The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

Hacking the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Much has been said, written, censored and left unsaid about a sturdy little tract purportedly written by a Russian gentleman, translated to English around 1904 by a Polack who spoke English haltingly. The result is an odd assortment of thoughts and theories on political practice and world domination, expressed in bad grammar and worse literary style.

The document is now the most reviled, most respected, most censored, most quoted piece of literature in the world of politics, conspiracy theory and psy-op disinformation programmes. It is incredible in its scope, in its audacity, in its efficacy and proven truthfulness. Incredible in this case literally means unbelievable. It is a truly, astoundingly, phanstasmagorically magnificent guide to modern politics, economics, education, information technology, warfare, even family life and the One God that demands our absolute servitude, if not extinction.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a magnificent piece of political theory proven to be highly effective as a guide to shaping society. By continuing to ignore this tract, its contents and the easily-verifiable effectiveness of these brilliant protocols for building a ‘better’ world, we will continue to be co-opted by anti-humanist Zionists and whomever it is they work for. Right now, we are at a point in human political devolution where the most sinister and cruelly fascist chapters of the protocols can be enacted. This requires the confiscation of all private property, the loss of all personal freedoms, and the enforcement of a religious aristocracy to rule over the few humans left alive to serve as slaves for the Zionist masters. The only way we can escape this is by claiming the Protocols for ourselves, to use them for the benefit of mankind.

Modern Zionists have been hiding this document from the general world population by discrediting the author, the premise, the translator, the printers, the publishers, the book vendors and especially the readers and disseminators of this important work. Discrediting in this case includes a variety of responses ranging from calling us anti-Semitic to the actual persecution and extrajudicial termination of useless lives by gun or starvation. The only defence the Zionists have against this exposure of their Internationalist agenda, is the accusation that this document is anti-Semitic. This is probably the only truth the Zionists will allow to. The Protocols are anti-Semitic, anti-European, Anti-Russian, anti-everyone but the Zionists, who do not qualify as Semites.