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Trump's Wall, Internet Censorship and other Stories from the Hive

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There are many who oppose a secure fence at the southernmost border of the Undeclared Soviet in America (USA). Some, just because they have to be negative about Trump. Some, because of the cheap labour coming in. Some just do not understand the value, function or reason for national borders. Blaming Trump for the wall is, of course, nonsense. That wall has been in the building since at least Clinton’s reign. Taken in the context of the 5Eyes Initiative, the wall Trump wants to complete, on orders from his ‘sponsors’ of course, is an important part of the political philosophy of Oceania, the name Orwell uses to describe America and its colonies. United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have all recently converged their security protocols with that of The Fed, and The Wall is one of the final pieces in that picture.

Consider the UK, where it is now illegal to call a man in a dress “sir”, where you get arrested for speaking up about the vaccine madness and its fake science. Where they confiscate your website if you insult Israel. The place is surrounded by ocean, the people are totally impressed with their own wonderfulness, and the Bank has long ago confiscated all public wealth. Orwell calls their island “Airfield One” or something? An American air force base, really. Point is, the UK has ceased to be a democracy before it even became one properly. From the Romans, to the City of London, to the corporation called The Crown, to Wall Street, the people of the Emerald Isles are but serfs to the financial interests that raped the London Stock Exchange by spreading a false report of Napoleon’s victory at Waterloo. Nobody knew better, because, in European terms, Britain is quite far away from everyone else.

This same geographic isolation keeps Australia and NZ safely cocooned, and like Britain, their governments are falling over their own feet to censor, censure and proscribe any deviation from the “official narrative” or, as all aware people call it, Fake News. Australia just announced the “prosecution to the fullest extend of the law” of any medical professional that questions the vaccine narrative. They even have a “tip line” for those who heard a doctor sin in private conversation, just like the old Soviets.

Now, the Zionist colonies of North America, namely Canada and the undeclared soviet to their south, are putting the final touch to their own isolationist wet dream: An impenetrable fence cutting off all access to their continent, the continent furthest from all other continents, except those pesky Latinos who keep rediscovering the existential joys and humanity in Socialist government. Gotta keep them out, you know. Once that wall is complete, the draconian censorship and choking of individual thought will be implemented in all its brutality. The average American has been taught to hate Socialism by ascribing to it all the sins of Communism. All the while, they have been taught that the increasingly Communist nature of their own government is evidence of the victory of Capitalism over populism. America is far away, they don’t hear many opinions. They Believe!

Africa stood alone for centuries. One people, one culture, one way of doing things. One.

India was locked up in the Indus Valley for millennia, and nothing changed for anyone.

Europe to Asia was one long trade route (skirting India), with cultures mixing, thoughts, ways of getting things done. Asia and Arabia and Germania and Greece all advanced with technology and mathematics and science.

England, an isolated island, was populated by primitives in blue body paint by the time the Roman triremes arrived. When Columbus arrived in America, the only traces of advanced technology was the remains of visitors. The Maoris, as colourful as their culture may be, seemingly found no reason to advance.

Whenever a culture becomes isolated from outside influence, the collective mind retracts, and the people become a-feared and ritualistic. In a closed society, every member has to perform his social function according to the rules, otherwise it may disrupt the peaceful workings of his society. There is no need for a court of law, everybody knows when you break a rule, and the punishment is immediate and brutal. A people who devolve into institutionalised ritual and social duty, inevitably end up gathered around a Royal Presence. This is the Hive Mind: Ritualistic observance of your social duty to the upkeep of the Divine Leadership.

The Globalist wet dream of turning the world into one homogenous, homosexual, cultureless and standardised “worker’s paradise” will serve one single purpose: It will stop the evolution of mankind in its tracks. We will never again invent anything new, we will never think anything new, we will never do anything unexpected. Mankind will be an island of personality-less subservience and dumb obeisance. One world, one factory, one school, one church, one god, and One King. The Hive insist on servitude to the Royal (divinely appointed) Presence.

It is precisely because of our differences that we evolve. Yes, we invented the Atom bomb, but it was the US, isolated from cultural interaction, that set it off on civilians. Communism is actually a grand idea, until you shutter it behind an Iron Curtain. Capitalism is as bad as communism precisely because it breaks down all cultural differences by calling them barriers. As in: Barrier to Trade? It is because of the hive-minded autism of the Globalists that the world is being remoulded into a race-less, sexless, gormless mass of sub-humanity that will never come up with its own ideas again.

When last did you hear a new song? No, not a new release by a new pop artist with a fresh new face, I mean, a really, really new song. When last did anyone make a movie? Everything we see on our screen, is at best an animated comic book. The ones I read forty-five years ago. Making the hero black, or feminist, or gay, changes nothing, just like rehashing the same electronic swoosh sounds to a faster backbeat means nothing. Every season sees a ‘new technology’, like the Apple phone’s screen now has a green edge, or Samsung’s newest offering, with a faster camera, still with the same poor lenses and bandwidth filters. How ‘bout that new Merc? You know, where the brake light is a bit rounder? Progress amongst hive-minded idiots means you take the same old, and make it a bit prettier every few months. …or a faster beat. Or you slow it right down, for the Cool Shadays.

The Hive has already arrived, and they are conscripting, and the youth are born with their draft number on their birth certificate. An increasing number of ‘educated’ people are so “overloaded by information”, the consensus is that one should choose carefully whose opinion you follow. There is, apparently, not enough time to filter all the news and form your own opinion. From there, we now have official “opinion makers”, trusted and beloved silver screen characters that look deep into our eyes when they tell us what to believe. All other information is denounced as Fake News, or the utterings of a radicalised white supremacist neo-Nazi populist. Except when you are an extreme fundamentalist Muslim jihadist raghead, of course.

The 5 Eyes initiative is an actual declaration of the existence of Orwell’s dystopian society known as Oceania, with all the terror and “thought policing” that entails. We will know their utter subjection to the Zionist protocol of world domination is complete, the day Americans figure out this one little thing:

Trump’s wall is not to keep the Mexicans out, it is to keep the Americans in.