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Chemtrails and Conspiracies; Some Truth, at Last!

For years now, there has been a constant barrage of propaganda, counterpropaganda, myths and fables around the supposed and intentional pollution of our atmosphere using large aircraft to spray all sorts of strange and mythical materials. There are broadly two camps of opinion on this issue: Those who publish photographs of wispy trails behind jumbo jets, calling it a conspiracy to poison us, or change the weather, or any number of exotic reasons. The other camp keeps rationally pointing out that all jet airplanes form trails of ice crystals shed from their wings at certain heights and in certain conditions. The paranoid freaks like to point out the many photos showing the trails forming from specific points, like nozzles, not wing edges. The reasonable people sniggered at the paranoia.

For those who remember yesteryear’s news, the concept of cloud seeding is well known. We have been dusting clouds in the hope of producing rain since at least the seventies. Of concern was the issue of using metallic salts, sometimes radioactive ones, and the accompanying health issues. Then came Morgellons’s disease, a horrific puzzle for many who suffered the infections blamed on the chemtrails. Various strange substances were recorded after chemtrail exercises, but samples submitted to authorities kept disappearing or turned out to be cotton threads, pollen or other nonsense explanations. The internet eventually had a thriving international community investigating the various phenomena, and eventually decent micro-photos emerged of strange crystalline things people swear grew in their skin. Reasonable people continued denying the existence of chemtrails, insisting they are but normal ice crsytals, commonly known as contrails.

July 2018,  and we finally receive some sort of information from official sources. It turns out we were all wrong. The government is not busy poisoning us, those are private contractors (at least 47 in the Undeclared Soviet of America alone. And Iran accuses Zionistan of stealing their rain) these are contractors busy with Atmospheric Particulate Injection. No cloud seeding or population infestation, but dead normal, run-of-the-mill Atmospheric Particulate Injection. Nothing to see here, folks, just keep walking, just keep walking. Morgellons’s it turns out, might be a key to Lyme’s disease. But why the contrails? Why the secrecy? Why the decades of denying the obvious?

Also, and I write this for this purpose:

Will all you reasonable people please show some decency, and phone up the people you accused of being paranoid conspiracy theorists, and apologise for ignoring evidence for forty years, and called us paranoid conspiracy theorists,because you preferred instead to soothe your own stupid conscience by calling us paranoid conspiracy theorists.


Our GMO Messiah, the Great Saviour of Monsanto and Microsoft, the Master of his Universe, Bill Gates, has announced his intentions to have us pay him for spreading enough pollutants into our atmosphere to actually dim the sun! He seems to have support from every ignorant idiot that supports the Climate-Gate Gurus. By getting the television public to believe in their stories of melting ice bears, we will now all, ALL, the entire planet, is about to be poisoned with official sanction from six billion people who are saying nothing! That Bill Gates sure is a fine fellow! Please find the article on the strange religion that might be trying to reform our planet for the benefit of off-world entities who have already watsed their own planet, and now needs a new home. It is said they made us in the first place...

Please also note that, as with every other of his "humanitarian efforts", Bill Gates is advertising his intended destruction of our biosphere as a GIFT TO MANKIND. We will pay for it, don't you worry for one second, but Bill will administer the finances, to be sure! Has your governemnt signed his contract yet? He IS going to spray over your country too, you know.