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Novichok, The Day the Bully Farted

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The Paranoid Goy sniffs some Novichok

“He who smelled it, dealt it” is a philosophy intimately known to every primary school student. Those of us with a traitorous digestion learn the protocol quickly: Sit still and pretend you know nothing. If it is a real bad one, wait a while, see if anyone else will take the risky step of complaining, and if they do, jump on them for smelling it first. Every toddler knows the rules of public stinkies, and mostly we get away with no more than average suspicion. Loud farts, on the other hand, has to be acknowledged, owned, claimed and even flaunted. Any man worth his gonads will try make his fart off as a joke. Small boys, on the other hand, much prefer the joke is on someone else, and will contest culpability against all evidence. This is the natural law of gastric deflation amongst boys and men. Of course we mostly prefer not to fart, but hey, taxes and all that…

Now consider the entire class sitting in a room, and someone lets off one of those deathly gas bombs best described as chemical warfare. Someone has to say something, before everybody has something to say. First to smell is guilty, but when the stench gets so disgusting that teacher’s little princess starts practicing her vapours, someone must be blamed. Now imagine the perpetrator is the class bully: what do you think is going to happen next? You got it! The biggest bully will immediately start complaining loudly, while punching everyone in reach for their stinkiness. A ‘good’ bully will even claim compensation for his needless suffering, compensation like lunch money and personal items from all the weakest kids in the class. When the bully farts, it is best to shut up and move away.

Now let us reconsider the Novichok accusations against Russia; but this time, we look at who smelled it first, or, if it is really, really disgusting, who reacts most violently. The Brits sure put up a squeal, but who was it that started punching everyone within arm’s length? In all the drama around deportations and accusations, nobody seems to remember that, in February 2018, America announced their unilateral decision to re-open their bio-chemical warfare research programmes. Uncle Sam has been eating the Bad Stuff, and then, when the pong came wafting across the room via Salisbury and Porton Down, the class bully had only one option: beat the stuffing out of anyone too slow to duck, and next we will hear how they feel the need for compensation for their cruel and unnecessary suffering. America is going to claim billions for this, or at least some blood, mark my words, 2018-04-05. They also insisted all their allies deport as many Russian diplomats as they can get away with, you don’t spend play time with your bully’s enemies!

As the Paranoid Goy always insist, we must never credit any politician anywhere with a mentality other than that of a schoolyard bully. The entire Skripal nerve gas poisoning mythology is built around the fact that the name of the poison sounds Russian, was first concocted by someone on the Russian side of the Cold War, and was used on a Russian expatriate has-been, compromised, double-agent spy who has already spent his time in a Russian jail. The fact that this happened a few miles from the Crown’s Chem-War headquarters is as much coincidence as having a street lamp die as you walk towards it. Six miles this way to the Nuke labs, twenty to the submarine base, eight towards the private club where all the king’s men gather for paedophile parties… one cannot spit these days, and not hit some ‘security’ installation. Nerve gas poisoning near Porton Down could have been coincidental, probably is, and matters nothing. The only thing that matters, is to see who screams loudest. So far the Brits are making a lot of noise, we’ll see,the Americans are still loudest.

2018-05-20 and the experts are confused. It turns out Novichok is by a factor of ten not as poisonous as originally advertised. This sounds like utter bull thought up to excuse the one question Russia kept asking: “Really, these people, they survived Novichok? Really?”

Okay, to be fair; they have also been begging for some kind of evidence that the poisoning really happened as advertised. …Any evidence, really, even just seeing the victims? No? Strange… The latest on American poison gas is a bit lost in the noise of their trying to foment nuclear war in Iran.


Oy vey! Two more people in Britain got Novichok-ed. To be fair to the Brits, they do have some shame; after the last disaster, where no-one died, they remembered this time to let someone die, a middle-aged woman of no concern, apparently. We still do not know what is really going on, but the queer little toffs in Parliament are demanding answers from Russia, as to how they let their poison lie around four months after their last attack. The Russians are rather surprised, the best they ever did in getting Novichok to last, was four hours, apparently it just breaks down. Also, they very much admire the capability of Brits to survive the baddest poison on earth.

In the mean time, FOIA data tells us much about an American programme of breeding insects to carry low-grade diseases to populations in eastern Europe, Africa and even the United States itself. As mentioned elsewhere, they have also publicised the ‘re-opening’ of their chemical warfare programme, and to make sure we all get the benefit of modern chemistry, the fight to enforce vaccinations is progressing beautifully, many companies already refuse their employees entry unless they get vaccinated. Usually they demand the ‘Flu vaccine, the most useless and therefor probably the most poisonous of all the vaccines they have cooked up so far. The data surfacing on the history of flu vaccines is concerning, but we are not allowed to argue medicine with geniuses like Bill Gates. The history of the so-called bird flu vaccine, on the other hand, is a beautiful example of biological warfare based purely on rubbish chemistry, imaginary epidemics and institutionalised scare mongering, with the sole purpose of annexing the entire food chain in the name of our Great Benefactor, Monsanto/Bayer/Zion.

The very idea of biological warfare creates in the mind’s eye a vast battlefield, strewn with the rotting corpses of tens of thousands of soldiers caught in a cloud of corrosive poison gas. The reality is much scarier: biological warfare is a sinister and covert operation against entire populations. Poison gas is only really effective in cities, densely populated areas. As mentioned above, the Americans have mutated flies that can survive winter temperatures and continue biting people, infecting them with a variety of pathogens. Fluoride in the drinking water is almost universal these days, the vaccination drives are becoming ever more militant and coercive, and the long-standing programme to divorce us from our intestinal consciousness by poisoning our digestive bacteria all add to the same thing: we are under constant biological attack, brought upon us by the people who have confiscated our means of production. How old were you, the first time they ‘taught’ you the world is over-populated? How old before you realised we throw away more food than we eat? It was just the other day we found out that all the wonderful food in my supermarket are made of ingredients grown there where the people are too poor to afford food for their children, while they are under contract to grow mega-hectares of sophisticated crops like sugar, coffee and GMO maize for the bio-diesel makers. Small-scale farming has all but died out, and any attempts to revive that culture is met with sudden epidemics of bird flu, cow hysterics and potato poopilitis. Entire districts are cleared of farming stock, under the name of disease control, and the only affordable food left is the imported junk take-aways, hormone-infested, genetically corrupted, and seasoned with a range of addictive and debilitating chemicals masquerading as spices. For some reason, KFC has benefitted immensely from the new, cheaper chicken from America, while the stuff in my freezer has almost doubled in price, because “it’s imported, you know!”. Soon I will have no choice, but to buy their poisonous crap, or grow my own. Your choices are open, too, friend. Now where do we find seed that has not been corrupted into patentability?

Maybe GREENPETS can help? I’ll give them a call on +27 76 266 3408.