The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

Why the American Democratic Party has become Irrelevant

Communism is a terrible political system where nobody gets to own nothing, while the high and mighty Party Leaders live like gods and attain promotion by having each other assassinated. We are not Communists, oh no. The only political system sanctioned by god, is Democracy, and the power of Democracy lies in Capitalism. Politicians know nothing about money, that is why Democracies are always bankrupt, a country should be run like a business; we need to Privatise. When infrastructure is sold, the State is selling public property, financed by public moneys, and something that has been paid for, must now be paid for, tolled, subsidised, rented, access-fee-enhanced. This rape of the public purse is but the first step on the road to absolute monopolisation. That infrastructure will be sold on, and conglomerated, and market-consolidated until it belongs to the same entity that owns all the other water works, and then the water conglomerate is sold on to the Infrastructure conglomerate, who will sell it to the Infrastructure Management conglomerate, who will sell it to the infrastructure Finance conglomerate, that is already owned by the Banking conglomerate. The final purpose of the neo-Capitalist principle of Privatisation is merely the final monopolisation of all resources the Communists dream of.

The final test for successful Communist rule is this: How many dare complain? The jails are always full in Communist countries, sometimes with short stays, but the only job worth having in a Communist country, is police. Either you are rich, or you are police, all other people live off prostitution and other crimes, such as being poor.  In America, the privatised jail system actually pays ‘finder fees’ to the privatised police forces. In other words, the police have a contractual quota of arrests to make every month, but they have no quota on crimes solved. Thusly even human suffering has been privatised into a Prisons conglomerate that ultimately belongs to the same Banking conglomerate… America is in the final stages of being the flagship Communist Wet Dream, and the population is so well managed, they do not even see this!

And that, dear reader, is why the American Democratic Party has become irrelevant: They existed to fight for the Communist Dream, that dream has now been fulfilled. The People’s Army was victorious, The United Sates of America is now indistinguishable from the old Soviet Union, replete with torture camps and midnight Gestapo-style raids where dear old grandmothers get shot in the face and babies trampled but sorry, wrong address…

The Communists have been ruling America for a while, and every day we sit and discuss censorship on Facebook as if it is their democratic duty. The War is over, America, the Communists have won, and their Leftist Liberal Democrat army now has nothing left to do; their job is done, they have become irrelevant. Watch for some serious violence coming out of that implosion, a lot of people are in total dissociative shock, and that nearly always leads to expressions of psychosis. Treat them kind, they lived under strict leftist doctrine for decades, now their Party stand accused of not having an agenda; their entire political existence has become… Irrelevant! The Democratic Party has become irrelevant, Hillary was just part of the show to teach us to distrust the Democracy nonsense. The entire Hillary fiasco was irrelevant, American elections have become irrelevant, the Fed always wins, and they are a private corporation, incorporated in Puerto Rico, where banks don’t pay taxes. The Fed has been running America since 1913, every president since then has been an actor, a puppet, a pretty face on posters, irrelevant. Those who tried to change that, died, making them permanently irrelevant.