificial intelligence. The kind of intellect that spells things with capitals. To make sure we know how important their work is, I guess.

Now, here’s the thing about AI: It does not exist. Internet platforms are vast collections of computers and file servers, thousands and thousands of them per square whatsisnames, with more computing power than most governments. You can ask Google anything, and get an answer, isn’t that clever? No it is not. The Yanks like to tell the story of the idiot misfit that saves the day because he remembers the score for every baseball league game ever played. The movie usually ends with a little moral on how overrated an education is, as long as you have a good heart, and love sports. Intelligence is for those clever buggers in white coats, the ones making the science that is warming our planet. We should stop them. Teach them some ball sense…

Remembering numbers from a list is just remembering, exactly what Google does; it remembers where it saw the words you are typing in last, and poops out a web address, a couple of million different ones, usually. There is no intelligence, only programs containing instructions telling computers which data to assemble and present. It will answer you, all right, by dredging up the answers provided by other people, with no care for the correctness thereof, and no way to check. It is just not clever enough to make impartial decisions on truth, it can only present all the truths it has been supplied with, conflicting ‘facts’ and all.

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and every other social platform is presented as an artificial, sorry, Artificial Intelligence, and we are told of the filtering, and the scoring, and the automatic banning, all overseen by their AI. In reality, their AI is an office building full of otherwise unemployable meatbags trying to look at everything and deciding what is acceptable or not. We are often told how stressful this job is, what with company guidelines being non-existent or vague, and oh my, all that radicalising content out there, block, block, shadow-ban, suspend, lock account and why don’t you smear your excrement all over your workstation before you commit suicide in the parking lot? No, really, that is apparently life at the office for these “stressed-out moderators”.

 If you want to see the intelligence behind those anonymous arbiters of your moral standards, go find a video of Facebook staff when they heard Hillary Clinton lost to Trump. Disregarding your own political views, just look at their reactions, their emotional outbursts, the virtual writs-slashing, and tell me that thing has the right to suppress your research, because it “might influence the susceptible”. Videos of little girls getting gang-raped is okay, a dude praising Trump is fascist. This they call Artificial Intelligence.

Come to think of it, the capitals in A I might also be simple Orwellian doublespeak. In the world of warfare and genocide, the term ‘Intelligence’ is often spelled with a capital, and it is used as a synonym for ‘information’. Spies gather Intelligence, radios broadcast Intelligence to other units in code, the Intelligence community gather Intelligence for use by those with intelligence. Now add the word ‘artificial’ to ‘intelligence’, spell it with Capitals, and what you get? That’s right, ‘Artificial’ Intelligence, Fake Information. Please note, and never forget, Google, Facebook, Twitter and every other little atom of the Internet, actually belongs to the American Army. They invented it, they built it, they grew it, and then they gave us a bit of it to play around on, to spew disrespect and blasphemy against those who are taking down names for kicking ass later. There is no privacy on the Internet, and very little truth, just a lot of Artificial Intelligence.

Making fun of words still does not address the actual issue of A I. What is A I supposed to be? Those with distorted views on humanity are on their collective knees, praying for the day computers outpace human thought. There are those who say it already has, computers can think so much faster than humans already. No, they do not, they merely look up the data you request, provided that data has been provided in the first place. The very first calculator can add and multiply a lot faster than any human, yet no calculator can be accused of being intelligent, it just looks up pre-programmed answers, the average calculator does not actually compute much, they work off huge lists of answers hard-wired in, called look-up tables. Like that Ohio kid with learning disabilities but access to reams of sports statistics. Whereas the kid might have to rack his memory to find that odd score, computers have their data all neatly arranged and categorised. Computers do not have to remember, only dish up others’ memories.

To decide whether A I is real, one first has to define ‘intelligence’. The usual requirement of true intelligence is not the repeating of information, or even the processing thereof, but the creation of new information. People can be programmed, just like computers (refer again the kiddies weeping for Hillary) but here is the difference: an intelligent being can exceed the limitations of its programming. An intelligence can think of new things, without referencing the old, and still retain the old faithfully. When a computer program starts acting outside the design limits, it is usually because of some error, causing the original programmed behaviour to be compromised in some way, abandoned even. Broken. A computer can draw very pretty pictures, but a computer cannot create art.

To set a million monkeys upon a million typewriters has always been an joking example of futility in uninspired art, yet the computer crowd does exactly that: they have set millions of processors to task drawing a billion ‘pictures’, then they show us the three best-looking examples of their attempt, and scream “Look, a computer made art”. Picasso out if focus through a wet window, boo-hah. I never liked Picasso, but he did feel called upon to quantify art, so I guess he wins that one. It still is not art, though… at least Picasso could focus his eyes. Mostly, computer art is merely pseudo-random arrangements of tones, colours or shapes, chosen from pre-programmed examples. Or you can tell your computer to search for all other data sets to see what is most popular, skim the most recurring themes, stitch those together, say your computer did it all by itself, and call this artificial intelligence, or Machine Learning.

Machine learning is how our tin brains are supposed to find enough facts from which they can synthesize a useful core of data, and apply that to their task. There are many ways to do this, the most popular form you know, is probably the Google ranking thing, where the computer knows which is the most likely answer you expect, because that was the one the majority looked at. For Hillary, they actually told their A I to hide bad things, repeat all the good things, and make sure she’s at the top of every page. They also do this for shampoo companies, dog food and medical advice about poisonous vaccines, which suddenly don’t exist no more, at least not before page 97 or so.

The machine can only learn what you tell it to learn. It is a useful and powerful tool, learning from old data, but popularity is not truth, especially on subjects most people tend to misunderstand. Machine learning is actually just machines gathering data they were told they like, possibly by other data they collected. In the end, the action that machine takes upon that data, was programmed in at the beginning, possibly with a wide variety of choices, but always limited by the intellect that programmed it at first.

Another form of machine learning is Heuristics. That’s the one where you remember what happened yesterday, see what happens today, and tomorrow you know exactly where and when to pull the trigger. In humans, this is seen as a serious defect, because this sort of thinking leads to Hubris, the bit where you pull the trigger at the exact moment required, even if there is a kid walking past the target.

Another trap with heuristics, is the forming of bias, where you give certain things more importance than others, purely by own experience. Every time you see something that conforms to your beliefs, it confirms your bias, your preferred explanation, Every time you see a Myscopcher hitting a kid, it confirms your opinion of Myscopchers being child molesters. Racism is one form of heuristic learning gone wrong for humans.

Or how about the A I autopilot that kept crashing the plane simulator straight into the ground, over and over, because when you overload all the stress sensors at once, the computer does not register your mistake, and the machine was programmed to try all the ways possible until it finds a way that records no mistakes. The program was biased towards the wrong goal, and every crash confirmed to the machine its own success at finding a solution to the stated problem.

There is also something called Adaptive Programming. The idea is that the computer will find new data, then change its own programming to process this new data. Once again, that program will essentially come from the original programmer/s, with all their biases, mistakes and hang-ups included. The Facebook computer hates political radicalism, and it was programmed to suppress all bad political commentary. “Bad” in this case, was defined by a youngster still so pumped up with Liberalist vigour, it actually hates Conservatives. People have been scrubbed out for saying something patriotic, because Liberals feel patriotism is divisive. Adaptive programming, therefor, is not intelligence, it is merely the collection of new subroutines as part of the data it needs to process. Those new subroutines suffer all the shortcomings and benefits of the programmer’s intelligence, no more, no less.

So why the harping on Artificial Intelligence? If it does not exist, why is everyone talking about it? Firstly, it is a great marketing tag. Just like you can make them eat worm poop by calling it Superfood, or sell them the latest environmental disaster by telling them your plan is Green, now you can sell any technology by pretending it is intelligent. Most people have no idea, and even less interest in the science or even language of things like robotics, so whatever the news says, is what we know. The question should therefor be ; why is the news telling us that A I is News? What are they trying to accustom us to? Why are they lying so hard about the state of technology, hiding so many things, while exhibiting things not possible yet? Why must we believe in A I?

Many tasks are being done by machines, allowing humans the free time to apply for unemployment benefits and visiting charity food collectives. In the olden days, men and children were sent out to work while the womenfolk puttered around the house trying to get everyone fed end cleaned up. As machinery improved, it became necessary to reprogram the people for living with their new neighbours. Men fed and cleaned the machines, while the kids went to school, to learn the things needed to properly care for the machines. Once the newly-educated youth started building more and better machines, the men were sent off to eradicate each other in war, the women were set to tending the machines, and the children were sent off to school to keep them occupied with the learning of anything except what is needed to remain masters of their environment. Education turned into indoctrination, kiddies had to learn where they fit into the social structure, to “prepare them for modern life” where nobody is supposed to do anything outside the Program.

So that is where we are now: The womenfolk are working, the men have a choice between crime and financial scamming, and the children are attending classes in accepting this setup as normal. In the meantime, our exalted leadership discuss the legalities around robotics and Artificial Intelligence. If the men were earning a living decent enough to look after a family, and the mothers had the time to see what their children are being put up to, and the children were not busy using their expensive techno-toys to replace human contact, we might have wondered what that was about. But we did not, even this writer can find nary a trace of those high-level meetings and what was decided. Half of Europe’s bestest and brighterest came together, discussed the legal standing of artificial intelligence, and walked away with a decision they are not sharing with us.

To see what the legal status of a robot is, we can look at corporate law: corporations have been given legal personae, you can sue and get sued by a corporation for as little as a slight insult. As we all know, the legal weight of your case before the court is determined by the social weight of you BAR representative, and the funds you make available to said lawyer type. The individual’s chances of winning a court case against a mega corporation is almost nil, and the chances of a corporation actually making good on the verdict, less than zero. The best one can hope for, is that the corporation will expel one of its junior administrators as a show of legal compliance, but the corporation itself, its shareholders and subsidiaries shall carry on as per usual. The corporation itself, as a supplier of “much-needed employment” and producer of goods with “strategic national importance” is above you and your petty squabbles.

Now transfer this mentality to the robots: The machine was built with Artificial Intelligence, therefor the decisions it takes are informed by current situational wareness as gathered by the machine’s sensors. Any harm that comes to you or yours, is thus the fault of the robot, not the owner, not the manufacturer or programmer, it was the robot that gone kill your child, let’s wipe its programming, that will learn it! Unless, of course, we can prove say that you provoked the robot, possibly by acting unpredictably, doing something near that robot, causing a failure of execution, you were the one acting outside the confines of the machine’s programming! Are you insured against overstepping the bounds of a computer's programming?

The most obvious danger in all this fake cleverness nonsense is, of course, the excuses it allows the executives; If the machine acted upon its own intelligence, then any mistakes by the machine, is not the fault of the owner. When a robot beheads your child, your case will be with the robot, and good luck suing a robot! Even if you win, what revenge will you visit upon a machine? You certainly have no claim on the corporation that built, programmed, owne, hired, rented, deployed, tasked, maintained or otherwise caused the robot to be where it was when it was cutting the head off a child, drowning fish in oil, burning butterflies with radiation...

The Sciencery We Live By

Sciencery, of course, is the practice of questionable academics perpetrated for gain, be that money, honour or misplaced sense of doing good. Or, as the liberals say these days: “Facts don’t matter when you have the moral high ground.” The latest broth from their cauldron, Man-made Climate Change, is but one of many fake ‘solutions’ the sciencers have foisted upon us. Take fertilisers, for example. What purpose do they serve? Who invented them? Why? …and why is South Africa overrun by Malawians looking for money to send home so their families can afford fertiliser?

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We Must Fix the Climate by, erm... It's Your Fault!

The world over, children are being encouraged to bunk classes, to gather in the streets, scream and hurl insults at Old White Men who are changing their weather. The press is falling over itself, celebrating this marvellous “youth activism against climate change”. Every dweep that gets hold of a microphone is demanding “something to be done about climate change”. Organisations are being funded into life, for no purpose other than to have the term “scientific” in the title, whereupon said organisation will publish an essay (not a scientific study, an essay, like this thing you are reading now) on their interpretation of global warming, and after some (driven) publicity to establish their ‘credentials’, it starts demanding “something to be done about climate change”.

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