The Potocols are a work of Genius, we should claim it for ourselves and Rebuild Humanity.

Prophecy, Protocols, Trump and the Swamp not Draining

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I have to say this before it happens and you mortals again question my gift of prophesy.  

Trump won the collegiate vote, Hillary won on popular count. It seems they won’t do a Bush and run off to some judges to fix the problem of the wrong candidate winning. One can quickly imagine six reasons why not, most popular theory being that the Republicans were due for their turn. It really matters nothing, it is a communist system, with democratic PR, and the Fed runs the show anyway. Well, those who run the Fed runs the entire “western” system, let us not get pedantic, we are here for prophesy: 

Within a year, perhaps, but soon, the POTUS will do something, something terrible and gross, some thing that will shock the entire world into stasis, Dianetics type stasis, the one you beat a child into before you tell him the lesson.  

The lesson being, of course: Brexit caused suffering, democracy gave us Trump, now see what your voting has caused! 

What is even more disturbing, as I was wording the concept above, I come across WikiLeaks telling me a Soros think-tank reckons this will be the last election, did I tell you I find this disturbing? Soros speaks and countries wash with blood, every time, and now he has decided to cancel democracy… 

Strange that Soros flies so low so long, and suddenly he bursts open like a boil on society.


Aleppo is free-ish. Trump won Collegiate despite some faithless senators, Germany is feeling terrorism and 386 girl gymnasts from USA has laid charges of molestation by trainers. Veteranstoday uses same day to announce “war on paedophilia”. I shudder. I assume then, that professor in Cambridge or whatever telling us ¼ men are naturally paedophile and it is healthy, that was the first shot in the war, then? We watch, we tremble at the state institutional(ised) arrogance of evil now erupting. Our only hope is that this sort of media guidance failed Hillary miserably, are the people waking up? What says Icke?



Trump is getting screwed left and right, Europe is calling him an existential threat, and apparently he was vocal about dictators in Africa. Mugabe was named, of course, but apparently not Museveni, of course. Will Africa be the Great Atrocity? America has been building up their armies here, Blackwater just won a 250 million dollar contract to fly American soldiers around central Africa, and Yemen is still burning. Afghanistan civilians are still being bombed with surgical precision, and Trump’s security adisor had to resign because he spoke to the Russian ambassador before he was appointed. Also he appeared on RT and went to a party with Putin. The Russian bogey is on fire in the “western” press, and senior politicians don’t even use notes anymore, they just talk about Trump, Brexit and Russia.


South Africa is flirting with legalising marijuana. Trump is doing nothing to stop the slaughter and mayhem perpetrated by the Federal army. Europe is using the Russian bogey as last attempt at finding an external/communal foe. Venezuela has run out of petrol, on top of water, food and medicine last year?  


September 2017

Venezuela is on the US terror list for travel bans, oil embargoes and Trump has promised 'boots-on-the-ground-diplomacy' as matter of routine. Yemen is bled almost dry, North Korea may test a Bomb far off in the ocean, and Deir Es Zor has replaced Aleppo as the new victory. Only this time, the entire world is converging, this is now finally the last bit, but it is Kurd territory. Oilfields as far is the eye waters. The 'Burning Land'. The Kurds want independence, Turkey wants oil, Iraq wants secure borders, and Assad is going to get trampled by six huge armies converging on Kurdistan, the Yankees at the front and foaming with indignation. The only news was Emmanuel Macron exhibiting his 'intellect too superior for journalistic analysis' by explaining his latest actions, in English!

Macron spent his campaign uttering noises that was sometimes taken to be critical of EU policies. The man was quick to point out how his opponents' programmes were playing in the hands of globalists and will end in the loss of sovereignty and workers' rights. As president, he is fast-tracking these policies with the help of a helpfully brutal police force. When asked his opinion on the increasingly violent strikes and demonstrations sweeping France, he had the following to say:

"I know democracy, democracy is not shouting in the street. we had elections. I explained to them, I never promised, I explained everything, yet they chose me. They voted."

See? Now we all know how democracy really works; you vote, and they get to do whatever they planned to do anyway, because your vote was just a popularity contest anyway, you don't think the leaders of the free world would entrust everyone's business to some handsome kid just because the majority of voters liked his smiling posters best, do you, do you? Which brings us to another joke: the Emmy Awards were apparently an anti-Trump wankfest, with actors trying to outdo each other in ad hominem attacks on The Don. Many laugh this off, but a salient point not to be missed: The NeoConDemTGBLTQ whatevers are now so far advanced in their psychological warfare techniques, they have become openly dismissive of public incredulity. Reagan was but the first actor to openly occupy the White House. By now, only the truly unaware thinks the president anything but a figurehead, a televisionhead. It logically follows that the establishment would eventually give up on all that heavy politics stuff nobody understands. Forget issues, what we need are causes. Between perverts' rights to visit the girls' room, and the weather attacking our sensibilities, all that boring fiscal obfuscation is soon forgotten. Since pretty pictures can make a president, why not replace the entire upper policy-making level with pretty faces everyone knows and loves? Morgan Freeman as the wise presidential advisor declaring war on North Korea? Who can resist that deep bass timber of the handsome man's voice?

The bastards learned nothing from their failure at predictive programming during the 2016 elections. Hillary lost against all their expectations, because of pure elite hubris. They thought we have already been properly educated to Montessori standards, where the actual truth can change by virtue of majority vote.  

15 May 2020

The so-called Novel Corona virus has brought the world to a standstill. Turns out, nobody had to drop any bombs, it was done in a pure mass media fear fest. Instead of bombs killing indescriminately, we are invited to discuss the impact of saving the lives of seniors with limited life expectancy anyway, versus the economic costs of closing down factories and restaurants. Instead of confronting the epidemic with all the tools at our modern disposal, we try hide from it behind our chatbot screens, alone and afraid, and legally proscribed from coming nearer than six feet of other people. At the time when we need most urgently to get together and stand together, we are kept apart until Bill Gates finds a way of sounding convincing when he offers us his "vaccine".

The 2020 election is cancelled until further notice, and the only indistry at full tilt is the debt machine of the World Bank / Fed  / IMF. Indications are that we may remain under Bill Gates' martial law for at least another year and a half. By then, the financial landscape will have morphed into something new and wonderful to behold. If you are not fully employed today, 15 may 2020, you are likely not to be allowed to trade again. Because cash will become scarce, it fascilitates crime and all that. Expect vaccination certificates to become "a thing". Expect soldiers and 'special agents' at the supermarket door, ready with a syringe for every dissident. Expect a total collapse of working class pension funds. Expect a marvelous array of new and innovative taxes.

But mostly, don't expect any democratic elections or open government anytime soon. Even South Africa's parliament has been replaced by a "coronavirus task team" or some fine title like that for the forty-odd gentlepersons that have drawn back behind an iron curtain and now run the country by decree. How else would you pass 500 billion in fresh foreign debt. Ten thousand debt for every man, woman and child in this country, and we now owe interest on that unpayable debt designed and offered and accepted with the promise that it will never be fully repaid. They only want the interest. Forever.

But how to blame it all on Donald Trump.....