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Russian Election Hacking, a Sad Death-gurgle for American Democracy.

Or is that Russian Hacking and Election Meddling? Russians Meddling in Election Hacking? Russians Hacking Election Meddlers? Who knows, who cares, in a Communist Police State, the truth is subject to political need. Ever since the first electrix voting machines were installed by Nelson Rockefeller during his stint in State government, every election using machines has been suspect. The internet holds a variety of honest research on the subject, feel free to amaze yourself at the correlation between voting machine usage and economic disasters. The trustworthiness of these machines are never questioned by the manufacturer, installer or winning party.

The only reason you would use a machine to do something as ‘important’ as counting votes, is a total lack of people honest enough to be trusted. Then we allow those untrustworthy people to replace the only human check or balance in election fairness, with machines, the working of which WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW. First, they tried the old “national security” excuse for their secrecy, and then it was proven beyond doubt that these things get proven to ‘miscount’ regularly. A moment’s scandal besides, the opinion was that they’re public votes, which should be publically available for verification. This would counter any benefit of having counting machines that count as they are told, and the secrecy was suddenly justified with patent law. So, trade secrets outweigh Democracy, what a surprise.

Now, to ‘improve transparency’ they propose machines with no physical ticket or other verifiable record. That culminates in total idiocy when you connect a supposedly secure machine (such as a vote-counting server) to the internet. It’s like building your fire station above a dynamite factory. Yet, vote counting robots are built with internet-capable ports, und thusly installed, after which they are not hacked, but administrated remotely to access the core program software, proven repeatedly to be common practice. There is a big difference between hacking and using administrator privileges to access a computer. The question remains though; why program a counting machine? The mechanism is exceedingly simple, you can drive it with steam, or a hand-crank, there are similar mechanisms plinking away at Chopin on a million dancing princess jewellery boxes right now. What do you need to program on a counter? Hmm? Click, says the bouncer by the club door, and another patron is allowed in, and click another one, even a steroid monkey can keep count by pressing a little button, what do you want to program?

 So, America complains their elections got hacked, then, when the simple truths started squealing for attention, they changed their story to one of subliminal influence on the voting public via social media. While the social media thing certainly avoids the serious pitfalls of a discussion on voting machine rigging, the end result remains the same: The American public is a basket of Deplorables who are led by the last news snippet they consumed. The subject of news consumption aside, let us walk the long road from “Russian Hacking” to “Russian Meddling”, let us see how the story had to be changed to circumvent one objection after the other, shall we? Let us start with the Presidential Primaries, where a hundred candidates all get to go at each other for a year or so, totally leaving Government in the hands of the people who allow us to have elections.

Trump, a Party-agnostic opportunist, buys himself a Republican ticket, and tramples all the neo-liberal Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld clones to become the Right-wing Candidate. Hillary, meantime, tries to campaign on Obama-era psychology, and loses to an old man trying his last to remind the voters of today what it used to be like before Derivative Futures and Quantitive Easing stole all the value out of our currencies. He was made off as a Socialist for proposing things as they were fifty years ago. Hillary was soundly trounced, and tried many shenanigans to justify the presidential ticket. During this time, it transpired that a few dozen polling machines were ‘manipulated’ to give her undeserved victories over Bernie Sanders. She still loses miserably, but at least the machines are replaced by more secure ones, for what that is worth. What is interesting is, in all those constituencies with the suspect machines, results were rather surprising; polls, and later the presidential election results, suggest she won only 14 or so seats, instead of four states full or something, the evidence is still available, too droll.

 It became immediately clear that Hillary will not become president, when they gave her the Democrat ticket to run for President. There was no way she could win, and her psychological operation upon the consumers was missing one magic ingredient: Whereas a vote for Hillary might be a vote for the first Woman President, she still did not have the shock value of an Obama, the American version of Anne Frank. You know? Fictional back-story, over-publicised autobiography, wonderfully wise words fit for posterity, written by a team of ‘advisors’ in the background, lots and lots of hype with zero substance? Barack Obama, remember him? Of course you do, he was such a handsome president, part of History, the fraud was justified by the circumstances, just Like the Anne Frank diaries, written in ball-point ink, available only after the war. Voting for a sour old lesbian just does not have the same righteousness as voting for a hip nigga.

Anyway, so this time Trump wins, and immediately we are back to those voting machines:

“Trump hacked the voting machines” was too childish for words, so it became
“The Russians hacked the voting machines” sounded better, and the news took it for a run.
“So, er, you Americans, you like voting, yes? On machines that everybody can hack, yes?”
“Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the elections” took the heat off those darn machines, but how do you hack an election?
“The Russians colluded with Trump to influence the election outcome” shone light on the highly corrupt practices around election funding, so we quickly had to understand that
“Russian hackers used bots to influence American voters on social media”. The bots turned out to be actual people with popular social accounts, but still we had to learn the Truth:
“Vladimir Putin meddled in American affairs by colluding with Trump to hack the election by using robots on social media platforms to cause division amongst the American voting public”. Various social platforms testified to Congress, admitting guilt for allowing people to socialise on their platforms without censure. They undertook a massive campaign to eradicate sources of radicalisation and Fake News. To many it looks like a purge of all right-wing ideologies. To some it looks like a pogrom against anyone opposed to the One World Order. To a very few, this is but the start of the Great Cleansing to rid Earth of human scum forever.

What 911 did to elevate investor confidence above habeas corpus, Trump 2017 is doing for free speech to be eliminated as fake news. Copyright laws will stop us sharing pictures and movies, even quotable quotes. Robots on the social media platforms will weed out all fascist accounts. People are already being arrested for personal beliefs expressed on-line. The War on Fake News has already closed down the accounts of thousands of people deemed to be too right-wing, whatever that means this week. No-one will hack Hillary’s election again.

NOTE: Despite the apparent campaign to regain Hillary her throne, she is merely a tool to stir emotions. If she was allowed to be president, Bernie would be dead by now. Either she is just a sideshow, or Bernie is mightily connected, and you do not easily get better connected than the people running Bill Clinton, ergo, not even Donald Rumsfeld was willing to give Hillary access to The Button.

Update June 2018: The War on Paedophilia has given birth to a flag under which paedophiles may gather on the next Rainbow March. They insist on membership to the LGBTQ community, they say. Like the War on Drugs, this one’s going just splendidly!

Update August 2018

At the Annual DefCon, a meeting where kids show off their computer skills, including a competition to show their ‘hacking’ skills. For DefCon 2018,  a voting machine used in 18 states, was offered as their target, and the challenge was to hack the machine. 35 of the 39 primary-school contestants managed, the winner was a girl 11 years old. An 11-year old girl hacked a voting machine in less than ten minutes! One older child did it in under two minutes, merely by booting the machine up in Administrator mode. This sort of security is not designed by accident, we maintain our standpoint that these machines were designed to be crooked.