The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

Modern Economics Explained as Fable

 The entire world is being impoverished by a fictitious game, the rules of which we are not supposed to learn. The pre-declared winners are a very few, extremely rich men that owns the world. There is now so little "money left" that millions are starving to death, rotting away from easily cured ills, selling their children into debt slavery  and/or prostitution so they may have a chance at a place in the new world order. It can stop. Today. The answer is easy, stop selling money.

Money is not a commodity. Iron is a commodity. Land is a resource, water is a resource, infrastructure is a resource, sugar is a commodity;


Imagine if you will a land where there grows but one tree, the

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911, Twin Tower failures and the real reasons for the "attacks

 Many theories abound as to who, why and how the Twin Towers were destroyed. First, let us deal with the most-believed ones:

 Muslims hijacked four passenger jets, two of which crashed into the World Trade Centre, one crashed into the Pentagon, and one was re-hijacked by non-American passengers (probably not Montessori educated), and collectively the passengers voted to rather crash themselves into the ground than try land somewhere (which can only be expected from Montessori products).

 Firstly, there is not one single scrap of aeroplane debris at any of the sites, no matter how many electric generator engines, air-conditioning ducts or aluminium facings you parade before soft-focus news cameras. There were no planes, and a casual inspection of the “official” footage proves it to anyone who knows that things do not explode before they get hit with something explosive. Passenger jets are also very much not explosive.

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Public Entreaty to Enact Asimov's 3 laws of Robotics

 Most filmgoers are by now familiar with the concept of robotic ethics. From robotic policemen going rogue to futuristic mega machines that hunt humanity down, until one of them ‘evolves’ enough to grow a conscience or something. 

  1. A robot shall not harm a human, nor through inaction allow a human to come to harm
  2. A robot shall execute all commands by a human, unless it conflicts with Rule 1
  3. A robot shall protect its own integrity, unless this is in conflict with Rule 1 or 2

 The first response to this is, of course, that we never had, and never will, have robots like the ones Asimov describes; or do we?  Technology certainly followed a different path than what we thought would happen a hundred years ago. When your newest technology is steam, and you have imagination, and you understand enough science, of course you will dream of flying a locomotive to the moon, we just have to invent the right steam, no?

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"Allow me to issue and control the coin of a nation, and I don't give a fig who makes the laws"

That  was said, way back in the 1940's, by one of the overlord Rothschilds. Any politician that does not know of this utterance, that does not understand the implications of this, or chooses to do anything but devote his time to counter this threat, is just another venal misanthropist pig at the trough of public funds.  If you do not quite understand why I am so upset about bankers, fake money and magically created public debt, please, please start reading about politics from people who do not demand respect. You will quickly learn that the respectable people have formed very respectable clubs, with respectable public mandates. You and I are paying for all their programs and initiatives, and our money has long run out, and we are now living on credit, and mortgages, and loans, and borrowing till payday. Go, read, learn, and when you are really tired and angry with what you have found out, then is the time to start educating yourself, and your kids, and friends, and then go out and stand for local councillor, or at least stop giving them more money.

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There seems to be two main fronts of attack on the utopian and naïve hankering after financial hope in the form of a solid-sounding basis for talking about money. “Gold standard”. Gold Standard. GOLD Standard. GOLD STANDARD. That’s something to BELIEVE IN. That’s something that will make a CHANGE. 

 I distrust this new love for bling-based bucks… 

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Trump's Wall, Internet Censorship and other Stories from the Hive

There are many who oppose a secure fence at the southernmost border of the Undeclared Soviet in America (USA). Some, just because they have to be negative about Trump. Some, because of the cheap labour coming in. Some just do not understand the value, function or reason for national borders. Blaming Trump for the wall is, of course, nonsense. That wall has been in the building since at least Clinton’s reign. Taken in the context of the 5Eyes Initiative, the wall Trump wants to complete, on orders from his ‘sponsors’ of course, is an important part of the political philosophy of Oceania, the name Orwell uses to describe America and its colonies. United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have all recently converged their security protocols with that of The Fed, and The Wall is one of the final pieces in that picture.

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    Economics Theories all serve the same purpose: Finding new ways of corrupting Law to serve High Finance.

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    The document everyone hates without even reading it.

    We propose hijacking the thing to save mankind from slavery to the Hive culture

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    Everything we are being taught, is being used to enslave us.


    Everything we are not being taught, is to keep us enslaved.

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