The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

The Protocols of the Elders, Redacted

We do not know who wrote the original minutes, or even if the meeting really occurred. Above all, we do not know who the Elders were…or what they are. We know at least two things about the Elders:

  1. They despise mankind as a whole. They feel themselves ‘other’ than us common scum, and we are repeatedly described as ‘stupid, greedy, lazy and violent beyond reason.’ Humans are seen as animals worthy only of serving. The document becomes rather repetitive and obnoxious on this issue.
  2. The second thing we know about the Elders and their ilk, is this: They will PRETEND to be Jews, until the day comes for the Jews to suffer the brunt of the world’s revenge upon their perceived oppressors, leaving nothing standing of either side, leaving the world cleansed for our masters to enjoy. By some accounts, they drink the blood of human young, so not all of us will be killed…

To attain this utopian earth where humans ‘know their place’ there is a grand and long-term plan needed, and this plan revolves around one single demand: All property must be collected into one account, and that account will then be handed to the One True King, and so the whole earth will belong to Him, and there shall be no other law. There is only one Game in town, and the name of the Game is; Winner Takes All. Everything. Every thing. The tool is the stock market, the tactic is Economics Theory. The theory demands that very single aspect of human endeavour must be placed upon the footing of speculation. Once that ‘wealth’ enters the ‘market’, is quickly becomes absorbed and depreciated by various economic theories such as interest, inflation, devaluations and fees.

The common rabble is not supposed to notice what is happening, by keeping them busy with entertainment and poverty. Any lifted head is bashed, and should you manage to sneak a peek above, you end up in a cloud of economic theorems and financial statistics. The methodology for getting us to accept the servitude of those who survive the Cull, is based on a surprisingly simple set of rules. Just to get the conversation going, here are some of the more obvious, in no particular order.

  1. You never lift your head above the crowd. It risks the baton, and anyway, there’s just a cloud of ideas up there, and I cannot eat ideas and wonderful theories, I have a family to feed. Class-specific ‘equitable’ education has made sure I will never be able to question my superiors. Likewise, science and philosophy is obscured by nonsense theories and falsified philosophies to prevent the Goy from being educated.
  2. To make sure we never gang up on our masters, we are segregated by classism, racism, exceptionalism, feminism and every other –ism you can name. There was a time they set the great religions upon one another as a tool of control, but the plan calls for destruction of all religions. No religious, nationalist, racist or other collections of like-minded people must be allowed to congregate and plot subversion. Where needed, agents are insinuated into every enemy organisation. Not only does the government know all their enemies’ thoughts, they can subtly direct them, which turns the entire organisation into a tool for its own destruction.
  3. Convince the commoner he is free and equal, and at every opportunity allow them to destroy their own in the name of freedom. When needed, remind him that his long struggle towards true freedom is almost over, as soon as he destroys this one last enemy for you. Repeat regularly. Freedom must be the almost-attainable dream, the hope of divine deliverance, when godliness will reign again.
  4. The people must be convinced of the importance of economic theories, theories which are then multiplied and expanded upon until no-one could possibly keep track, and the common man just shrugs and lets it into the hands of his betters.Zion will never take part, except as creditor and promoter of more loans and taxes.
  5. As opposed to slavery, a free man has to tend and fend for himself. A slave must be healthy and well fed to work, whereas a free man, sickly and crippled with malnutrition, must drag himself off to work each day or lose his job and ability to fend for his own. If you can sell him medicine against the poison in his food, while removing his ability to produce his own food or protect his own health, you own his body.
  6. By enticing him to live ‘above his station’, you drag him into debt, and you own his very soul. This is the purpose of Consumerism, the cornerstone of the economic theory of ever-increasing economic growth. A good slave must be kept poor.
  7. Ignorance is a weapon, just like false facts are. Much is done to keep us ignorant, first by education, later by entertainment and censored news. Publications are controlled and protected by laws and taxes. Left/right dualities are encouraged and given voice, to be corrupted at will. Ownership of the mass media ensures all opinions are published by the ruling class only, all other media channels are taxed or litigated out of existence.
  8. The secret of public make-believe lies in the art of psychology. By perfecting and applying the techniques of behaviourism, the stupid Goyim can be led around like sheep. The document repeatedly refers to their expertise at studying the motivations of the human mind, it is considered a most powerful weapon against the mindless goyim.
  9. Justice is subverted by case law and precedents, with no mercy to the undeserving.
  10. Justice to the undeserving is served quickly and violently and ruthlessly.
  11. Democracy is an impossible dream used to lead us to self-immolation, plebeian scum do not understand politics. Endless rhetoric ensures we get bored stiff. In case your mind gets bored, there will be plnety sport and art and entertainment, so you don't think about politics.
  12. Communism is the preferred political theory, while masquerading as every other conceivable theory or programme. All competing systems can be neutralised by discretionary funding and proper leadership by communist infiltrators subtly leading the group towards 'proper understanding'.
  13. When their King takes to his throne, we shall behave happy and well and only The Few will have a real life.
  14. Any and all questions are dismissed with a promise of continued economic growth.
  15. Any and all criticism is dismissed by an accusation of anti-Semitism.

In all, there seems to have been 24 meetings, each with a theme, and an exposition on the methodology of that theme. Possibly a variety of speakers each had their pet project to present, from there the repetition. The repeated incantation of the Goy being stupid, vile creatures seems to be a common justification for the dreadful cruelties formulated in the rest of each speech. We believe the above short list sums up the spirit of this extremely racist, no, specieist document. The rest of this site contains many different commentaries on very specific tactics and methods, and how they have been applied, how they are being applied now, and how they seem to be evolving, as we continue to apply tax money to research on how to kill ourselves off in the most economically sustainable way.