The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

Politicians are not Allowed to Lie

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Politicians are not allowed to lie. In a world of lawyers and crooks and scoundrels, no-one dares lie, it can become expensive, if not fatal. The trick is to tell the absolute truth in words we think sound nice, or not say anything at all. Most politicians’ utterings are mere drivel, pretty sounds padded with hums and ahs and the occasional ‘viva democracy’. When a politician decides to speak directly at us, you can be sure he is doing his utmost to tell you exactly how much additional suffering is about to come down unto the nation, but in words calculated to make it sound like progress. A good politician can convince us to drink poisoned lemonade, the best ones can tell you why you need to pay for it. It is almost like magic… but we know their game now.

Words are powerful things; use them right, and the universe will fold around your magic spell. Use them wrong, well, people don’t listen anyway. Take words that everybody know, and use them in a context you never openly declare, and watch them force those words into something they understand. Make up new words, then throw them around like so much spittle, and look good while you do it; soon, others will use these new words to support their most complex hopes and dreams, without once asking what the new word really means. Investor Confidence. Financial Vehicle. Uncorrelated Asset. Derivatives… THE ECONOMY.

Words have power. Those who have the knack of using words correctly can wield much power over those who listen. The trick for the speaker is to find listeners, and once the listeners have accepted the words, they will abide by whatever reality those words present to them. Indoctrination of the nation requires that propaganda is inserted into the listeners’ vocabulary as if it were his own thoughts. This is popularly done through neuro-linguistic programming, a system of incremental mental disassociation from a personal standpoint, leaving the listener agreeing with terms and ideas that were considered untenable at first, but suddenly sound like the only logical alternative to loss and suffering, your original moral standpoint having been destroyed and/or ridiculed by rhetoric only vaguely understood, but obviously superior because it fills all the voids left by the destruction of your original values. They use words whose meaning you think you know, in strange and irrelevant context, until we start using those words in the same context, and soon we are living in a dream world where words we thought had obvious meaning, suddenly become tools of our oppression. When you accept the meaning of a word, you also accept the reality where this new definition holds. Politicians, and other creators of reality consensus, are under no obligation to consider your views when building their new reality, a reality you subscribed to by believing their  words. Accept their perverted ideas, accept your role in a universe not designed to your benefit, but it is a lot easier than finding a dictionary and looking up words. We all know what Good Governance means! And Independent Judiciary. And Economics. 

Politicians are not allowed to lie, but they know how to use words in strange and innovative ways, and our pride prevents us from checking up on what we are being asked to believe in. They are hell-bent on providing us with equitable education, equitable justice, equitable treatment before the law. Go look up “equitable”, and tell me where exactly are you on that scale of worth. Politicians never lie, they either say nothing, or they prattle until we go away. It’s not like they are the ones running the country, anyway….

This may sound like a scam perpetrated upon the stupid, their just deserves for having no ambitions of their own? Guess again, because the ‘cleverer’ we are, the harder we tend to fall for compliments to our intellect. Even the meme of stupid people with no ambition being deservedly poor, is a carefully constructed piece of behaviourist linguistic poison inserted into the general population as a divisionary tactic between classes. The poor are stupid and lazy and have no ambition; the rich are dishonest and lazy and cruel. If this divide is to be believed, the only way out of the hellish spiral to human extinction, is for the rich to stop feeding the poor, and for the poor to start eating the rich. It would not matter anyway; with all the lazy bastards dead and gone, the Deserving Few can live in peace and prosperity, building that wonderful society they’ve always dreamt of. Apparently, robots will do all the work.

So, how do ‘They’ plant thoughts into our heads? It’s not like they have earphones on our heads when we sleep? I certainly don’t hear nobody whispering suggestions of civil war over my radio and none of the heads on my television are asking me to sell my children. Actually, they are, but you are busy listening to their words, not their intentions. I do not demand you sell your children, I merely suggest we need special subsidies, for parents who sign their kids up for a special foreign education programme. I will have the handsomest faces on your TV telling you how this will enable sustainable economic growth and shareholder confidence. Are you going to speak out against an educational subsidy? Thought not, that would certainly harm investor confidence... and if you still won’t listen, Google owns Patent us6506148b. Go Google it!

In this age of Communication, where URGr8 if u cant spel, the idea is that ideas have value, and value is currency, and ideas are to be monetised, and money is made on the fly, and new money needs new ideas and new ideas must compete against old ideas and there’s a new idea to pay for every second, and seconds are too short for humans so we build machines that analyse our thoughts and dreams and wishes by means of the analysis of the keywords in our social platform interactions. That your message or post was a load of navel-gazing nonsense, does not matter, because your attempt at virtual validity was filled with the words you use to explain the universe to yourself, the key words you live by. Keywords are what we believe the world to be in concise and textable chunks of consciousness.  Keywords are what trigger us at a subconscious level to behave in certain ways associated with the meaning we perceive behind that keyword. If I know your keywords, I know you, and I know what I can sell you. Keywords cost money, keywords make money, keywords are the currency of ideas. But what makes a word, a ‘Keyword’? How does a word suddenly become ‘cool’ or ‘part of the contemporary narrative?’. How does a word control our thought? How can I sell you genocide without lying to you?

The successful speaker has to activate the listeners’ psyche to accept Keywords by ‘almost-association’. Never explicitly stating anything, a Keyword allows you to supply meaning, context and emotion to a statement as it suits your intellectual and emotional needs. One way to do this, is by using a word just that little too ‘Big’ for the audience at hand. The listener has to apply mental effort to understand the word, and once realisation dawns, the brain is immediately rewarded by a shot of dopamine. This recognition of the ‘big word’ thus proves our worthiness to hear these exalted words, which, by association with the rest of the sentence, causes one to confuse acceptance of the meaning of a word, with accepting the meaning of the entire sentence, leading an entire audience to heartily agree, no, patriotically demand, to pay for the cool-aid.

Another technique for the behaviourist to convince you to have brilliant ideas, is to use a word slightly out of context. This forces the mind into fantastic acrobatics, as it tries to place the word into context. Remember, your brain has already been rewarded for recognising big words, now it has to really work, and by the time it manages to place the word into some type of reality, the dopamine rush of reward will include the entire philosophy the speaker pinned to that word, and so your very belief system has been subtly altered to include a reality you would have regarded as absurd just this morning.

One of the easiest ways to program an audience remains, of course: use the same words as what the audience members use amongst each other when expressing their doubts and fears. Use the same words but in a context of deliverance, retribution and justice. Use their own words, but colour them with revolution and minority strife. Express the marginalisation and denigration your audience has suffered at the hand of the brutal Others, in the same words they whisper behind the police’s back, use the same words they mutter loudly when they get drunk and bare their desperation and alienation to those they trust. Use the words of your audience’s pain, use those words as badges of honour and grandeur, of justice and common decency. Say those horrible words out in the open, that your audience may either succumb to your lullaby of belonging and forgiveness, or rise up in open revolt and so be exterminated as criminal dangers to National Security.

We can also be led to alter our belief system, by changing the meaning of words, allocating new, even unconnected meanings to words well known and specifically understood. It seems the narrower the original meaning, the easier to corrupt. This corruption of a term is usually done over an extended period, and success is achieved when ‘official’ dictionaries include the new meaning, after which the game changes, getting such meanings added and deleted until the original meaning can only be found in old, yellowed, dog-eared dictionaries printed on bible-like paper. Or we can just repeat a word in a certain context, until that word changes its meaning to whatever we want it to be. A good example here is the way Americans have corrupted the distinction between Socialism and Communism, allowing the ridicule of any socialist thought, while happily pursuing the communist wet dream disguised as Capitalist Democracy, or even, ironically, Socialist Capitalism. They insist on equating Democracy with Truth, and Capitalism with Political Sanity. Also, in court, you will learn the true meaning of sentences you thought were quite all right when you signed the contract. This becomes a serious problem when our politicians sign trade agreements and loan contracts with special clauses and things they have no training or interest in understanding. The Investor/State Dispute Settlement Court is a case in point, where ignorant idiots signed away our sovereign rights as citizens, subjecting the very rule of our law to the whims of corporate mafias and scoundrels posing as investors but who actually just found a way to steal our national resources for the price of a second-hand Mercedes, given to a semi-literate politician with political powers beyond his own understanding. But they all understand the true language of politics: