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The Lies Lawyers Tell

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You say you are merely acting on the instructions of your client. You slander, perjure and insult, all in the name of acting on your clients instructions. You bend and twist and contort words and laws and morals, all in the name of your client. You are merely a professional service provider, acting on instructions from your client. Liar!

You are a lawyer. You got hired by your client, because he is not a lawyer. Why does he need a lawyer? Because he does not know and understand all the intricacies of the judicial system. You were hired, because your client does not have the necessary knowledge needed to pursue justice on his own behalf. You are appearing on his behalf, because he is ignorant of the rules and regulations that govern the workings of a court of law. So, actually, he is paying you to tell him what to do, not so? No? So why are you here, in this court, on his behalf, why does he need you? Because he needs a professional to move his lips for him? Can I see the list of questions your client handed you before you came to question me? It does not exist, because your questions have to keep up with a real conversation? Before you answer, please go get the proper answer from your client, actually, will the plaintiff stand up and ask the next question, without his lawyer? So, the lawyer is the one doing the talking, right? As he seems appropriate and useful, yes?

So why can I not sue you for perjury and crimen injuria when you accuse me, in public, of criminality, insisting on my guilt, in as many words as you can muster, with all the might of your mighty legalistic knowledge, you stand there and utter abuse like you are being paid for it, and I am not allowed to complain about it, because you are a lawyer, and only you are allowed to open your mouth without consequences. Only you cannot perjure yourself, only lawyers are above the law, they have their own laws, they have their BAR, and they have the power to decide amongst themselves who goes behind bars. Remember, a good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge.

 Can you afford the kind of lawyer that knows the judge? Me neither. Most of us can’t. That is why poor people are better off sorting their troubles outside the so-called Justice system, because justice comes to those who can afford it. If you are real rich, your justice comes for free. Ask the 43 corpses at Marikana. Ask about the “special courts” set up, for free, staffed by actual judiciary, to serve justice upon those who disobeyed Step Blatter and his soccer circus when they came to town in 2010. For free, people were arrested, jailed, tried, convicted, fined and deported by courts set up for Sep Blatter. For free! Now, that’s high class justice for you. And no, you can’t have any, you poor, ambitionless useless eater, you. You’ll get your justice when Bill Gates clears the earth for his 300 million deserving superhumans. All perfectly legally, of course, destroying the reproductive system to prevent breeding also decimates the population, but no-one equates “free” vaccines with boichemical warfare, and nobody will believe that our staple foods have been weaponised to poison the hormonal system. No-one can accuse Bill Gates and all his friends, Like Monsanto and Halliburton (XI) of actual murder, not actual-actual murder, they just sold the stuff, they only bribed a few officials to allow their poisons into the food chain, they are not murderers, it’s just business! You have no case against them, you can’t afford that level of justice. Your lawyer does not know Sheldon Adelson.

The only thing your lawyer can do, is to fill in forms, issue invoices and corrupt the Law of the Land as and when his superiors tell and allow him. If you as client happen to have concurrent interests, you will win the case, otherwise no amount of justice will assist you against the machinations of those who we trust to dispense justice.