The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

The Protocol of Zion: United Nations version

Every few years, the United Nations releases the latest regurgitations of their Think Tank tasked with determining the future development of mankind. Every few years, we are told that their report is new, and every few years, we have to read their latest version of that godawful handbook to Globalist Genocide called The Protocols of the Secret Meetings of The Learned Elders of Zion. It seems the best minds in the world are used, not to think up new things, but to reword the same old program in the latest gobbledegook, sorry, politically correct language.

Because this site has an entire section devoted to studying the Protocols, maybe even hijack them to the benefit of humans, we thought we will translate the latest version into plain English.  Remember Agenda 2020? Agenda 2011? Curriculum 2000? Same stuff, over and over, just new words, prettier words, words “we can believe in!” It is still the Protocols, just the Protocols…

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The Lies Lawyers Tell

You say you are merely acting on the instructions of your client. You slander, perjure and insult, all in the name of acting on your clients instructions. You bend and twist and contort words and laws and morals, all in the name of your client. You are merely a professional service provider, acting on instructions from your client. Liar!

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Politicians are not Allowed to Lie

Politicians are not allowed to lie. In a world of lawyers and crooks and scoundrels, no-one dares lie, it can become expensive, if not fatal. The trick is to tell the absolute truth in words we think sound nice, or not say anything at all. Most politicians’ utterings are mere drivel, pretty sounds padded with hums and ahs and the occasional ‘viva democracy’. When a politician decides to speak directly at us, you can be sure he is doing his utmost to tell you exactly how much additional suffering is about to come down unto the nation, but in words calculated to make it sound like progress. A good politician can convince us to drink poisoned lemonade, the best ones can tell you why you need to pay for it. It is almost like magic… but we know their game now.

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Chemtrails and Conspiracies; Some Truth, at Last!

For years now, there has been a constant barrage of propaganda, counterpropaganda, myths and fables around the supposed and intentional pollution of our atmosphere using large aircraft to spray all sorts of strange and mythical materials. There are broadly two camps of opinion on this issue: Those who publish photographs of wispy trails behind jumbo jets, calling it a conspiracy to poison us, or change the weather, or any number of exotic reasons. The other camp keeps rationally pointing out that all jet airplanes form trails of ice crystals shed from their wings at certain heights and in certain conditions. The paranoid freaks like to point out the many photos showing the trails forming from specific points, like nozzles, not wing edges. The reasonable people sniggered at the paranoia.

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Russian Election Hacking, a Sad Death-gurgle for American Democracy.

Or is that Russian Hacking and Election Meddling? Russians Meddling in Election Hacking? Russians Hacking Election Meddlers? Who knows, who cares, in a Communist Police State, the truth is subject to political need. Ever since the first electrix voting machines were installed by Nelson Rockefeller during his stint in State government, every election using machines has been suspect. The internet holds a variety of honest research on the subject, feel free to amaze yourself at the correlation between voting machine usage and economic disasters. The trustworthiness of these machines are never questioned by the manufacturer, installer or winning party.

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Why the American Democratic Party has become Irrelevant

The Democratic Party of America has lately been accused of not having a recognisable agenda, no coherent policy, no attraction for voters. It is easy to imply from casual observation that party policy plays little or no role in Government policy, making a lack of policy irrelevant. From the outside, the American political system is a circus. They only have two parties, indistinguishable in actual policy or effectiveness, and then they choose their president separately through a system of libel, counter-libel and finally moral attrition; the worst guy gets to win. Actual intelligence and capability plays no role in this process, instead elaborate studies have been financed to find the perfect smiling posture for campaign posters, or dress colours to match the constituency’s emotional stance. The only morality used to be the old Good vs Evil fight: Democracy versus Communism. The liberal left were a bunch of commie-lovers, and the patriotic right fought them off. When the Democrats rule, they make silly rules and laws that serve only to ridicule the rule of law, when the Republicans rule, they make stricter new rules and legislation for the next Democrat government not to enforce. Then came Privatisation.

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    Economics Theories all serve the same purpose: Finding new ways of corrupting Law to serve High Finance.

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    The document everyone hates without even reading it.

    We propose hijacking the thing to save mankind from slavery to the Hive culture

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    Everything we are being taught, is being used to enslave us.


    Everything we are not being taught, is to keep us enslaved.

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